Installing WebAsto on Audi

The German Webasto system is specially designed for Audi cars. It is designed to warm up the car before ignition. Thanks to its functions, passengers will not freeze even in the coldest temperatures, and the vehicle will last a long time. Separate settings are selected for each model. You can learn more about the functions, connection here

System advantages

The system is chosen for many reasons:

  • Comfortable temperature conditions not only during the cold season, but also in summer. Webasto not only heats up the vehicle, but also cools the interior and body with a fan;
  • Quiet in operation. When using the installation, you will not disturb your neighbors;
  • In case of damage, the heater can be returned within 2 years;
  • Warming up the car works even without the engine running, which significantly saves fuel at long traffic lights, traffic jams and frosts;
  • When working, Webasto directs warm air to the front glass. Thus, the system creates a comfortable driving environment not only due to the temperature regime, but also an excellent view.

Time saving is also an important advantage of the system. Since in the program you can set a timer for any time.

Device design, principle of operation and connection

The system does not take up much space under the hood, and its battery is connected to the vehicle's power system. The construction is controlled by a special module. The installation itself is a small device with sensors, heat exchangers, control unit, etc.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • Fuel enters the combustion chambers of the system, which heats the liquid inside the heat exchanger;
  • After that, a special pump is connected to the process, which is responsible for supplying the heated liquid directly to the motor. Thus, it provides warmth by heating the interior and other Audi components.

If you do not want to waste time on connecting, then you can set the timer program, sensors.

Before installing Webasto, you must choose a place to install the timer, pump and boiler. And then follow these steps:

  1. Mount the boiler in the place chosen under the hood.
  2. Attach a pump, which can be installed not only directly on the heater, but also anywhere else.
  3. Cut the hose into the engine cooling system according to the installation instructions.
  4. After that, it is necessary to lead a fuel cable to the boiler.
  5. Install the air filter.
  6. Install the exhaust pipe.