Top 5 Reasons for Refusing Banks in Credit

Banks entice people to take a loan, promising to give it without certificates and sureties. It's enough just to come to any branch of the bank and show your passport. How many hopes and plans collapsed when a credit specialist returned a passport with refusal. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to know that it's easy to give out a loan, the bank always needs guarantees that their money will be repaid properly and on time.

In order not to lose your time, standing in line at the bank, and eventually hearing a refusal, we suggest you read this article and determine for yourself whether the bank will give you a loan?


The main reasons for the banks' refusal in loans

  • 1. Insufficient level of wages
  • 2. Bad credit history
  • 3. Provision of knowingly false information
  • Other reasons for the
    • failure 4. Age of the borrower
    • 5. Lack of permanent registration
  • The main reasons for the failure of banksin loans to

    1. Insufficient level of wages

    Such a problem in our time is very relevant, especially when it comes to applying to mortgage banks. Advantageous mortgage is issued only after a thorough check of the client's solvency. Many employers, for their own benefit, pay their employees a so-called "gray" salary. That is, according to the documents a person receives a small amount, but "on his hands" he gets a much higher amount. But in the bank this can not be proved; all the documents will cover exactly that part of the salary that is indicated in your documents. That is, if, in the opinion of the bank, you are not in a position to repay the loan, then it will not give it to you. The only way out of this situation is to look for work with a completely white salary.

    2. Bad credit history

    The bank always checks whether a potential customer has borrowed a loan from his bank or not, and if so, how did he pay it off: in good faith, without missing a single payment, or was not a very good customer. If you are a member of this bank as a not very diligent client, then he will not give you a loan for a large amount. You can take a loan for a small amount and pay it off without delay, thereby showing that you can be a very responsible customer. But if you do not have time to prove to the bank your intentions to repay the loan, it is better to immediately apply to another bank. Although even in this case there is no guarantee of issuing a cherished loan to you, in fact practically all the most reliable banks of Russia hand over information about their customers to the so-called Credit History Bank, where later any bank can look at it.

    3. Provision of knowingly false information

    The presence of a criminal record, of course, will not make any banks happy, but trying to forge a certificate of a criminal record may lead to more unpleasant consequences than the absence of money from your bank in your hands. The same applies to certificates of wages.

    Other reasons for refusal

    4. Age of the borrower

    This is a very ambiguous reason for refusing to issue cash. Almost all banks dream of middle-aged customers with already established credit history( of course, good), a permanent job, an apartment and so on. But sometimes money can be needed for both the pensioner and the student, and their age does not mean that they will not be able to pay it. If you are in one of these groups, then you should just look for a bank that your age will not embarrass.

    5. Lack of permanent registration of

    Here we apply the same advice: look for banks that will react to your situation with loyalty.

    "Refusal of credit on an age basis, this is discrimination of the rights of a citizen of the Russian Federation. In this case, the client can apply to a lawyer specializing in credit disputes, - says Zaslon lawyer lawyer, Igolkin S. V. - However, in practice, it will be extremely difficult to win such a case. Counting is only for compensation for moral harm. Making the bank approve your loan - the court can not. "