Heated hot tub: all the nuances for a private sauna

The Russian bath is rightfully considered one of the famous signs of Russian culture. A visit to the bath has always been not just a sanitary and hygienic procedure, it was a ritual that was performed according to the rules. And the bath is the temple where this ritual is performed. And one of the mandatory components of this structure is the font.

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What is a baptismal font

Structurally, the hot tub is a small copy of the pool, because it is problematic to place a full-size pool in a small private bathhouse. A functional hot tub is designed to relax the mind and body, which has a positive effect on the healing of the whole organism.

When bathhouses in villages were built on the banks of rivers and lakes, the reservoirs were a natural font. Even the installation of an artificial hot tub outside the sauna walls in the fresh air increases its health-improving effect many times over.

Heated hot tub: all the nuances for a private sauna
PHOTO: stroy-podskazka.ru
Font of the Russian bathhouse

Materials for making a font

Fonts are built from different materials - wood, metal, plastic, concrete, expanded clay. Each option has its own positive properties.

A hot tub made of stainless steel is expensive. It is durable, its shelf life is several decades. The metal can withstand any temperature effects well.

Stainless steel hot tub with its own heating
PHOTO: stroy-podskazka.ru
Stainless steel hot tub with its own heating

The cast iron hot tub is difficult to install and maintain. Cast iron is easy to corrode, the bowl must be washed regularly. But it keeps warm well and for a long time. And it can have its own water heating.

The polypropylene plastic tub is quite durable. It is easy to care for, it can be left indoors all year round. It is often faced with oak planks.

Plastic tub devicePHOTO: stroy-podskazka.ru
Plastic tub device

A classic font is made of wood. Such fonts are distinguished by their durability, ecological cleanliness, healing effect on the body, and a pleasant appearance. In addition, they keep the water temperature well. Each type of wood brings its own positive properties to the font. Oak accelerates metabolic processes, strengthens immune processes, normalizes sleep. A larch bath soothes the nervous system. The use of cedar is pacifying, besides, cedar has anti-inflammatory properties. Beech improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Birch rejuvenates, it has protective and regenerating properties.

Methods for heating water in the font

Hot tub water is heated in different ways. If the bowl is metal (steel), then the wood stove can be placed under the bottom of the bowl. In a simplified version, it can be an open fire, you just need to overlay the bowl with wood. You will get a kind of ring-shaped bonfire. If it is solid to build, then you will have to fix the bowl at a low height above the ground, and under it arrange a firebox with a chimney. It will be both safer and more effective.

An interesting design solution is placing the font in a special gazebo. A stove can also be installed next to or under the floor of the gazebo. The gazebo roof protects from the vagaries of the weather.

Font in the gazeboPHOTO: stroy-podskazka.ru
Font in the gazebo

For plastic and wooden fonts, the stove will have to be installed away from the bowl, and a coil must be passed through the stove, through which water is driven for heating and back into the font. Pipes can go along the perimeter of the bowl, then an indirect heating system is obtained. But it requires a circulation pump with an electric motor. There are also submersible stoves that are installed directly into the bowl of the font under the water.

Stove inside the fontPHOTO: skr.sh
Stove inside the font

In plastic and wooden bowls installed in the bathhouse, water can be heated with electric heaters. But when installing such a system, you need to very carefully follow the careful execution of the electrical insulation, otherwise you can turn the font into an electric chair.

Winter fun in the heated hot tubPHOTO: akvahold.ru
Winter fun in the heated hot tub


A person with imagination will come up with dozens of ways to realize their wildest notions. The Russian bath has centuries-old traditions and customs. And new technical capabilities allow you to beautifully link the past and the present.


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