Rating of the best fans for home

While spring does not spoil us with warm days, however, the time when the prices for fans for the house will creep up is not far off. In order not to overpay then it is better to buy a reliable savior from the heat in advance. We present to you top-10 of the best fans of the year 2017 .The models are selected by user rating and user reviews from Yandex. Market.


  • 10. Mystery MSF-2410
  • 9. Rolsen RSF-1650RT
  • 8. Scarlett SC-170
  • 7. Rolsen RSF-3106RT
  • 6. Mystery MSF-2415
  • 5. BORK P511
  • 4. Polaris PCF 15
  • 3. Mystery MSF-2407
  • 2. MITSUBISHI VT-1909 CH
  • 1. Mistery MSF-2410

    The price, on the average - 1777 rubles.

    Type - outdoor.

    Inexpensive and powerful fan without special frills. He does not have a remote control, like many other models in the rating, but this is a real air gun, and "neubivaemaya", even in the operating mode without stopping. However, for the strength of the blowing, you have to pay a raised noise, which some users complain about.

    9. Rolsen RSF-1650RT

    Control from the remote control.

    It is worth, on average - 2 241 rubles.

    Type - outdoor.

    If you were looking for a model with the ability to control from the remote, programmable running time and a swiveling casing, then the RSF-1650RT is quite an affordable and quality option. It has a round, but stable stand with rubber inside, 3 speeds of operation and 3 modes of operation: "night", "natural wind simulation" and "permanent".

    The drawback of is very strong even at the first speed.

    8. Scarlett SC-170

    It is worth, on average - 790 rubles.

    Type - desktop.

    The first, but not the last representative of desktop fans in our list of the best fans for the home. It has two variants of fastening - with the help of clothespins or on a stand, it is not heated during operation and if necessary the fan casing can be tilted.

    Cons: switch, the same speed switch( there are only 2) is located behind.

    7. Rolsen RSF-3106RT

    The most stylish.

    It is worth, on average - 4 299 rubles.

    Type - outdoor.

    This model attracts attention with its stylish and unusual design, thanks to which also takes up little space. The Rolsen RSF-3106RT has three independent fans, either of which can be turned on or off. There is a sleep timer. On the case of the fan there are touch buttons, and for the lazy ones there is also a remote control.

    Why should I carp: on the remote control there is no backlight.

    6. Mystery MSF-2415

    The price, on the average - 2 900 rbl.

    Type - outdoor.

    A good fan for the home with the possibility of tilting the case and programming the running time. He also has a remote control. There are day and night modes.

    Disadvantages: with the spinning of blades can hear the hum of the motor, even in the night mode.

    5. BORK P511

    The most expensive fan

    The average cost is 19,880 rubles.

    Type - outdoor.

    On the fifth line in our cooling selection there is an axial fan with powerful iron blades, 3 speeds of rotation and very high-quality blowing even of a large room. It is convenient to care for him, you just need to unscrew the cogs, on which the front part of the protective grill is kept and to wipe the dust from the blades with a damp rag.

    However, iron blades are much noisier than plastic ones, so sleeping with a working BORK P511 is problematic. And the price "bites".

    4. Polaris PCF 15

    Good inexpensive fan.

    Cost - 699 rubles.

    Type - desktop.

    Compact fan with the ability to turn and tilt the case. Works silently and, as indicated in one of the reviews, blows too much at the first speed. However, for someone this can only be a plus.

    Disadvantage of is an inconvenient speed switch located on the back of the fan.

    3. Mystery MSF-2407

    The popular model.

    Cost - 2 840 rubles.

    Type - outdoor.

    This fan has an interesting and safe design, which is very convenient for cooling rooms where small and curious children play. There is control from the console and the ability to turn the case. In addition, thanks to the design of the Mystery MSF-2407 - a very good option for a small apartment. Summer is over, you can push it into the corner and forget it until the next hot season.

    Disadvantages: The is noisier than a conventional fan blade.

    2. VITEK VT-1909 CH

    Good value for money.

    Price - 2 823 rub.

    Type - outdoor.

    Inexpensive model with tilt and swivel functions, as well as a timer that will turn off the fan after a preset time( in this case - 7.5 hours).There is a remote control, so that you can adjust the fan without getting out of bed or chair. The device does not creak, do not jar or shake.

    Disadvantage of is a short 2 meter cord.

    1. Stadler Form Q Fan Q-011 / Q-012 / Q-014

    The most powerful and quiet.

    Price - 15 990 rub.

    Type - outdoor.

    The first place in the ranking of the best fans for the home is a powerful axial fan with an unusual design. It will fit perfectly into any interior in high-tech style. According to the feedback of users at the first speed the fan blows like a light breeze, but on the third - like a hurricane. At the same time at the first speed the device works very quietly, which will be appreciated by people with young children.

    The disadvantage of is one - the price.