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Country Russia;

Manufacturer Russia;

Productivity, msup3; / h None;

Consumed fan power, kW None;

Max power of the heater, kW None;

Max consumption installation power, kW None;

Protection class No;

Dust filter None;

Adsorption filter None;

Operating temperature, С None;

Maintaining the set temperature, C None;

Heater type No;

Control None;

Filters G4 interspersed with coal; two coal adsorption;

Noise level, dBA None;

Power supply, V No;

Dimensions HxWxD, mm None;

Weight, kg 1;

Warranty No;

Country Russia;

Manufacturer Russia;

Air flow msup3; h 850;

Pressure, Pa 550;

Remote control No;

Filter None;

Fan type EC;

Fan power, kW 0,107;

Max power, kW None;

Power supply, V 220 V;

Electricity connection 1 Phase;

Input noise level, dB None;

Output noise level, dB 30;

Mounting Indoors;

Protection class IP44;

type of instalation Horizontal;

Connection size 160;

Air valve Option;

Dimensions HxWxD, mm 314x550x392;

Weight, kg 32;

Warranty 2 years;

Width 550;

Height 314;

Depth 392;

Country Russia;

Manufacturer Russia;

Air flow msup3; h 850;

Consumed fan power, kW 0,23;

Max power of the heater, kW 7,5;

power, kWt None;

Protection class IP44;

Dust filter There is;

Adsorption filter None;

Pace. operation, C 30...+50;

Maintaining the set temp., C +10...+30;

Heater type Electric;

Control Electronic;

Filters Rough cleaning G4;

Noise level, dBA 30;

Power supply, V 380 V;

Dimensions HxWxD, mm 381x690x650;

Weight, kg 38;

Warranty 2 years;

Width 690;

Height 381;

Depth 650;