Which is better to choose: electric stove or hob

Correctly selected kitchen appliances can greatly facilitate the cooking process. That is why to the question, what is the best for your home is better: an electric stove or hob should be treated very responsibly, considering all the advantages and disadvantages of these devices.

Dimensions and weight

Comparing the dimensions of these two types of kitchen appliances, it is worth noting that this item hobs certainly benefit from electric cookers. After all, even the largest panel will occupy less space vertically than any electric stove( counting also equipment that does not have an oven).

Due to what the space under it can be used for other useful purposes, and due to its low weight, this technique can be easily installed, for example, on a kitchen table or cabinet. However, this advantage in size and weight is unlikely to be appropriate if you are going to cook a lot of food on the stove at the same time.

This device is not designed for placing on it at once more than 10-15 kg for the whole plate in general and 5 kg for each separate ring. The electric stove does not have such a disadvantage - to put on it a saucepan, the weight of which it could not stand, you are unlikely to succeed.

Energy consumption of

The efficiency of electric cookers is significantly higher than that of a standard electric cooker( about 90% vs 70).And, means, that because of such minimum power consumption it will be more profitable to apply them.

Also do not forget about the presence of panels working on gas, or having the opportunity to use food for cooking, both gas and electricity. In all these cases, the operating costs for electric stoves will be much larger, and, therefore, their use is less expedient.


Regarding the design of the selected electric stove or hob, it can be said that more recently the variety of panels was very small. However, at present both types of kitchen appliances can be easily selected for the design of your kitchen.

Most of them have one of two popular shades - black or white. But, if you look good, you can find more vivid colors and even their combinations.


Comparing prices for hobs and electric cookers, you can see that their minimum level is much lower at the latter. Naturally, this applies to plates without the presence of ovens.

After all, if you take an electric stove with a built-in oven, then when comparing its cost with the prices of panels, you should also take into account the need to purchase a separate oven. As for devices of a higher class, here, in general, prices are comparable with each other.

What kind of equipment does it still buy - an electric stove or a hob? A modern housewife, for whom the compactness of equipment and the minimum expenditure of energy resources are of no small importance, it is worth choosing the hobs.

While, if the main criterion is the ability to cook more food at a time, or the technique is purchased, for example, for installation in a dacha( where you need to bake, for example, compotes or jams in large volumes), your option is an electric stove.