We choose a high-quality air cleaner from a reliable company

How important is the microclimate of the space surrounding you, can tell anyone who has broncho-pulmonary diseases or allergies. Very important is the clean air for the child, the elderly person. Even a quite healthy young organism will be much easier to cope with a new virus infection or to transfer the period of the omnipresent poplar fluff. Wool of your favorite hairy inhabitants of the house will not bother with your presence in the air.

Unpleasant odors and harmful chemical vapors will disappear from your life, nervousness, headaches, labored breathing will disappear, and a healthy strong sleep, excellent mood and ease of breathing will appear. Is it possible to refuse this?

Productivity, quality and price

The air cleaner is a specialized device with a narrow focus. Unfortunately, not many good firms producing high-quality household appliances are engaged in their production. Undoubted leader in this area is the Japanese corporation "Daikin".

The quality of the devices and the productivity of their work have the best performance, therefore the air cleaners of Daikin are popular and actively purchased by the people. And people vote for quality with their purchases. But in addition to quality there is another very important indicator - the price. Observance of the balance of these data becomes the best "engine" of sales.

Devices of the firm "Daikin" cost from 22 to 45 thousand rubles. This is a lot, but there are also cheaper ones. For example, air cleaners "Ballu" have prices in the range of 3.5 - 4.5 thousand. And maybe you can use the product from "Air Comfort" or "Plaston", their offers will vary from 11 to 18 thousand.

But to make a truly right choice and really improve the quality of life you need to know other characteristics of these useful household appliances. It is better to buy an air cleaner company, the product of which will suit you in all respects.

Important characteristics of

We list the main criteria that should be followed when choosing an air cleaner. What to look for is mandatory:

The size of the room that will serve the household appliance

The bigger it is, the more powerful the fan installed in the unit should be. In the event that you plan to use an air purifier not in a stationary mode, but to transfer it from room to room, then it is better to focus on the volume of the largest of the rooms. If it is very small, it is wise to purchase an automobile air purifier.

The type of filter in the air cleaner is very important

It should be not just mechanical, filtering grains of sand, coarse dust, wool and other suspensions. It is advisable that your new homeowner relieve the house of smoke, plant pollen, odors and other undesirable phenomena. Then the air cleaner should have a carbon, electrostatic or photocatalytic filter.

Quality and degree of air purification

These indicators will require special attention if the family has allergies. There are special filters that provide a degree of purification, which will greatly facilitate the life of sick people.

Energy consumption indicators

If you plan to use the air cleaner in a constant mode, then it is better to buy an air cleaner company "Аircomfort".This Italian company produces very "economical" devices that have optimal power consumption. But if cleaning the air is required only at a certain time, for example, during the flowering of a plant or with increased dustiness - smoke, it is possible to pay no serious attention to energy indicators.

Convenient additional functions

Want more convenience in controlling the device? Or do you need additional functions in his work? Then choose. You can purchase the device with a remote control, a display that displays its operation, various indicators and other amenities. As additional functions may be the humidification of air in the room, its ionization or aromatization.

Noise level when the

is operating. This indicator is rather important. That the noise from the working air purifier does not irritate you and your family members, so that it does not interfere with rest and does not attract attention at all, look for devices with low noise indices. To such it is possible to carry already familiar devices of firm "Аircomfort".

Several options for selecting

Before taking a short tour of the world of air-purifying devices, I must say that many shops that sell them offer a new type of service. Before you buy an expensive thing, you can first rent it. It is very convenient. Using the device for a month, make a conclusion about the quality of its work and make sure the correct choice. And you can try another model next month.

This service is also good because it allows temporary use of the air cleaner for the flowering period of plants, departure to the cottage, visiting a relative suffering from asthma or allergies, etc.

Examples of the most popular air purifiers from different companies:

Name X-RAY and
Scope of action Information Approximate cost of
GT-3000 from GreenTech Environmental USA 100 m2 Very popular universal model.
Struggles with all possible types of air pollution.
30 000 -
33 000
GT-1500 30 m2 Compact, yet highly efficient model.
Lightweight, beautiful and easy to move.
19 000 -
20 000
GT-50 10 m2 A small but very productive mini-unit.
Destroys microorganisms, toxins,
molds, unpleasant smells, smoke.
3000 - 3500
Personal device "Minimate" Breath zone Miniature air cleaner,
which can be worn around the neck. Find for allergy sufferers.
«PortOzone» from GT 100 m2 Fast and effective elimination of odors, smoke, pollen, mold. 29 000 -
30 000
MC70L from Daikin 48 - 50 m2 Beautiful design, cleaning of any kind. 26 000 -
28 000
Air cleaner with humidification
"Daikin" MCK75J
46 m2 Photocatalytic device with humidification function, modern and productive.
Great conditions for breathing.
50 000 -
51 000

Fresh Air

20 - 150 m2 Filtration-free cleaning technology. Comprehensive elimination of air pollution.
There is an artificial intelligence system.
28 000 -
29 000
Climatic complex 2071 from the firm "Ir-O-Swiss" 50 - 100 m2 Three-stage filter system, odor elimination, aromatization, air humidification.
Multifunctional, very powerful device.
18 000 -
20 000

One of the latest "hits" in the field of air cleaning can be called a new model of cleaner, designed specifically for allergy sufferers. The American firm Honeywell began manufacturing the HRA250B.This novelty is equipped with Bluetooth, which makes it possible to control the "respiratory" system remotely.

The clean air industry does not stand still. Corporations that produce air cleaners are interested in new customers. They are people who are striving for a healthy lifestyle and comfortable living conditions. There are more of them in the world. Join now!