The most important school subjects in the opinion of Russians

On the eve of September 1 and the beginning of the school season, analysts of the Levada Center asked the question, what subjects the inhabitants of the Russian Federation consider necessary, necessary and important for the school.

The survey involved 1,600 people in 137 localities in 48 regions of the country. As a result, it turned out that the respondents least of all like the fundamentals of religion and secular ethics - only 5% spoke for them. Interestingly, along with this, 89% of respondents believe that the school should instill in children love for the Motherland, and 85% - also engage in spiritual and moral education.

Here are the most important school subjects in the opinion of Russians.

Math 53
History 33
Literature 32
Foreign Language 27
Informatics, Computer Literacy, Programming 23
Physics, Chemistry, Biology 21
Physical Education, Sport 18
Labor Education / Homemaking 13
Geography 10
First Aid Skills 9
Publicsciences( social studies, sociology, economics, political science) 9
National language and literature( in republics and autonomous regions) 7
Sex education 7
of Arts 6
Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics 5
Other 1
subjects Difficult to answer 4


  • 10. First aid skills and social sciences
  • 9. Geography
  • 8. Labor education
  • 7. Physical education and sport
  • 6.Natural sciences
  • 5. Foreign languages ​​
  • 4. Literature
  • 3. History
  • 2. Mathematics
  • 1. Russian language
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10. First aid skillsand social sciences

The humanities in the eyes of the inhabitants of Russia, apparently, are considered unimportant. Social studies with sociology, economics and political science, although they entered the top 10 most necessary subjects in school, but ranked last, along with the skills of medical care. Both subjects were given an equal number of respondents - 9%.

9. Geography

One of the oldest sciences, born in the ancient times, is not very popular among Russians - only 10% spoke for its importance in school education.

8. Labor Education

Both geography and social sciences, with a margin of several percent, bypassed labor education. Sociology is sociology, and you need to be able to sew a button - 13% of the respondents think so.

7. Physical Education and Sport

18% of respondents believe that the school should help compensate children for the lack of active movement, created, among other things, by the increased training load.

6. Natural sciences

During the reform of school education in Russia, natural sciences suffered most. The change in the model of training( from linear to concentric), final exams in test form, reduction of hours, complexity of equipment( and for chemistry, physics and biology it is extremely important) led to a drop in the prestige of the once popular in the USSR area of ​​knowledge among parents and students. For natural sciences 21% of respondents said.

5. Foreign languages ​​

Open the top five ranking of the most important school subjects. Without English, nowhere, and with this agree 27% of respondents.

4. Literature

32% of respondents consider it necessary for schoolchildren to know the texts that are of the greatest cultural significance in the history of Russia and the world. In addition to the purely reader and general educational interest, the role of entering culture, understanding its subjects, images and motives, and, as a result, the same patriotic and spiritual-moral upbringing that most of the respondents are happy about.

3. History of

This school subject was approved by 33% of respondents. In general, the history of most former schoolchildren retained the warmest memories - according to the results of the FOM surveys, 76% of the respondents liked this subject. The difficulty with the story is that this is one of the disciplines in which much depends on the teacher's personality. The second problem is the abundance of ideological manipulations in the presentation of material and the strong ideological nature of the subject.

2. Mathematics

With a significant margin of 20%, history is ahead of mathematics - 53% of respondents favor its importance, usefulness and usefulness. The number of hours devoted weekly to mathematics clearly indicate the importance of the subject in the eyes of both teachers and their pupils and parents. Although, strangely enough, the whole importance of mathematics miraculously disappears when entering a university( if it is not profile, of course).And in the future, the first thing that can be useful is the ability to count money, paying off in a supermarket.

1. Russian

And in the first place in the top 10 of the most important school subjects, according to respondents, was the Russian language. In the rating he leads with a huge margin. In favor of the great and mighty spoke 68%.And it's no wonder - this is the only thing that for life determines the ability to communicate, understand the other and convey your point of view.

Satisfaction of Russians with the current education system( schedule)