Top-10 banks, revoked in 2014

The central bank began the reorganization of the banking system last year with the sensational recall of the Master Bank license. Since the beginning of the year, 59 more credit institutions have been closed.

The most significant of them we have included in the Top-10 banks, which were not licensed in 2014 .The top ten did not include banks that ceased to exist by joining other Russian credit institutions. Among these banks this year is KIT Finance Investment Bank.


  • 10. Russian Land Bank
  • 9. Stroykredit
  • 8. Lights of Moscow
  • 7. Bank Western
  • 6. Sberinvestbank
  • 5. My Bank. Mortgage
  • 4. Sovnok
  • 3. Eurotrust
  • 2. Atlas Bank
  • 1. KIP-Bank

10. Russian Land Bank

The Bank conducted doubtful transactions amounting to 15 billion rubles. Prior to the revocation of the license, "RZB" was a member of the 250 largest banks of the Russian Federation in terms of assets. Debt of the bank to depositors was estimated at 10.3 billion rubles.

9. Stroykredit

Bank was included in the Top-200 in terms of assets. However, the high-risk policy and the lack of adequate reserves for possible losses led to the revocation of the license. Almost 3 billion compensations for bankrupt bank deposits were paid to depositors of VTB 24.

8. Moscow Lights

High-risk credit policy and low quality of assets led to revocation of the license from Moscow's Lights. To date, about 90 depositors of the bank can not receive compensation, since their deposits were closed by the credit institution unilaterally.

7. Bank Western

The reason for the license revocation was unreliable reporting, which hides a high-risk credit policy. With the closure of the bank, a scandal is connected, which was arranged by one of the depositors of the "Western", which seized the branch of the credit institution. The raider demanded from bankrupt bankers to return him 25 million rubles.


The Ekaterinburg bank has lost the license for conducting doubtful operations. Fortunately, the amount of private funds in the bank was small - the Deposit Insurance Agency will pay about 1.7 billion rubles.

5. My Bank. Mortgage

The Bank did not provide timely operations on the accounts of its customers. The basic standards set by the Central Bank to capital have not been met for quite some time. Investors of the bank owed payments of almost 11 billion rubles.

4. With the

, the Bank was deprived of a license for conducting doubtful operations for 6.8 billion rubles. The liquidator of the bank was the Deposit Insurance Agency. During the inventory of Sovincom's property, a shortfall of 132 million rubles was identified.

3. Eurotrust

The Bank conducted doubtful transactions for more than 7 billion rubles. The depositors of the bank at the time of the revocation of the license were about 12 thousand people. But since "Eurotrust" was a participant in the deposit insurance system, all of them started receiving reimbursements, the total amount of which could amount to 3.8 billion rubles.

2. Atlas-Bank

The total volume of doubtful transactions conducted by Atlas-Bank in 2013 amounted to about 9 billion rubles."Atlas" was not a participant in the deposit insurance system.

1. KIP-Bank

The reason for the revocation of the license were questionable transactions, the total amount of which for the period from 01.01.2013 to 01.04.2014 amounted to 57 billion rubles. KIP-Bank was not a participant in the deposit insurance system.