Rating of popular cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Modern technologies allow you to make tablets of high-quality materials. However, in the process of exploitation, they are still subject to various impacts, which are not calculated at all. Dropping from a height, accidental impact on a hard surface, spilled coffee or juice can have undesirable consequences for the tablet. Of course, the scratch spoils the whole appearance, but spilled liquid can completely disable it.

It is for such protection of the tablet that the cover is designed. It will be able to protect against the effects of bumps, scratches, falls, and also on getting liquid. He pushed me to write this rating, a huge assortment of covers for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which is also quite diverse: leather, plastic, silicone, with metal elements and even fur. The choice, of course, is purely individual, but there are models that are very popular.

The most popular - a cover-stand, rotating 360 degrees. It can be placed at any angle for easy viewing of photos and videos, it is not difficult to access the keyboard and camera. The next model is a case-folder, which has additional pockets for business cards and plastic cards. Silicone case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has strong anti-shock parameters, does not weight the tablet, with non-sliding texture surface.

Of course, the most functional is the keyboard case from Logitech. It combines protective properties due to waterproof material and eliminates one of the most global drawbacks of tablets - an uncomfortable visual keyboard.

Also attract attention soft covers for tablets, which are very convenient to transport. They are made from different materials and individualize each gadget. A soft inner surface compensates for dynamic impacts while moving, protecting the tablet from damage. The carrying bag is very convenient to transport, it is self-contained and perfectly protects the tablet, and also contains additional departments for business cards, plastic cards and small money. In some models there are niches for the stylus and pens.

So, the palm of excellence among accessories for tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab firmly hold rotating cover-holders. Next to them are case-books and such varieties as folders. Close the top five leaders covers with a keyboard and soft accessories. These are already independent functional accessories, which, although they are a complement, carry out many functions that facilitate the use of any of the modern devices.