Soda and vinegar for pipe cleaning - tested folk remedies


  • Why the sewer is clogged
  • We clean the pipes with soda and vinegar
  • Other ways to clean the sink with the

tools If the sewer pipes get clogged, in most cases it is not necessary to contact the plumbers for help. First you can try to clean the sewer yourself. For this you need only table vinegar and soda.

During the operation on the walls of the domestic sewage system, a layer of dirt forms over time, which can completely block the drain. In this case, soda and vinegar to clean pipes will come in handy. They will allow themselves to cope with the disaster without resorting to the help of plumbers.

Why the sewer gets clogged

Over time, the lumen of the sewer pipes decreases, and the water goes into the sewer worse. The reason for this is usually the fat that settles on the walls of the drain pipes, detergents, food remains. If timely measures are not taken, precipitation from all kinds of dirt can completely shut off the sink. Even if the metal sewer pipes are replaced with modern plastic, it still will not save you from this trouble.

The most common litter occurs in the kitchen under the sink, a little less often - in the bath. The drain of the toilet is hammered much less often and the reason for this is usually accidentally got into it items: diapers, rags, hygiene items, bags. If the water has completely ceased to go to the sewer, then, most likely, it is necessary to take in the hands a special cable and to clean plums mechanically or to seek help from specialists. But it is better to clean pipes in time when the first signs of clogs appear.

We clean the pipes with soda and vinegar

If the water slowly began to drain into the sewage system or there was an unpleasant smell near the sink or bath, these are the first signs that the sewage system needs to be cleaned without waiting until the blockage completely covers the drain pipes.

You can clean the sewer with the help of improvised tools that are available in virtually any kitchen, without resorting to special chemical products sold in hardware stores. Excellent remove various deposits from the inner walls of the plum table vinegar and baking soda.

It is advisable to disassemble and clean the siphons under the sink and bathtub before cleaning the pipes. These devices serve to collect various waste - fat, food pieces, washed off plates and other small debris falling into the sink. In addition, the water in the bend of the siphon( water seal) does not allow penetrating the apartment to unpleasant odors from the sewage system. It is good, if siphons with screwed-in glasses are installed. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the work.

Before disassembling the siphon, it is necessary to install a container for draining dirty water and settling dirt from the sump.

After cleaning and assembling the siphons, you can use sewage and vinegar to clear the sewage pipes from the rain. For this you need:

  • Baking soda at the rate of 1/2 box per one sink.
  • Vinegar - approximately 100 ml per drain outlet.
  • Kettle with boiling water.
  • A rag or cloth that can securely seal the drain hole.

You should work in rubber gloves. Do not be superfluous, and goggles, which will protect against accidental splashes. Vinegar is quite aggressive and can cause severe burns to the skin and mucous membranes.

After all the ingredients have been prepared, you can start the cleaning process.

  1. You need to pour about half a pack of dry baking soda into the drain hole. Do not mix it with water or other liquid.
  2. After that, it is necessary to pour about 100-150 ml of vinegar. It is desirable that it was warm. To do this, a container with a given acid must be placed in hot water or heated in a microwave oven.
  3. Quickly seal the drain hole with a prepared rag so that the foam formed from the reaction of the soda with the vinegar is distributed inside the pipe rather than coming out.
  4. This mixture must be kept in a half hour drain to dissolve the precipitate. During this time, you need to boil the kettle.
  5. After this time, remove the rag and slowly pour all the boiling water from the kettle into the drain outlet.

If, after cleaning, the water is still not going well enough, it means that the blockage is not completely removed and the pipes must be cleaned again.

Other ways to clean the sink with improvised tools

You can clean the sewer from the clog with other improvised tools, but the efficiency will be slightly lower than the previous method.

  • You can clean the sink with soda and table salt. They fall asleep in the drain hole in half the glass, pour boiling water and leave for 8-10 hours. It is impossible to use sewerage in the specified period.
  • You can use lemon juice or citric acid instead of vinegar for cleaning the sewage system.
  • You can do only with soda. In the sink it is necessary to fill a glass of dry soda and pour boiling water( about 1 liter).After a while, rinse with water.

It is inadmissible to use improvised means immediately after cleaning the sewerage with special chemical compounds purchased in the store. There may be compounds whose evaporation is harmful to human health.

It is clear that it is much easier and cheaper to clean the sewer pipes yourself, without waiting for a serious clog. Therefore, if the water has become worse to go into the sewer, it means that the drainage time to clear the precipitation.