Review of iPhone 6 - Features, Differences( + Video)

On September 26, an event happened that all fans of Apple products were eagerly waiting for: the sales of a new generation of smartphones - the iPhone 6 - started. But is it worth running to the store for a new gadget? What are its differences from last year's "apple" devices? To receive the answer to the questions posed, detailed examination and testing will help.


  • Review of Apple iPhone 6
    • Size, body material
    • Screen
    • Camera
    • Sound
  • Video presentation iPhone 6
  • Conclusion. Is it worth buying a new iPhone 6?

Review of Apple iPhone 6

Whether the novelty will lead the rating of smartphones in 2014, time will tell, but for now see what was offered to Apple this time.

Size, case material

For a person accustomed to massive gadgets like the latest Samsung Galaxy or HTC One M8, enjoying the new iPhone will be a complete pleasure. Despite the increased height and width, thanks to a thin body and rounded edges, the phone fits perfectly in your hand and even seems a bit smaller than solutions from competitors.

The material from which the iPhone 6 is made is a separate conversation. Taking the phone in hand, any person will immediately feel that he is dealing with a road and a quality thing. The case is made of high-quality aluminum, and the screen is protected by an oleophobic coating, which allows the fingers to slide along it, as if on ice. It is also worth noting that removing stains and stains from the display has become much easier( you can use a napkin, a handkerchief or simply wipe about jeans).

No complaints are made either by the buttons - they are all pleasant to the touch and easy to press. Some users may be wary of changing the location of some elements, but several hours of use of the device will relieve the discomfort. For example, the power button "moved" from the upper end to the right side. The solution is due to the fact that the increased size of the device prevents people with a small brush from reaching the old location of the button.


One of the main innovations of the iPhone 6 is a completely new display with a resolution of 1334x750 pixels and a density of 321 dpi. The image strikes with its clarity and saturation, and if you try to touch the screen, there is a visual feeling that you touch the picture itself, and not the glass.

On the other hand, the beautiful image is only present in standard Apple applications. But it's worth downloading a third-party, like the same Instagram or Facebook, and there are blurry images with blurry fonts. It is better to install the instagram for the computer. The thing is that most developers have not yet provided integration of their applications and games with the screens of new devices. But this is only a temporary problem, it is not necessary to refer it to significant shortcomings.

Increasing the diagonal of the screen( now it is 4.7 inches) clearly benefited future owners of the iPhone 6:

  • The size of the virtual keyboard has increased, which facilitates data entry. Now it's either a very awkward person or a person with very large fingers that can get on the wrong key. And if you do not like the standard keyboard, it can easily be replaced with a third-party( this is the first opportunity in the series).
  • More information appeared on the screen. Moving through the Internet with the iPhone 6, it is not necessary to use mobile versions of sites - everything is perfectly displayed and in the standard version. The same applies to e-books. Of course, the iPhone will not become a full-fledged replacement for Amazon Kindle or similar devices, but it's very convenient to read from it.
  • Multimedia entertainment is now perceived much better, whether it's movies, videos with Youtube or mobile games.


Apple smartphones with the version 4S come with a camera of 8 megapixels. And this year the permit also did not change. As the fans of "apple" products convince the company's engineers, not in megapixels happiness, but as a survey. And, no doubt, removes the new camera is just wonderful. With artificial lighting, daylight, in total darkness( with a flash) - the images are of high quality. The camera very quickly starts and focuses.

Changes also touched the front camera, which now has a timer mode that allows you to take a series of pictures, so that lovers of "SELFI" can choose the most successful frame.

When it comes to video shooting, the review showed it allows you to record at up to 60 frames per second( HD mode) and up to 240 frames per second( if you set the quality worse).Thus, you can achieve the effect of slow-motion shooting as in any Hollywood blockbuster. At least, it looks pretty funny.


It's hard to remember whether users of "apple" devices had any claims to the sound system. Everything has always been done qualitatively. This model iPhone also pleases owners with a clean, surround sound with deep bass. The latter is felt even without the included equalizer.

There is plenty of loudness and questions like "Why is the sound so quiet?" You will not have. Although the device is equipped with only one speaker located at the bottom, it is quite enough. The output for the headphones remained the same - 3.5 millimeters.

Video presentation iPhone 6

Conclusion. Is it worth buying a new iPhone 6?

When the first line of "apple" phones came on the market, it made a lot of noise and changed the worldview of many people. Perhaps, only applicable to the iPhone say - "forgot the iPhone at home," rather than the habitual "left the phone at home."The product from Apple even then became separate from other devices and over time the situation did not change.

The attractiveness and charm inherent in past models are here fully preserved. The introduction of innovations did not happen, but the iPhone 6 became much more functional and more convenient than its predecessors, and it does not have any shortcomings.

The price does not bite very much. At the official seller phone with 16 gigabytes of scratch memory can be bought for 32 thousand rubles, with 64 gigabytes - for 37 thousand, and with 128 gigabytes - for 42 thousand.

The cost of all three models is even less than the initial cost of devices of the previous generation: iPhone 5S and 5C.