Rating of notebook manufacturers, the best brands of 2016

When choosing a laptop, buyers look not only at its technical parameters and price, but also on the manufacturer. Therefore, the LaptopMag resource, dedicated to reviews of smartphones, tablets and laptops, annually evaluates the world's "notebook" brands and makes rating of notebook manufacturers .

When compiling the list, site experts used a 100-point scale, divided into several categories: user reviews( 30 points maximum), technical support( 20 points maximum), design( up to 15 points), laptop warranty( up to 5 points), pre-installed qualityPO( up to 5 points), the general model range( up to 15 points), innovativeness( up to 10 points).

Here are the top 10 best brands that make laptops.


  • 10. Toshiba
  • 9. Samsung
  • 8. Acer
  • 7. Microsoft
  • 6. HP
  • 5. MSI
  • 4. Lenovo
  • 3. Asus
  • 2. Dell
  • 1. Apple

10. Toshiba

Total score- 58.

Takes the last place for the second time since 2013.This is due to the poor quality of laptops, weak technical support and mediocre design. To fill the barrel of tar, LaptopMag added that Toshiba forces users to pay for shipping when returning low-quality products and downloads too many unwanted programs.

9. Samsung

Overall score is 60.

Although the company released several thin and lightweight notebooks such as Ativ Book 9 and Book 9 Plus, its products did not compete with other laptops with more "long-playing" batteries, and the design does not pretend to berave reviews. But Samsung offers good technical support over the phone.

8. Acer

Total score - 67.

In 2016, the brand rose from last place to the eighth place, mainly due to the weakness of its competitors, as innovations and technical support do not belong to the strengths of Acer products. Most new brand laptops were rated as good, but not outstanding.

7. Microsoft

Total score is 71.

The company is known for its innovative products, such as the Surface Book laptop, running twice as fast as the MacBook Pro( as the manufacturer assures).Nevertheless, Microsoft has an alarming tendency to produce "raw" products, as it was with an uncomfortable touchpad on the surface of the Surface Book. And the brand products are expensive compared to competitors.

6. HP

Total score - 73.

This year the brand "fell" immediately two places down, as in 2015 it released a number of unsuccessful models that suffered from a short battery life, including Specter x2 2-in-1, Envy 13t and EliteBook 745 G3.In this case, the X360 13t Specter was one of the best laptop transformers of last year.

5. MSI

Total score is 75.

The MSI notebook line( mostly game models) is equipped with new and intriguing features, such as mechanical keyboards and sensors that track eye movements. The company's devices have attractive design and performance, but users have to bear the costs of delivering defective laptops to the manufacturer.

4. Lenovo

Total score - 77.

Lenovo makes one of the best laptops in the world, but it also has unsuccessful models. The latter in the opinion of the edition of LaptopMag is LaVie Z, which weighs 0.45 kg, but is equipped with a terrible keyboard. However, weak telephone support of the company did not allow her to enter the top-3.

3. Asus

Overall score is 81.

The company has entered the top of the list with high-quality notebooks, such as the Asus Zenbook UX305.They provided the Taiwanese manufacturer with the third place in the category "reviews".

2. Dell

Total score - 82.

For the second consecutive year, Dell is the best supplier of laptops and number two overall, because of its excellent line of notebooks and a useful warranty. The company offers the widest range of notebooks, from low-cost to high-performance gaming.

1. Apple

Total score - 83.

Still the first among brands that produce laptops. He's been in the lead for the seventh consecutive year, thanks to a combination of best-in-class notebooks and industry-leading technical support. The company from Cupertino, California, also received top marks for powerful pre-installed programs and convenient warranty options. A defective laptop can be sent either by mail( shipping costs are borne by Apple), or brought to the store for warranty service.