Top 10 Best Comedies of 2013-2014

The list of the best comedies 2013-2014 гг.will allow you to enjoy films that look easy, allow you to have a relaxed time, make you smile and laugh, and certainly raise your spirits. Presented comedies certainly will not leave indifferent fans of the genre, as well as everyone who wants to cheer up.

By the way, good comedies today are extremely in demand also thanks to the fact that they can harmoniously combine several popular genres: action movie, parody movie, romantic, fantastic, etc. Such a variety allows you to attract various age categories of viewers to the comedy view, in which you will be able to see a list of the best comedies of 2013-2014.



  • Released: 09/05/2013
  • Budget: $ 20 million

The main character( Gary King), decides to recall his youth and collects five best friends-bespredelschikov to again arrange a party in the club, for which he chooses an institution with the appropriate name -the title is "The End of the World".The party was going according to plan, but suddenly friends understand that they faced a difficult task - to save humanity.


Salvation of Mr. Banks

  • Released: 10/20/2013
  • Budget: $ 35 million

Beautiful comedy tape featuring megastars E. Thompson, T. Hanks and K. Farella. Once the great U. Desnei gives his daughters a promise to film in the form of a cartoon film their favorite fairy tale "Mary Poppins".Gently giving a word, Disney did not think what problems can arise with the acquisition of copyright. ...After 20 years of vain negotiations, the obstinate Englishwoman, who is the author of the masterpiece, comes to Hollywood, and Disney needs to find an effective approach to it at all costs.


In sport, only girls

  • Released: 06.02.2014
  • Budget: $ 4 million

Three snowboarding friends are on the blacklist with one not at all benevolent criminal authority. Now they have only one way out - to seamlessly join the Olympic women's team for snowboarding.


Scam in American way

  • Released: 13.02.2014
  • Budget: $ 40 million

A fascinating comedy will tell about the life of swindlers 60-70 years.the last century, which fall under the "hood" of the FBI.Now they have to dance to the tune of the feds, but they do not stop witty intrigues. The film is based on real events and looks at one go, and the main character was nominated for an Oscar.



  • Released: 20/03/2014
  • Budget: $ 4 million

Two main characters from childhood dream of becoming a pilot and actor. Their dream comes true - the guys are invited to shoot a picture in which one of the bottoms is to fly a helicopter, and the second to play a role. However, the dream collapses at the very beginning: the heroes are destroying the helicopter, and now they do not have much time to repair the damage caused to the influential owner of the aircraft


Mad Patrol

  • Released: 04/10/2014
  • Budget: $ 25 million

The unlucky guard Ben, who is very fond of chatting, falls in love with Angela, and after a while makes an offer to her. It seemed that the happiness of lovers could not be prevented, but suddenly there was an insurmountable obstacle in the form of the brother of Angela - a steep cop who did not want to give his sister for the usual chatterbox. To get permission for the wedding, Ben has to spend a day on police duty. ...


Bachelor Party in Vegas 3

  • Released: 23/03/2013
  • Budget: $ 103 million

In the list of the best comedies 2013 2014.and the last( on the assurances of the creators) part of the popular trilogy, which will tell about new adventures of extravagant friends, also entered. As always, there will be no failures in memory, the ubiquitous Chinese criminal authority, vulgar jokes, and a lot of comic situations.


Classmates 2

  • Released: 07/11/2013
  • Budget: $ 80 million

Great comedy, great humor. For sure, many consider this film one of best comedies 2013 year. The main character moves with his family to the city of his childhood. At the same time, there is a sad event - a famous local coach of the local basketball team dies, who once led the guys to great success. At the funeral, there are five former classmates who, despite their age in the soul, have remained the same lovers of adventure and adrenaline. However, now they are joined by their kids. ..


Macho and Botan 2

  • Released: 07/03/2014
  • Budget: $ 50 million

The cops who have fallen in love with the audience are returning: now they have to uncover the insidious plot, for which to learn again in college. Again, two brave officers fall into an uncharacteristic habitat, which makes them discover each other and in themselves new qualities. .


Night at the Museum 3

  • Released: 12/24/2014
  • Budget: $ 40 million

Completes the listtop 10 of the best comedies 2013-2014.the third part of the popular picture, which, even though it will appear at the box office only at the end of the year, most critics are predicting a dizzying success.

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