The best hookahs, the rating of manufacturers of hookahs

Once you try the hookah in a bar or restaurant, many want to continue to master the ancient oriental art of hookah smoking and are interested in how to choose a good hookah. To distinguish good hookahs from bad hooks will help list of the best hookahs by producers, compiled according to reviews to popular brands on thematic sites. Along with the world-famous brands, new Russian companies are also represented in it, which, nevertheless, produce the optimal in terms of price / quality ratio.

Remember, smoking harms your health!


10. Euroshisha

  • 9. Soft Smoke
  • 8. Art Hookah
  • 7. Cosmo Bowl
  • 6. AMY
  • 5. Starbuzz
  • 4. Hoob Hookahs
  • 3. MYA
  • 2. Meduse Design
  • 1. Khalil Mamoon
  • 10. Euroshisha

    The Russian company Euroshisha opens the rating of hookahs. Hookahs of the firm are the same in terms of design and technical characteristics, differences only in appearance. Made of stainless steel, the bulb - colored glass. The hookah's traction is good, easy.

    Less: Bowls and hoses have to be purchased separately( standard ones are suitable).

    9. Soft Smoke

    Although the goods of this St. Petersburg company appeared on the market relatively recently and are still not widely known among the lovers of hookahs, they are distinguished by good quality, durability and reasonable price. Basically, hookahs are made of stainless steel, painted in different colors. Model Soft Smoke VG 304 has an interesting design feature - the ability to change the thrust with the help of special attachments. An excellent option for experienced smokers, but for beginners it may be difficult to fully reveal all the possibilities of hookah.

    8. Art Hookah

    The goals of the company's founders were to create the perfect hookah, which, at the same time as the excellent smoking capabilities, would have an original design. The distinctive model is Temple 45 Fabula. This is the most unusual hookah in our collection, it is completely glass and is equipped with a color illumination, which in the process of smoking looks very beautiful.

    Less: with hookah should be treated very carefully and in no case do not drop.

    7. Cosmo Bowl

    The goods of this company are made by Russian enthusiasts. Although their hookahs are inexpensive, they can boast of exquisite appearance - decorative inserts made of wood - and a traction control system that is rarely present in hookahs of this price category. One of these models is Cosmo Hookah, with a metal shaft with a metal core. True, the cup, flask and hose will have to be bought separately.

    6. AMY

    The German company makes original hookahs with an interesting hi-tech design, LED backlight and other technical pieces( up to remote control).The company's products are distinguished by excellent quality, wide and massive shaft with excellent smoke cooling and original system of mine and bulb fastenings.

    There is a lack of hookahs Amy Deluxe and a disadvantage - they have a non-standard hose connection, so only the components of the company are suitable.

    5. Starbuzz

    Mainly the hookahs of the American company are made of aviation aluminum, and the mine is made of stainless steel. The most original model is Starbuzz E-hose, similar in design to an electronic cigarette. Now you can smoke a hookah even on a trip! The quality of the steam is good enough. And to handle it simply - to change cartridges and all.

    4. Hoob Hookahs

    And here is another Russian manufacturer. The price / quality ratio is very good, although some may be scared off by the not quite traditional kind of models. Bowls at hookahs Hoob Hookahs, usually made of frosted glass, a mine made of aluminum and steel, the pipes are either plastic or silicone.

    3. MYA

    The hookahs of this Arab firm are distinguished by a strict and elegant design. Even for beginners it will be easy to get used to them - they are very easy to assemble and disassemble, and if necessary, replace the corresponding part( there will be no problems with the search for components).In this case the hookahs have excellent sealing. Although the main parts are usually made in China, but under the supervision of specialists from the UAE.

    Cons - a narrow mine, the possibility of oxidation of metal.

    2. Meduse Design

    This manufacturer has the most beautiful hookahs with exquisite and original design, able to decorate any room. The flasks are made of Bohemian glass by hand. Glass itself borosilicate, more durable and thermally stable than usual. Unfortunately, the popularity and high cost of Meduse Design models attracts manufacturers of fakes, so it's worth to be cautious.

    1. Khalil Mamoon

    The top 10 most popular hookah producers are the Egyptian brand, the goods of which are handmade from stainless steel. As a rule, these are hookahs of a traditional type with an abundance of oriental decor. At the same time, Khalil Mamoon practically does not have a marriage - each copy undergoes strict quality control. All models of Egyptian hookahs have a wide cast mine( about 15 mm), which is one of the best results among hookah producers. And hookahs of this company are characterized by tremendous durability.

    And what should be the best tobacco for hookah we will tell in the near future.