Top 6 rules of online store management

It may seem that opening a store on the Internet is a simple occupation. After all, the current merchant is available site designers, delivery services and other necessary components for this.

Even the delivery of foreign goods purchased in the online store, today is not difficult for its owner. The company Smart Link, for example, allows you to order international delivery of goods directly on your website and this service is provided for almost all major carriers.

But, on the other hand, the online store also has a downside: a back office. From the organization of his work depends on the sale of goods and the reputation of the seller.


Convenience of delivery and payment

  • Correct account
  • Conversion score
  • Exact calculation
  • Asset control
  • Discounts
  • Convenience of delivery and payment

    On how much variety of payment options and delivery the store offers, the number of orders and the average check depends. When developing an online store, the owner should think about entering foreign markets for the sale of goods. As methods of payment, electronic money, bank cards, cash and non-cash payment must be included.

    Correct accounting

    When orders increase, you can lose an objective view of the work of the online store. To avoid this, you need to use a special tool. It should reflect the statistics of Internet trading, namely the quantity of goods in stock, the profit, the list of regular customers. Having all this you can see the real state of affairs and properly manage the goods, advertising and promotion.

    Conversion estimation

    Conversion estimation makes it possible to identify weaknesses in the work of an online store. You can easily understand the extent to which the work of the delivery service is effective or how quickly employees react to the order confirmation. If the order confirmation is low, then this is due to the slowness of the managers. The reasons for this, there are many, for example, late call back or the delivery is too long. There are situations when the store has a large number of orders, but many of them are never made. The reasons for this may be related to the suppliers or the delivery service. Sometimes a low conversion occurs due to an unsuccessfully selected landing page, uncomfortable moving around the store, insufficient information about the product.

    Exact calculation

    Many owners vaguely imagine what a profit is and how to calculate it. An elementary cash method is not suitable for business analysis, since it does not take into account the costs of advertising, wages, rent, delivery, etc. Business profitability can be calculated by reflecting all data on incomes and expenditures. Knowing this will help make informed decisions about the development of the store.

    Assortment control

    More attention is paid to the product that brings more other profits. Using the back office, you can calculate the profit of a single unit. Due to this method, goods that bring a loss are identified. To change this, you should remove them from the range. To extend the range, the standard off-line trading methodology is appropriate. In this case, all the goods are divided into 3 groups. In the first place are the best selling positions. The second includes goods that bring in an average income, but in the third remaining units. This option clearly reflects the work of the store, which allows you to properly manage.


    The back office system shows the date of the customer's visit to the store, all information on his orders. Thanks to this, the owner will be able to see who needs to make a discount. To promote sales growth, more effectively applying the already established base of customers. With the increase in the store it will bring a solid part of the proceeds. It's easiest to use to attract email buyers. But the buyer should have a choice, that is, there should be a link to the reply.