The most expensive and best restaurants in the world( 10 PHOTOS)

There are thousands of restaurants, cafes, bars around the world, but the list of the most expensive restaurants in the version of the "Red Guide Michelin" got only ten. From Italy to New York, we present to you the 10 most luxurious restaurants in the world according to Michelin, Le Guide Rouge.


  • 1. "Masa", New York
  • 2. "Noma", Copenhagen
  • 3. "Celler De Can Roca", Girona. Spain
  • 4. Osteria Francescana, Modena
  • 5. Eleven Madison Park, New York
  • 6. Dinner Restaurant in London
  • 7. DOM, São Paulo
  • 8. Alinea, Chicago
  • 9."The Ledbury", London
  • 10. "Le Pre Catelan", Paris

1. "Masa", New York

In it you can taste incredible sushi made by Kore Mas himself. This is not a typical restaurant, the cooking process lasts for 3 hours, which is why it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes. To book a room you need to pay $ 200 per person. It is considered the most expensive and best restaurant in the world.

2. Noma, Copenhagen

Located in Copenhagen, Noma is the best restaurant in Denmark. The main chef Renee Rudzheti is one of the best chefs in the world, his restaurant has won two Michelin stars. The kitchen is a Scandinavian dish, typical for the region.

3. "Celler De Can Roca", Girona. Spain

This restaurant is committed to avant-garde and freedom in cooking. It is located in the city of Girona and is managed by three brothers. If you want to invest your money in worthwhile food, then make sure that you visited Celler De Can Roca. The average cost of a meal for two is $ 390- 420.

4. Osteria Francescana, Modena

Osteria Francescana offers an excellent cuisine that is worth a try. Their most expensive dishes are a mixture of cultures, traditions and methods. The average price for two is $ 360-525( not including wine).There are only twelve tables in the restaurant, if you plan to visit it, you must make a reservation in advance.

5. Eleven Madison Park, New York

One of the best restaurants in New York. Dear. Famous. It is an interesting way to serve your guests. How? Each guest receives a menu of 16 words that represent the main ingredient in each dish. Each person can choose 4 words. The average cost of a meal for two is $ 450.

6. Dinner Restaurant in London

This is a more affordable place in London. Dinner for two will usually cost about $ 230. The restaurant has an urban style, it offers all kinds of food, does not limit in time, this means that you can eat dinner for breakfast or vice versa.

7. DOM, Sao Paulo

The best chef in South America, Alex Atala, offers a wild mix of Amazonian ingredients that will leave you in ecstasy for many days. Milk Gad, palm tree syrup, cocoa and many other products are part of the fine cuisine. The average check is about $ 400, not counting the wine.

8. Alinea, Chicago

If you are planning to visit Chicago, you should allocate one night to visit Alinea. It is considered one of the most unusual restaurants in the world. Preparation of the food itself is akin to the artistic process, especially the preparation of dessert. Dark chocolate is scattered on the table in front of you, and then you add millions of other things. The average cost for two is $ 420.

9. The Ledbury, London

The Ledbury Restaurant has two Michelin stars, it's very prestigious and luxurious. A night for two can cost $ 270, not counting the wine. It is located in London, which provides him with a rich menu that changes every season. Their kitchen is not afraid to experiment, one of the specialties is a basket of English strawberries with flowers, honey and cream.

10. Le Pre Catelan, Paris

Last but not much less expensive place. The restaurant offers a fine menu of French cuisine. You can choose 17 dishes worth about $ 255. You should not leave without a tasting of French wine. This expensive restaurant in the photo looks not so luxurious as in life.