Best eyeshadow from reviews of buyers

Correctly selected eye shadow not only make the eyes more expressive, but also emphasize their color. Representatives of the fair sex with all their might try to make them even brighter and more beautiful with the help of decorative cosmetics. But how not to get lost in the abundance of pallets, cases and tubes, if there is no time to study reviews and beauty blogs? We did this for you and compiled the TOP of the best eye shadow for different species. Choose your favorite models and boldly go to the store - replenish your arsenal.


  1. Eye shadow for which firm to choose
  2. Best compact eye shadow
  3. Best baked eye shadow
  4. Best cream eyeshadow
  5. Best shade pencils
  6. Best liquid eye shadow
  7. Best fruity eye shadow
  8. What eye shadow is?buy

Eye shadows of which firm to choose

The world-recognized leaders in the manufacture of cosmetics are European and American companies. They take care of the quality of their products, create courtship and super-stable formulas, constantly update their product lines. Do not lag behind and representatives of the mass market, releasing quite decent eye shadow.

The best brands of women customers expectedly named well-known brands:

1. Tom Ford

2. Maybelline

3. Giorgio Armani

4. Bourjois

5. MAC( Makeup Art Cosmetics)

6. Bronx Colors

7. Original

8. Bobbi Brown

9. Mavala

10. Yves Rocher

Interesting beauty products of decent quality have also been found in less well-known manufacturers:

11. KM( Kristall Minerals) Cosmetics

12. Sweetscents

13. The Saem

The best compact eye shadow

Tom Ford Honeymoon

The four-color pallet was first produced in limited quantities, but it turned out to be so successful that it was dumped from the shelves in the first days. Therefore, it was included in the constant assortment of the company. Many people were initially deterred by a bright red-brown palette, but it turned out that on the eyelids these tones look very elegant, perfectly matching with any type of skin.


  • Can be used not only for dry, but also for wet application;
  • A beautiful sparkling shine, although in the pallet itself it seems metallic;
  • Very high quality - the shadows do not roll down and do not turn pale during the day;
  • Actual colors in a successful combination - you can create any makeup for the mood;
  • Soft, rich texture - easy to take on the brush;
  • Good feathering.


  • Very expensive;
  • Reduced volume of shadows in a pallet - only 6 g;
  • Greetings from Tom Ford - as always, useless sponge in the kit.

Maybelline "The Nudes"

A palette of 12 brown shades caused absolute delight among the majority of its owners. Still - in one case the best matte, shimmer and satin shades of cold and warm tones are collected. With the help of these colors, you can create absolutely any make-up: from everyday to festive.


  • The shades in the palette perfectly match with each other;
  • Compact size palette, despite the abundance of colors;
  • The shadows are easy to apply and tushuyutsya;
  • Very persistent, do not crumble on the cheeks;
  • Excellent pigmentation even without a base;
  • There are chameleon colors in the set;
  • An acceptable combination of price / quality.


  • Some colors are slightly pigmented;
  • The budget package is easily scratched.

Women in the reviews in one voice praise this pallets, because for its price category it has a luxury quality. It is especially pleasant that the manufacturer has attached a booklet to the shadows, which details the use of shades in make-up and a visual instruction for creating 12 different images.

The best baked eye shadow

The most convenient and beloved by many a form of decorative cosmetics. The main advantage of such shadows is the speed and ease of application in combination with a saturated color. And the most interesting thing is that they can be typed with a dry or damp brush to get a different effect. But keep in mind - the vast majority of baked decorative material comes with mother of pearl.

Luminys Duo Baked by Pupa

Very popular shadows, combining two wonderful shades, selected according to the principle of contrast or monochrome. The manufacturer offers 8 different palettes of 2.2 grams - all with fairly large sequins.


  • Beautiful, mother of pearl color;
  • Excellent keep on the eyelids, although the base is still needed for them;
  • Thanks to its soft texture, it is easy to type with any tool;
  • Very economical;
  • Included is a quality applicator;
  • Do not roll;
  • Bright colors can be used as eyeliner.


  • There are a lot of shadows on the brush, and they crumble when applied;
  • The case is flimsy, and the block inside it does not hold well.

Single Slide Baked

A very interesting line from Bronx Colors is a variation on the theme of our solar system. Each sample here carries the name of its planet and completely repeats its color - in total, 12 "cosmic" shades turned out. They are sold in the form of individually packaged refills( reserve), which can be inserted into a pallet or a separate case. The latter is in the assortment of the manufacturer itself - it is made by the type of a slider and accommodates 2 blocks of baked shadows.


  • Very rich pigmentation;
  • Bright radiance - satin overflows and slightly metallic luster;
  • Ability to create a unique effect due to color transitions;
  • Soft texture of the mousse.


  • Not everywhere there is a free sale;
  • The colors of some "planets" do not overflow, but mix on the eyelids.

Best cream eyeshadow

For dry and sensitive skin owners, it is better to choose creamy shades that contain natural oils and waxes. They are slightly harder to apply than dry ones, but they do not crumble and create a unique flicker effect on the eyelids. The form of the cream shadows can be very different: pencils, stickers, gels or standard jars - the essence remains unchanged.

MAC Pressed Pigment

This is some kind of solid radiance in the monocle! Pearl gloss creates a moist effect on the eyelids, and a compact box of 3 grams does not take up much space in the cosmetic bag.


  • Easy and quick to apply;
  • In the lineup, a large number of universal shades, and the range is regularly expanded;
  • Economical consumption;
  • A nice silky texture;
  • Very small shimmer;
  • Moderately resistant - it's better to apply to the base;
  • High pigmentation;
  • Excellent shading and mixing with other types of shadows.


  • Not the lowest price;
  • Sequins may fall off under the eyes during application.

For a light shine, these shadows can be applied with a brush, a more intense shine is achieved when the fingers are painted over.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear

Excellent cream shade, which is ideal for oily skin of the eyelids. They are easily applied simply by a finger, they are easily shaded. The jar is small - only 3.5 grams, but this product is undemanding to storage conditions. No need to keep it upside down - shadows and so will not dry up.


  • Very soft cream texture;
  • On the finger literally melt, but for a century are kept very well;
  • Easy to wash off with water;
  • Feels easy drying effect;
  • Fine translucent application - hence the economical consumption;
  • Long stored.


  • Narrow neck of the can;
  • Quickly set on the skin;
  • High price.

For many women, these shadows were the only remedy that keeps well on the eyelids from morning till late evening. So if for you, unstable makeup is an urgent problem, it's worth investing on a Long-Wear jar.

The best shade-pencils

Very convenient option, especially if you like to draw arrows and create unusual effects on your eyes, but do not spend too much time on makeup. On sale you can find both thin and thick pencils, where the "lead" in thickness is not inferior to the lipstick.

Yves Rocher Luminelle

Pretty plump wooden pencil weighing 3.25 g features a very soft core texture. The pigment lies on the eyelid without effort and is easily shaded. To undermine it it is necessary special firm sharpener - it is better to buy it at once together with shadows in shop of cosmetics.


  • Soft silky texture;
  • Rich color;
  • Low-key luster;
  • Shadows are suitable for both wide arrows, and for covering the entire century;
  • Good resistance - no need to adjust during the day;
  • Does not flow even in the heat;
  • Rich choice of shades, which the manufacturer does not forget to replenish.


  • Despite the bold texture, it can leave "bald spots" in one pass.

In their responses, fans of YR Luminelle recommend not to apply shadows in more than 2 layers - they are really fatty, and the excess can roll down on the eyelids.

Mavala Crayon Lumiere

These are waterproof shadows in the form of a pencil. Externally, they differ little from the analogs - the same cream "slates" in a thick wooden shirt, but some know-how from the manufacturer attracted the attention of customers. The casting formula includes castor oil and marigold extract, caring for the skin of the eyelids.

There are other advantages:

  • "Vacuum" cap on the suction cup does not allow the rod to dry out;
  • These shadows can be drawn with wide arrows;
  • Rich color with rainbow overflows;
  • Easy feathering;
  • High durability at the base - enough for the whole working day.


  • The shadows in the pencil are small - only 1.5 grams, but the consumption is economical;
  • In the evening, especially bright colors may be a bit dull.

This cosmetics belongs to the professional line of Mavala, but the price for this quality is quite adequate.

Best liquid eye shadow

Due to the high content of glycerin and water, the consistency of these shadows becomes similar to liquid lipstick or lip gloss. Accordingly, it is also more convenient to apply them with an applicator or brush. But they, like cream, fit well on the skin and do not lose their brightness even after a long time after application. They can be painted both in the heat and in the cold - they will not run and fall off.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

Cult shadows with an updated formula were beyond praise. A few seconds after application, they cover the eyelid with a thin film and do not spread all day. Have a nice mousse texture and pleasing with natural, gentle shades.


  • Easy and simple to apply;
  • Beautiful iridescent shades;
  • Well feathered;
  • Hold to 16 hours - this is a record;
  • Allow multi-layer application;
  • Easily washed away with special cosmetic products.


  • High price;
  • Saturated colors are less resistant and sometimes require a renewal of makeup.

The application of these luxury shadows will need to adjust to achieve the ideal effect, but the result will justify all efforts.

Bourjois Shimmering Shine

Delicate shadows without the effect of sticky and dry skin, which include special pigments of pearls, enhancing the reflection of light. In a broad palette of Bourgeois each woman can find her own shade. A special applicator of the beveled form will make the application of the tool more convenient and easy.


  • Beautiful and intense glow on the eyelids;
  • Incredible resistance - up to 8 hours, even on oily skin;
  • Quickly dry and do not flow, do not collect in creases;
  • Light hydrating effect;
  • Rich pigmentation.


  • Create a sharp transition - after applying require a quick correction;
  • Not cheap.

For easy feathering and more delicate pigmentation, you can use a wet brush instead of the applicator that comes with the kit.

The Saem Eco Soul Gel Lasting

The texture of these tints is rather gel-cream, on the eyelids it practically does not feel and lies very gently. The composition of the formula includes pearl powder, giving an elegant shine, and herbal components moisturize and soothe the skin, while protecting it from the harmful effects of the environment. Eco Soul are sold in flasks with a twisting mechanism and its own applicator. Volume 4 ml.


  • Very resistant( hold up to 12 hours);
  • Easy to apply - both as a liner and as a shade;
  • Do not roll;
  • Wash off with water;
  • Give a rich pigmentation without prollesin;
  • Have a nice texture.


  • Afraid of water;
  • High price.

The best crumbly eye shadow

This form of shadows is loved not only by professional make-up artists, but also by many modern girls. Their powdery texture is easily mixed, creating unique shades and smooth transitions. To avoid shedding shadows after application, do not forget about the base and patches under the eyes.

Mineral prismatics Sweetscents

These are shadows with chameleon effect - mineral mica in their composition refracts the sunlight and shimmers with holographic shades."Rassypushku" can be applied both in a dry and wet way, simulating the eyeliner or pencil for the eyes. In its lineup the manufacturer offers a stunning palette of matte, shimmer, satin and super-shiny colors.


  • Excellent durability even without a base;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Eco-friendly non-allergenic formulation;
  • Huge variety of shades;
  • Good pigmentation even in light colors;
  • Do not roll down on the eyelids.


  • Requires a neat and skillful application;
  • By the end of the day a little fade.

"Northern Lights" by KM Cosmetics

20 crazy saturated shades in compact jars with meshes-dispensers. These shadows can be applied in a dry and moist way, mix colors to your taste, shade over the skin or overlay a thick layer on top of the base.


  • Natural mineral composition;
  • High resistance - do not lose saturation and do not slip during the day;
  • Soft application;
  • Excellent shading with any brush;
  • Very small( and in some colors completely absent) shimmer;
  • Democratic price, there are on sale cheap samplers;
  • High, not budgetary quality.


  • "Home" packaging - in the cosmetic bag it's easy to scatter shadows. Lovers of experimenting with color will love these shadows. After all, they are inexpensive, and they lie no worse than luxury cosmetics.

    Polvere Di Luce Duo

    Two shades of crumbly Pupa shadows in one case - a convenient and non-standard solution. Unlike similar beauty products, this tool can be taken with you - the container is thought over to the smallest detail and completely protected from spillage in the cosmetic bag.


    • Makeup retains its durability despite the vagaries of the weather;
    • A good separator does not allow shades to mix in a jar;
    • The additional cover protects against the spillage of powder;
    • In the case there is a mirror and quite large;
    • Delicate silky texture of shadows;
    • Very economical consumption.


    • As in any crumbly cosmetics - a complex application;
    • Be sure to use the database.

    Which eyeshadow to buy

    1. Those who are ready for bold experiments with shades in the red and brown range, certainly worth buying a Honeymoon pallet from Tom Ford.

    2. You can experiment with the new makeup with the help of the large palette of compact shadows from Maybelline "The Nudes".

    3. The cream shadows of MAC Pressed Pigment will appeal to beauties who want to achieve the effect of wet gloss on the eyelids in one move.

    4. Baked Luminys Duo Baked from Pupa will suit everyone who wants to use shadows not only for their intended purpose, but also as eyeliner.

    5. If you have a problem of an impending age or oily skin above your eyes, this is not a reason to refrain from cream shadows. Take Long-Wear from Bobby Brown - they really will last very long.

    6. Girls who prefer a variety in makeup will like the novelty of Bronx Colors - the baked shadows of the colors of all the planets of our single slide Baked.

    7. For fast and super-resistant make-up with obligatory feathering, you can buy a shade-pencil Yves Rocher Luminelle.

    8. For expressive makeup "with character" Suitable prismatic Sweetscents, creating the effect of the chameleon.

    9. If you need waterproof shadows that can be quickly and accurately applied to any part of the eyelids, choose a pencil version of cream shades Crayon Lumiere brand Mavala.

    10. Do you want to combine a sparkling holiday make-up and gentle care for dry eyelid skin? Then you need the liquid shadows of Shimmering Shine from Bourgeois. But for the day's image, the elegant glow of Eco Soul Gel Lasting from the Korean firm The Seam is better suited.

    11. Giorgio Armani's exquisite exotic shadows can help you stay beautiful even if you do not have the opportunity to adjust your makeup during the day.

    12. At home on the dressing table, always keep a couple of jars of crumbly eye shadow "Northern Lights".And in the bag you can put a "road" version of the rasshypushki from Pupa - Polvere Di Luce Duo.