The most popular varieties of moonshine

Most of the elite alcoholic beverages are moonshine, which is simply insisted in different ways. Depending on the ingredients and manufacturing techniques, different kinds of whiskey, cognac and stronger liquors are obtained. All this can be done at home, where you will know for sure that there are no dyes and dangerous substances in alcohol. For these purposes, it is enough to buy a small home-made device.


  • Which moonshine machine to choose?
  • Popular models of moonshifts
    • Phoenix
    • Magarych
    • Kind glow
    • Finland
  • Features of modern models

What is the moonshine machine to choose?

The modern market is ready to offer the average consumer a huge assortment of moonshine machines. They differ in the manufacturer, in volume, in cost, in the principles of operation and in the quality of the output. When choosing such equipment you need to rely only on personal requirements for alcohol.

Popular models of moonshifts


This is a whole line, which produces the manufacturer of the same name. All models are distinguished by a classic design and design. The average phonetic home-made apparatus Phoenix is ​​made of stainless steel by means of argon welding. The thickness of steel depends on the model and usually ranges between 1-2.5 mm. The devices of this line are as easy to handle and suitable for all types of plates. The devices include a classical cooling system: a coil for 4-5 turns or dimroth.


Brand with a wide range of captured in the market in 2010-2011.It is distinguished by its low cost due to huge production volumes. Magarich brand products are often used as gifts, because they look very presentable.

Kind glow

Models of this manufacturer are characterized by a thick and durable casing. On the one hand, this increases the reliability of the device, and on the other increases its cost and complicates the transportation.


In production, the company uses the famous Finnish technologies, thanks to which the final product is of a very high quality. The body of the distillation vessel is made of food grade steel. You can buy a homeowner Finland with a different capacity of the tank. A bimetallic thermometer is responsible for the accuracy of the distillation. Modern models of the brand are very convenient to operate. Thanks to the dismountable dry-cellar, they are easy to transport and store.

Features of modern models

In the market it is easy to find old home-made devices that can be bought for a very low price. But for this you will have to pay with impracticality, cumbersomeness, poor quality of the output product and obsolete technologies.

Almost all modern equipment for brewing is produced with removable dry-cells. They are responsible for cleaning alcohol from fusel oil. Also they can be used for aromatization of bergs. There are models that do not need dryers. These are column-type devices that operate on the principle of rectification purification.