Rating of the best netbooks of 2010

In this article we will look at the best netbooks of 2010 in the netbook market.

Intel's new Pinetrail platform with 1.66GHZ processor Intel Atom N450 does not offer significant performance improvements compared to the N270 / N280.

Instead, the platform was designed to increase the battery life of laptops and to further reduce the size of chips, to enable even lighter and thinner netbooks.

Despite the fact that on the last machines the average battery life reaches 8 hours, still there are still reasons for switching to newer netbooks. The number of such reasons may include a couple of drives( on BENQ JOYBOOK Lite U103), smooth playback of 1080p HD video( on netbooks with Broadcom Crystal accelerator), WIMAX help( on MSI Wind U135) and capacitive touchscreen with support for multi-touch( on Lenovo IDEAPAD S10-3t).The same reasons show that manufacturers of netbooks do not rest, receiving money for their offspring.


  • Toshiba NB305
  • BENQ JOYBOOK Lite U103
  • Aspire One AO532H
  • HP Mini 210 HD
  • Lenovo IDEAPAD S10-3t
  • Samsung N210
  • MSI Wind Series Special Edition U135
  • Gateway LT21
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10
  • Nokia Booklet 3g


For the sake of its own new netbook NB305, which became the successor of NB205( one of the favorites of 2009), Toshiba did not break traditions, the company is by the way included in the rating of notebooks in terms of quality. The updated model of the computer uses the same stylish hardware design as its predecessor( available in blue, brown and white), though with a 1.66GHZ Intel Atom N450 processor, with an increased to 250GB hard drive and with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

The new Pineview processor made it possible to reduce the weight of the NB305 by 100 grams( up to 1.2 kg) and extend the operating time of the 6-cell battery from 9 hours to 11. At the same time, Toshiba's Sleep and Charge technologycharge it with different USB gadgets, even if the compact laptop is in hibernation mode or even turned off.

Separately, it should be noted that the 10.1 "computer screen still has the same low-light resolution of 1024 × 600.We would prefer to see 1366 × 768.


The latest offers from BENQ for the world of netbooks have never received a big interest from our side. It was due to the specifications of the proposed computers and their not interesting, in our opinion, hardware designs. Although JOYBOOK Lite U103 - awarded the 2010 If Design Award - can change both our opinion about the company and its position in the market.

With a 2-way architecture, which includes a hard drive for 500GB and an optional 32GB SSD, with SRS TRUSURROUND HD audio and SRS CS Headphone( this technology simulates 5.1 surround sound in standard headphones), this mini notebook can not be called ordinary.

As standard, it comes with a 3-cell battery, which lasts 4 hours. Although optional 6-cell is available, which is enough for 8 hours. In this case, thanks to BENQ Q-charge technology, only one hour of charging is enough to extend the netbook life for another 4.5 hours of operation.

With a 3-cell battery, the U103 weighs 1.1kg and in thickness is just over 25mm.

Aspire One AO532H

Still, everything changes for d. In 2009, for 499 dollars, you had the opportunity to buy a mini-laptop of the last generation, but the initial ur. . In this city, the same money will allow you to buy yourself a new Aceraspire One AO532H.

The set of its features in comparison with other new netbooks can not be called particularly impressive, but still it is a fantastic investment of money, significantly raising the bar of the initial ur. For cars in own category in comparison with last year.

Features of the netbook include a new processor 1.66GHZ Intel Atom N450, Windows 7 Starter Edition, 250GB hard drive and 10.1 "screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600.A standard 6-cell netbook battery with a capacity of 4400mah is enough for 8 hours of operation, and an optional 6-cell battery with an increased capacity of up to 5800mah capacity - by 10.

Even with a 6-cell battery AO532H weighs only 1.1kg and inthickness does not exceed 25mm. The computer is available in blue, red and silver colors.

HP Mini 210 HD

Netbooks have more than enough capabilities to play music and movies in standard resolutions. Although try to lose on any of them HD-video, and he immediately begins to stutter and stammer. In fact, this problem does not solve the new platform Pinetrail. However, like the previous Atom architecture, Pinetrail supports third video processors.

This was also used by HP, which provided its own Mini-HP Mini 210 HD with the updated video accelerator Broadcom BCM70015 Crystal HD.The latter allowed the netbook to play 1080p movies( as well as video in other codecs, like H.264 / AVC, MPEG-2, WMV9, DIVX and Xvid) without distortion and drop-out frames. Although HD video is not the only plus of the Mini 210 HD.

The HP Mini series offers a glossy screen, a typical Celtic cover design and nice rounded corners.

Lenovo IDEAPAD S10-3t

Move Asus Eee PC T91MT - you're no longer the only swivel netbook with multi-touch. The new IDEAPAD S10-3t in some way borrowed your display design, which can be rotated 180 degrees and even flipped to the keyboard.

At the same time, in the IDEAPAD S10-3t, first of all, a capacitive touch screen is used( in T91MT it is resistive), which should give the computer the best reaction to touch, and, secondly, with an increased 10.1 "size. The extra screen space also made it possible to use a larger keyboard, making the S10-3t almost perfect, both as a netbook and as a tablet computer.

Lenovo engineers decided to move further away from competitors and equipped their own gadget with an Intel Atom N470 processor running at 1.83GHZ.However, the use of this faster chip moved the release of the netbook at least to March.

With a netbook, future buyers will receive a 320GB hard drive and a standard 4-cell battery that lasts 4 hours. At the same time, an optional 8-cell battery should last for 10 hours of battery life.

Samsung N210

Samsung N210 does not have a single advantage that has been singled out from a number of competitors, but in general the N210 is comprehensively better than its predecessors. Like most netbooks in this article, the novelty is based on the new 1.66GHZ Intel Atom N450 processor with 1GB of memory. With the computer included 10.1 "screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600, 250GB hard drive and a 6-cell battery for 5900mah, which should be enough for 11 hours.

The sound quality of the novelty is improved by the help of HD-audio, SRS TRUSURROUND XT, SRS WORLD OF WARCRAFT XT and SRS CS Headphone. In this case, the output power of the stereo speakers of the netbook is 3w.

The computer comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition. In addition, Samsung spoke about the increased reliability of the N210 - the computer case is resistant to scratches and dirt, and its keyboard - to the water. At the same time, the recommended cost of the novelty is 599 dollars.

MSI Wind Series Special Edition U135

MSI has become one of the first manufacturers to convert their netbooks to Pinetrail. IncludingMSI used Pinetrail in Wind U135.And however, at CES 2010 the company announced a smoother compact laptop U160, we found the U135 more curious because of its help 3.5g WIMAX.

This optional feature makes it possible to use U135 in ultra-fast WIMAX networks, although the latter are not yet available everywhere. In general, the U135 uses a similar hardware design, as in the previous Wind netbooks, however, the choice of color options for the computer has now become much wider( silver, black, blue and cherry-purple), and the cover has got an expressive corrugated design, scratch resistant.

Separately, it should be noted that the computer's touchpad is 20 percent more than its predecessors. However, we still do not know if he supports multi-touch gestures.

Gateway LT21

Gateway - a relative newcomer( or a long-missing veteran, as you wish) - has set out to release the LT21 mini notebook.

At first glance, this computer does not offer anything special in terms of specifications - it has a 1.66GHZ Intel Atom N450 processor, 1GB of memory, 10.1 "screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 and 250GB hard drive.

Although in addition to 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 in the list of options for this computer, there is also 3g, which is still not very common on netbooks. The latter feature allows you to browse the web and read mail from this netbook right on the go, which, of course, contributes to a 10-hour battery.

At the same time, a compact laptop is quite pleasant in appearance. Its top cover, with a silver logo and wave pattern printed on it, can be painted in different colors, including black, red and white.

The recommended cost of a computer is $ 599.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

This compact notebook, which is identical to last year's Inspiron Mini 10, has the largest number of options that can be added to it during configuration, but for which, of course, you will need to pay separately.

Including the same video accelerator Broadcom Crystal HD as in the HP Mini 210 HD( this, by the way, is the only mini-laptop where this video accelerator comes in as standard), GPS, HDTV receiver,mobile communication, a larger hard drive for 250GB( in the standard is set to 160GB), a screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768 and a 6-cell battery for 9.5 hours.

Nokia Booklet 3g

Many people probably remember how 1 of the manufacturers of mobile phones decided to try themselves in the market of miniature notebooks. The released computer got the name HTC Shift. And though some people liked his idea, the computer was too slow and expensive to become popular, not to mention that he was too far from his own time.

At the same time, a mini notebook Nokia Booklet 3g is unlikely to follow the same path. Nokia tried to make it so that Booklet 3g did not get the title of a netbook. However.in the computer was installed 1.6GHZ processor Intel Atom( instead of Z530, usually used in the MID), 10.1 "screen and Windows 7, the computer still was called a netbook.

Among the features of the Booklet 3g is the built-in 3g, GPS( working with Ovi Maps), an HDMI port and a screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720.In addition, computer batteries are estimated in as much as 12 hours.