The richest people in Russia 2017, Forbes list

For a long time, the Russians will not forget the call of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to "hold on" when there is no money. But there are people who perfectly hold on and without any calls, earning millions and even billions of dollars. The list of such people - the richest in Russia - was published by Forbes magazine .To get into their number you need to have at least $ 500 million. A pass to the top 10 "worth" more than 12 billion dollars. We represent the first ten of the richest Russians of 2017.


10. Victor Vekselberg

  • 9. Andrey Velynchenko
  • 8. Vladimir Potanin
  • 7. Mikhail Fridman
  • 6. Vagit Alekperov
  • 5. Alisher Usmanov
  • 4. Gennady Timchenko
  • 3. Vladimir Lisin
  • 2. Alexei Mordashov
  • 1Leonid Mikhelson
  • 10. Viktor Vekselberg

    Capital - 12.4 billion dollars.

    In addition to its huge revenues from UC Rusal and the engineering companies Oerlikon and Sulzer, the wealthy businessman is known for his incomparable collection of precious items made by Faberge.

    9. Andrei Melnichenko

    Capital - 13.2 billion dollars.

    The entrepreneur's talent at Melnichenko was manifested in his younger years. In the 1990s he opened a currency exchange office in the hostel of Moscow State University, where at that time he studied. Then a whole currency network appeared, and MDM Bank was born out of it. In 1997, a company was created, created by Melnichenko and Sergei Popov. She bought up a number of production assets that served as the basis for SUEK, TMK and Evrokhim. At present, SUEK and Eurochem, as well as the energy holding of the SGC, bring Melnichenko the main income.

    8. Vladimir Potanin

    Capital - 14.3 billion dollars.

    Owns 30.41% stake in Norilsk Nickel, the world leader in the production of palladium and nickel metals. For control of this company, Potanin had a protracted conflict with Oleg Deripaska for five years. However, in 2012, businessmen went to the world.

    7. Mikhail Fridman

    Capital - 14.4 billion dollars.

    This Russian billionaire who has moved to permanent residence in London has a lot of posts. He:

    • chairman and one of the owners of the supervisory board of the consortium Alfa Group;
    • is a member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress;
    • leads the LetterOne Holdings group, which owns the Dea oil and gas enterprise, a 56.2% stake in Vimpelcom and a 13.22% stake in Turkcell;
    • is a member of the management of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

    It is Friedman who owns such well-known brands as Pyaterochka, Beeline and Perekrestok. And Alfa-Bank, which is part of Alfa Group, is sponsoring the Life Line charitable foundation, which helps children with serious illnesses.

    6. Vagit Alekperov

    The state is 14.5 billion dollars.

    One of the richest Russian entrepreneurs moved from the 9th line, which he held in the ranking of 2016, to 6th place. And this means that the business of the Lukoil oil company controlled by him is more than successful. For 2016, Alekperov received $ 590 million in dividends from Lukoil.

    5. Alisher Usmanov

    Capital - 15.2 billion dollars.

    Is the main shareholder of USM Holdings, and this holding controls the mobile operator Megafon, the publication Kommersant, Group and owns the largest in Russia and the CIS mining company Metalloinvest. Recently the name of Alisher Usmanov was implicated in an anti-corruption scandal in connection with an expensive gift - a five-billion-dollar estate - transferred to the noncommercial fund Sotsgosproekt. This fund belongs to Ilya Eliseev, a classmate of Dmitry Medvedev. Usmanov commented on the piece of the investigation film relating to him, Aleksey Navalny, stating that the land was transferred as part of an exchange deal to another site intended for his sister.

    4. Gennady Timchenko

    Condition - 16 billion dollars.

    More recently, information appeared that Vladimir Putin's friend and the richest citizen of Finland Gennady Timchenko( he has Russian-Finnish citizenship) is building a manor in the elite village of Rublyovka. Its neighbors will be the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergey Shoigu and Senator Yuri Vorobyev. Timchenko belongs to the investment group Volga Group.

    3. Vladimir Lisin

    Capital - 16.1 billion dollars.

    Opens the top 3 richest businessmen in Russia, the owner of factories( Novolipetsk Steel), steamships( Okskaya Shipyard, part of the transport holding UCL) and not newspapers, but Radio Business FM.Also Vladimir Lisin is the owner of the sports and shooting complex "Fox Nora".In addition to his fortune, the businessman is known as one of the few billionaires who live happily ever after in marriage, without scandals and divorces. His wife Svetlana owns the chamber gallery of painting "Seasons" in Moscow. The couple brought up three children, but they know very little about them, Lisin prefers not to advertise his private life.

    2. Alexei Mordashov

    Condition - 17.5 billion dollars.

    Mordashov owns the steel and mining company Severstal, which, in turn, owns the Cherepovets Metallurgical Combine. This is the second largest steel plant in Russia. But the commercial interests of a 51-year-old businessman are not limited to steel and mining. It has shares and stakes in a number of large and prosperous companies such as European tourist concern TUI, bank Rossiya T2RTK Holding, gold mining company Nord Gold, etc.

    1. Leonid Mikhelson

    Capital - 18.4 billion dollars.

    For the second year in a row, Mikhelson's name is at the top of Forbes list of Russia's richest people. The current co-owner of the gas company Novatek and the chairman of the board of the petrochemical Sibur Holding started his work with the SMU foreman on the construction of the first line of the Urengoi-Chelyabinsk gas pipeline. The path from the superintendent to the leaders of the Russian rich people took 40 years. However, being at the top Leonid Mikhelson does not forget about ordinary people."Novatek" sponsors a class of gifted children in one of the Novokuibyshevsk schools, and also provides charitable assistance to the Museum of Fine Arts in Yekaterinburg.