Rating of the best vodka of 2015 in Russia

Leading tasting experts from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus in March this year, as a result of blind tasting at the VNII Nutritional Biotechnology, determined beverages worthy of the title " Best Vodka of 2015 ".All submitted samples were evaluated for such organoleptic indicators as taste, aroma, color, and also transparency.

As a result, the best vodka in Russia is included in the rating, which we bring to your attention.


  • 9. "HOMA WHITE"
  • 8. "Selecta Lux"
  • 7. "Radamir"
  • 6. "Gulf Stream"
  • 5. "Black Diamond"
  • 4. Organic Vodka "Pure dew ยป
  • 3." Honey with lemon "
  • 1." SIBALCO "


Premium premium segment vodka from OJSC Permalco has a muted aroma and a barely noticeable shade of cinnamon. The aftertaste of the drink is light and warm.

9. "Haoma WHITE"

In the ancient Iranian religion, Haoma is a divine drink and at the same time a plant from which this drink is made. Vodka "Haoma WHITE" combines the sweetness of the sabza, as well as the spice of milk thistle.

8. "Selecta Lux"

Vodka is produced in Gomel distillery "Radamir" using traditional technology using silver and platinum filtration. In the manufacture of infusion of raisins and honey.

7. "Radamir"

Another product of Homel plant "Radamir" in the ranking of the best is distinguished by its unique silky taste. The proprietary highlight of the manufacturer is the use of raisins.

6. "Gulf Stream"

A harmonious product in an elegant bottle, symbolizing the crest of a wave, will decorate any feast. Vodka differs surprisingly warm and soft aftertaste.

5. "Black diamond"

The bottle design for this vodka was developed by RUNWAY BRANDING.As a result, it turned out a great premium product, enclosed in an incredibly expressive and stylish container.

4. Organic-vodka "Pure dew"

Exclusive vodka has a limited edition, because it has a limited edition.for its production, only wheat is used, grown in an ecologically clean region on the fields "resting" before sowing 11 years. The preparation of vodka follows the old technology of natural fermentation.

3. "Honey with lemon"

Vodka from "Afsar Company LTD" refers to the superpremium segment. The drink regularly receives medals at international competitions - in Yalta, Tashkent, Moscow. Vodka has a delicate exquisite taste with the lightest citrus note.


The gold medal winner in the super premium segment is a drink of the highest purity with an exquisite taste and a warm aftertaste.


Heads the rating of vodka of 2015 products from the distillery "SIBALKO".Vodka received the GRAND PRIX contest in the super premium segment, which means that it received a gold medal three times and demonstrated consistently high quality.

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