Top Forex Indicators 2015

Indicators are useful analytical tools that allow you to track changes in the market and respond to them in a timely manner. Since the situation on Forex is changing rapidly, it is important to constantly update your toolbox.

Forex indicators are quite actively used by traders and PAMM brokers in Russia, and it is already possible to talk about several prospective assistants who can bring a stable profit to the player. At the same time, many of these programs are not new indicators developed from scratch, but old ones. All the well-known basic assistants used by the Metatrader 4 platform were developed dozens of years ago, so it is necessary to improve them for today's realities.

Forex indicators 2015 will help you respond faster to fluctuations in the rate, going out of the trade before it becomes unprofitable. Working with modern tools will also accurately assess the potential of transactions.


  • What are the best Forex indicators for 2015?
    • Better Volume
    • Trend Magic
    • i-Daniella
    • Triggerlines

What are the best Forex indicators for 2015?

Define a few proven assistants:

Better Volume

A handy tool that allows you to monitor the volume of the market for the selected period. With its help, the trader will be able to understand whether there is an obvious trend or whether it is only about consolidating the market.

Trend Magic

A useful development that will help those who often do not notice the formation of trends. The curve along the chart will change its color, which will clearly show how the trend of the market has changed.


A simple tool that allows you to work in the direction of the trend. Arrows pointing up or down will prompt the desired deal.


Uses a combination of moving average lines that have long been considered one of the most reliable tools. With their help, you can identify the trend direction.

One of the features of the modern currency market has become an increase in the speed of work: events are changing at lightning speed, and therefore, trading programs must have reduced construction periods.

Despite the large number of new indicators, do not forget about time-tested tools for successful work. The use of new developments is possible when the market participant has already perfectly understood the capabilities of the standard arsenal.