Rating of gas stoves with a gas oven in 2016

Rating of the best gas stoves with a gas oven is made taking into account the feedback, popularity and ranking of models among buyers on the Yandex. Market website and will give a confident answer to the question: "Which gas stove is better in quality".


  • 10. Hansa FCGW51020
  • 9. Gorenje G 51103 AX
  • 8. GEFEST 1200C
  • 7. GEFEST 5100-02
  • 6. DEFINA AS GM521 001 W
  • 5. GEFEST 1500
  • 4. GEFEST 6100-04
  • 3.Gorenje GI 52329 AX
  • 2. GEFEST 3200-06
  • 1. DARINA 1D1 GM241 018 W

10. Hansa FCGW51020

Average price: 15 300 rubles.

Opens the rating of gas stoves with a gas oven in 2016, an inexpensive model produced in Poland. Among the amenities: avtopodigig burners, quick warm-up and thermostat in the oven. You can also take out the inner glass in the oven and wash it separately.

Less: no auto ignition of the oven.

9. Gorenje G 51103 AX

Average price: 28 500 rubles.

Convenient grille of the hob will allow to put on the fire even small-diameter dishes. There is a thermostat in the oven, auto ignition and burners, and ovens. The extracted bottom of the oven will make it easier to keep it clean.

Less: With the oven running, the whole plate is heated.

8. GEFEST 1200C

Average price: 13 000 rubles.

Inexpensive plate of Belarusian production, large enough - 60 by 60 cm and oven with a capacity of 65 liters. Classic design, coating - white enamel, judging by the reviews, very resistant. Powerful burners( fast-burning torch - 3.05 W, imported analogues - 2.6 W), electric ignition, oven thermostat, gas grill.

Minus: there is no gas control on the hob.

7. GEFEST 5100-02

Average price: 15 500 rubles.

A slightly more expensive version of the previous model slightly smaller( 50 by 58) sizes. From the differences: there is an audio timer. And a great oven without fuss with baking.

Less: the timer can be set for no more than 20 minutes.

6. DARINA AS GM521 001 W

Average price: 6 500 rubles.

The cheapest in the rating two-burner gas cooker made in Russia with an unexpectedly large oven of 45 liters capacity.

Minus: Gas control works very well, so it takes a long time to hold the buttons. No auto ignition.

5. GEFEST 1500

Average price: 19 000 rubles.

The fifth place in the rating of gas stoves with a gas oven is GEFEST 1500. It has a cute and unusual design: the side panels and the working surface( tempered glass) are marbled. Large oven( 65 liters), timer, thermostat, electric ignition and burners, and ovens, grill, spit, lighting in the oven.

4. GEFEST 6100-04

Average price: 19 900 rubles.

In addition to the standard set for Belarusian plates, the model 6100-04 has a display, a separate timer with programming of each burner separately, a shish kebab( in addition to the spit), a gas grill-top at the oven.

Disadvantages: only one baking tray included.

3. Gorenje GI 52329 AX

Average price: 34 000 rubles.

Stainless steel cover, cast iron grilles, large bottom drawer for dishes, several different baking trays complete, display, timer, excellent oven with temperature control, lighting and good thermal insulation. Handles for inclusion without cracks, where dirt could get clogged.

Less: ignition is not permanent, but discrete, so you need to adapt to it.

2. GEFEST 3200-06

Average price: 10 600 rubles.

And in second place in the top 10 gas stoves with a gas oven is a simple, reliable and durable model. Serious malfunctions are rare, but if something happens, then spare parts are everywhere and they are cheap. Electro-ignition is mechanical, so that the plate almost does not need electricity. Convenient trifle: adjustable legs.

Less: No auto ignition of the oven, burners of the same size. And the stove is small - 44 liters.

1. DARINA 1D1 GM241 018 W

Average price: 12 300 rubles.

Which gas stove should I buy? The responses of 2016 to Ya. Market give an answer to this question. The title of the best gas cooker with a gas oven gets a plate from the Russian manufacturer - DARINA 1D1 GM241 018 W, recognized by visitors as the best in price / quality ratio. The cooker has a burner auto-ignition, a grill, and an oven lighting. All four burners have a special economical mode. The removable door makes it easier to clean the oven.

Less: when using the oven, the cooker gets very hot. In the oven electric ignition is not provided.