The most affordable option for heating a private house is the AGV boiler

Almost every one of us heard the combination of the letters "AGV", the designation of any type of gas heating boiler. This abbreviation stands for gas water heating apparatus .Depending on the brand and manufacturer, heating boilers can differ significantly not only in appearance, but also in functionality.

Since its introduction in the Russian market, the AGV has had quite a primitive automatics, and the pipes for wiring were strictly on the perimeter of the walls. However, this did not bother anyone, since the cost of natural gas was negligible. At the present time, it is possible to meet more functional and practical AHAM and AOCHA.The wide prevalence and popularity of the choice of heating is based on accessibility to all segments of the population. And most importantly, the system does not require electrical energy.

Principle of operation of

ASW The key element of AGW is a water tank through which the coolant enters the radiators through the pipes. All combustion products are discharged through the chimney. Gas supply is carried out in an automatic mode, which allows you to adjust the heating water temperature and, accordingly, maintain the necessary microclimate in the house. Transport of water in the system is provided due to the difference in the height of the tank relative to the radiators. Such systems are called gravity or thermosyphon systems, since the circulation of water is carried out naturally. As the volume of liquid increases when heated, all excesses enter the expansion tank, which is located at the highest altitude with respect to the entire highway. Its presence also makes it possible to compensate for water losses in the system, preventing it from breaking. Today you can meet AGV with forced circulation of the coolant. In this case, the pump is installed. But it is worthwhile to understand that its operation requires a connection to the electrical network.

And lastly, the AGV uses automation, which, if a fault is detected, will stop the gas supply. It's quite safe.

Modernization of AHB boilers by

manufacturer Considering the multiple advantages of using AGW heating in practice, the manufacturers decided to modernize them, making serious constructive changes. First of all, thermometers were replaced with more practical and stable ones. There was a piezo-podzig system. Over the years, the appearance also changed, which became more attractive and stylish.

Rules for handling the

heating system In order to ensure safety, installation of the AGB should be done in a separate room, isolated from the living area. It is worth noting that the project cost of the boiler house will be insignificant, due to not so high requirements of AGW equipment to the premises. The main thing is to ensure a sufficient level of noise insulation and ventilation, as when turning on the burner, cotton occurs. In most modern models, this drawback is eliminated due to the fact that the burner does not completely shut down, but only makes the flame quite small.

Install and connect the AGV should only specialists of the gas service, who will also register and register your device. This will ensure maximum security of the system. It is strictly forbidden to carry out installation work independently, because incorrect and inept actions can lead to irreparable consequences and harm to health and property damage. Considering the seriousness and the increased danger of working with gas, the installation and connection of AGWs on their own are prohibited at the legislative level.

Some caveats

Despite all the advantages of choice and use, the AGV has its own characteristics. So, when the coolant temperature drops to 50 ° C, condensation forms, which can extinguish the burner, which is not equipped with protection against damping. The abundant and regular formation of condensation leads to the formation of corrosion. If you do not need to operate the heating, it is better to drain the water to avoid defrosting the entire system.

And most importantly, before operating, be sure to read the manual for practical use of the device.