Rating of manufacturers of sports nutrition

Sports nutrition allows you to extract the maximum effect from training. The so-called gainers help to accelerate the collection of muscle mass and maintain the optimal shape.

Today we present the rating of sports nutrition manufacturers , which includes brands that offer the the most efficient .


  • 10. Ironman
  • 9. Weider
  • 8. Dymatize Nutrition
  • 7. Power System
  • 6. Twinlab
  • 5. SAN
  • 4. Ultimate Nutrition
  • 3. BSN
  • 2. Optimum Nutrition
  • 1. Multipower

10.Russian sports nutrition is opening the rating. It is distinguished by a democratic price with good quality. The Ironman geyer in the packaging of 2,800 g costs about 1,400 rubles, which makes it very popular among Russian athletes.

9. Weider

In addition to high quality and efficiency, Weider's range of sports nutrition is characterized by an abundance of flavors, which allows a pleasant variety in the diet. Among the shortcomings of the line - the lack of special products for beginners.

8. Dymatize Nutrition

A wide range of products satisfies all the basic needs of athletes. Among the shortcomings of athletes are low taste and poor solubility of sports nutrition.

7. Power System

Over 90% of athletes who use brand products have not experienced any side effects from the gastrointestinal tract. Power System Gainers are affordable at around 1,500 rubles per 2,000.

6. Twinlab

In the line of this brand, you can find special sports nutrition for beginners, as well as for those athletes who suffer from allergic reactions. The products are focused mainly on the mass fitness segment and can be characterized as "light".

5. SAN

The manufacturer pays special attention to the support of joints, adding to its products a special "make-up".The only drawback is the low prevalence of SAN.However, this, in turn, protects against fakes.

4. Ultimate Nutrition

The brand offers a wide range of sports nutrition. Among the products there is a rare pure whey protein. The products are not only well absorbed, but also have excellent taste.

3. BSN

The best manufacturers of sports nutrition are developing the line, taking into account the personal rating of the athlete. It is these types of keyboards that BSN offers. Taking into account the highest quality of food, the price for it is considered moderate - for 2 610 g of the geyner about 2,500 rubles.

2. Optimum Nutrition

Manufacturer produces a wide range of sports nutrition. The American brand is one of the most popular in the industry. The price of products is rather moderate. Gainer in the packaging of 2 727 g costs about 1,700 rubles.

1. Multipower

The tops the sports nutrition efficiency rating of the German brand, which produces complex series for athlete nutrition. The manufacturer pays special attention to the female sex, the Multipower gainers not only promote the optimal set of muscle mass, but also balance the hormonal background. The main disadvantage of the products is the relative high cost. So, the geyner in the packaging of 3,000 g costs about 2,200 rubles.