Rating of the most dangerous diets

Thousands of people in the hope of getting rid of extra pounds regularly try a variety of diets. However, doctors persistently call for choosing the method of losing weight with caution - because many "miracle" methods can cause irreparable harm to health. Nutritionists unambiguously vote not for a periodic change in diet, but for a healthy and healthy menu every day.

Today we publish the rating of the most dangerous diets , which harm even the most robust organism.

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  • 5. Sweet( chocolate) diet
  • 4. Protein diet
  • 3. Monodiet,the top three of the rating
  • 2. The drinking diet is considered no less dangerous than mono-diet.
  • 1. "Tablet" diet is the absolute leader of the most dangerous rating.

5. Sweet( chocolate) diet

at first glance seems pretty attractive. During the day it is allowed to eat 3 times 30 grams of chocolate without raisins and nuts, washing it with unsweetened coffee or tea. This diet is fraught with serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the diet abounds in carbohydrates, but is extremely poor in other essential elements. Not to mention the fact that chocolate bars a day can provoke the development of an allergic reaction.

4. Protein diet

is loved by "meat-eaters", because it involves eating low-fat meat products and other sources of protein. However, the absence of fresh vegetables and fruits in the menu, cereals and a minimum of dairy products causes serious problems with digestion, kidneys and metabolic disorders. Under the supervision of a dietitian, an effective diet based on protein products can indeed be made, but it will certainly include other necessary elements.

3. Monodiet, the top three leaders of the rating

- is the consumption of one single product in food. This diet is one of the most difficult in the psychological plan, and at the same time it causes significant damage to the body. Whichever product is selected( honey, buckwheat, kefir, apples, etc.), it is not able to provide a person with all the necessary elements. Long( more than 2 days) mono-diet is dangerous deterioration of health and metabolic disorders.

2. A drinking diet is considered no less dangerous than a mono-diet.

When all solid foods are excluded from the diet, the work of the intestine is disrupted and the metabolism suffers. In addition, the dropped kilograms are most often returned to their places quite quickly, after giving up the diet. Drinking diet is absolutely contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, heart, hypertension and propensity to edema.

1. "Tablet" diet - the absolute leader of the most dangerous rating.

Miracle pills promise to get rid of excess weight in record time without changing the way of life. All of these funds for weight loss are one of four categories: diuretics, laxatives, drugs to reduce hunger and those that prevent the absorption of fats from food. Diuretics and laxatives can lead to serious dehydration, metabolic disorders, digestive system disorders. Tablets that suppress hunger are very addictive. Those drugs that do not allow to digest fat, deal a serious blow to the metabolism.

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