Rating of the 10 best electric lawnmowers of 2017

An electric lawnmower is a necessary item in the household of any summer house owner or a house owner with its own plot. Such lawn mowers do not poison the atmosphere with harmful emissions, like gasoline models. They are not too noisy, they rarely break down and are very convenient to maintain - just turn on the machine and it's ready to work. We present to you rating of the best electric lawn mowers of 2017 , selected by rating and reviews from Yandex. Market.

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  • 10. DDE LME4318
  • 9. AL-KO 112547 Silver 34 E Comfort
  • 8. Huter ELM-1100
  • 7. Bosom ARM 37( 0.600.8A6.201)
  • 6. Robomow RC302
  • 5. Robomow RC306
  • 4. Robomow RS612
  • 3. Robomow RS622
  • 2. DDE LME3110
  • 1. GARDENA PowerMax 34E

10. DDE LME4318

  • The price, on the average - 9 560 rub.
  • Cutting width - 43 cm.
  • Cutting height - 25-85 mm.

Opens the top 10 most popular electric lawnmowers for country plots a very light 12.5-kilogram mower with a huge 50-liter grass picker. Another advantage of this model is a foldable handle with adjustable height.

Cons: You can not put a mulching knife.

9. AL-KO 112547 Silver 34 E Comfort

  • The price, on the average - 9 390 rbl.
  • Cutting width - 34 cm.
  • Cutting height - 26-68 mm.

A lightweight( 15 kg) wheeled electric lawn mower with a 37-liter grass picker and a 6-level adjustment of the mowing height. When working hard not to make noise, maneuver it easily, and collect even easier, as they say in one of the reviews, a 10-year-old child coped with this task for half an hour.

Disadvantages: the travosbornik is quickly killed.

8. Huter ELM-1100

  • The average price is 4 010 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 34 cm.
  • Cutting height - 28-60 mm.

The most inexpensive lawnmower on our list. She has a stylish black and gold case, a small 28-liter grass picker and 3 levels of height adjustment for mowing. This model works very quietly and will not wake up any neighbors or sleepers in your family's home, if you decide in the morning to straighten the lawn.

Disadvantages: there is no mulching function and the possibility of installing the corresponding nozzle.

7. Bosch ARM 37( 0.600.8A6.201)

  • The average cost is 9,390 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 37 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-70 mm.

Good wheeled electric lawn mower with a capacious 40-liter grass collector, easy handling, smooth mowing and powerful enough to handle even small bushes.

Disadvantages: there is no holder for the extension cord.

6. Robomow RC302

  • The average cost is 70,074 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 28 cm.
  • Cutting height - 15-60 mm.

Ideal for processing plots of 200 m².This robotic model holds the charge for a long time( about 2 hours) and copes well with the mowing of grass, even located in difficult areas( along the fence and along the edges).However, there is no base station in the delivery set, so it is necessary to buy it separately. Otherwise, the lawn mower can not cope with the plot of more than 25 hectare.

5. Robomow RC306

  • The average cost is 79,990 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 28 cm.
  • Cutting height - 15-60 mm.

From the younger version is characterized by an increased treated area - 600 m² and a higher cost.

4. Robomow RS612

  • Average price is 119 990 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 56 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-80 mm.

Powerful and silent robot lawnmower with great possibilities. Can mow grass on a plot of up to 1200 m², has 27 levels of height adjustment of mowing, allows you to install a mulching nozzle and supports control from mobile devices with iOS and Android. There is protection against theft and child lock. Every 1.5 hours, an intelligent lawn mower will automatically go for recharging. The unit handles this section very carefully, and has the only drawback - a high price.

3. Robomow RS622

  • The average price is 136 990 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 56 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-80 mm.

From the 4-position model, this robotic lawnmower features an increased mowing area( 2200 m²) and a slightly more capacious battery( 4.5 Ah versus 4 Ah from Robomow RS612).If you have a large plot, this lawn mower will be preferable, but the price is higher.

And for the processing of very large areas( 3000 m²) you can buy the model RS630.Its cost is from 165 990 rubles and more.

2. DDE LME3110

  • The average price is 4 790 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 31 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-60 mm.

Weigh this lawnmower only 6.5 kg, which means that even a teenager can easily manage it. It is very convenient for her to mow the grass in small and difficult to access areas for large gasoline or electric lawnmowers.

The grass catcher is small - 26 liters, so the lawnmower is suitable for small areas.

1. GARDENA PowerMax 34E

  • Average price - 12 799 rub.
  • Cutting width - 34 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-60 mm.

The first place in the list of the best for the price and quality of lawn mowers gets a wheeled, maneuverable, quiet and easy-to-manage model. The user can adjust the mowing height, and a 40-liter grass catcher is easily attached to the lawn mower. This device is optimal for areas with grass not higher than 10 - 15 centimeters.

It was not without drawbacks: the complete set does not have a long electric wire and in the tall grass( more than 15 cm) the knife bogs down