Ulefone smartphone review - Top 5 models up to $ 180

Little is known about the Chinese company Ulefone to the ordinary Russian consumer - the company was founded in 2006, and its own products were launched only two years ago. The choice so far relatively poor - the product line has only a few models of smartphones.

In the Russian Federation the company does not have an official representative, but those who wish can use the services of online stores, such as Gearbest.com.

Although the reputation of Chinese products is not the best, Ulefone products favorably differ from many nameless fakes. These are reliable and workable smartphones at an affordable price. Overview of five models of Ulefone in the price range from 105 to 180 dollars is attached.


  • Ulefone Paris, $ 115.99 Ulefone Paris, $ 115.99

Ulefone Paris, $ 115.99

This is a small( 114.5 x 71.1) device with an eleganta laconic design with a thickness of only 8 mm. The device will be delivered in the classical scale - a black and white version of the case. The buyer, who is more or less familiar with the smartphone market, immediately recognizes familiar lines - Ulefone Paris is almost a full copy of the iPhone 6. Unfortunately, for the grace of the sideline, there is something to sacrifice, so the battery capacity is not particularly large - 2250 mAh.

Display: diagonal 5 inches, resolution 1280 at 720, although not the most brilliant, but quite workable. The viewing angles are good, as are the brightness and color rendition.

Cameras: main 13 megapixels, front 5 mp, autofocus and flash.

Processor: MTC 6753, 8 cores, 1.3 GHz clock speed - one of the most successful smartphones on the market;Its performance is enough for games, watching movies, various applications.

RAM - 2 GB, built-in - 16 GB( or up to 32 GB with a memory card).

Conclusion: is stylish and elegant( albeit copied, but who cares?) Design and a good and balanced range of possibilities. Unless after the charge indicator it is necessary to watch more attentively.

Ulefone Paris X, $ 119.99

It would seem that the new version of the well-known model should be more technically perfect, but the Chinese manufacturers went their own way - they simplified Ulefone Paris, at the same time slightly lowering the price.

What will change: processor MTK6753 will replace MTK6735.

The main camera will receive a resolution of 8 mp instead of the 13 Mp resolution( although the manufacturer claims that this will not negatively affect the quality of the images).

3D accelerator Mali-T720 will be the same, but the clock frequency will drop by 0.3 GHz - 1 GHz instead of the former 1.3 GHz.

Battery capacity - 2250 mAh.

Conclusion: for those who like Ulefone Paris, but at the same time want a device cheaper.

Ulefone Be Pro 2, $ 119.99

This improved version of Ulefone Be Pro appeared on the market just two months ago. From the first generation, the smartphone inherited a screen of 5.5 inches and HD resolution, but it got something new: the

Processor MediaTek MT6735( instead of 6732) and switched to a more modern version of Android.

Memory standard - 2 GB operative, 16 GB built-in( or up to 128 GB with a memory card).

Audio processor Bes Smart second generation provides a clean and deep sound( the manufacturer claims that the sound performance has increased by 13%).

Battery capacity in 2600 mAh remained the same - a smartphone will withstand 12 hours of continuous operation of Wi-Fi and browsing the Internet, or round-the-clock conversations.

Supplied in dark blue, white and black case versions.

Conclusion: compared with the previous model, this slightly more efficient and balanced in terms of power consumption. However, I still would like more battery capacity.

Ulefone Be Touch 3, $ 149.99

This is the third generation of the flagship line Be Touch, Chinese manufacturers have decided to test for Russian customers specifically for frost resistance - they wrapped the smartphone in plastic wrap, put it in a container of water and put it in the freezer. They got it out in five hours. The phone received calls even when it was embedded in ice, and after defrosting it kept working capacity.

Seriously, here are the main differences of the new model from the previous ones - the first and the second.

Instead of the MediaTek MT6752 processor, the MT6753( 1.3 GHz frequency) has become, which seems to be newer, but it comes bundled with the Mali-T720 3D accelerator, which is still less productive than the predecessor's stuffing.

Otherwise, there is almost no difference - a display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

3 GB of operating and 16 GB of built-in.

Battery capacity 2550 mAh, two cameras in 13 and 5 megapixels.

Conclusion: if you need work with particularly complex applications or 3D games, then it's better to pay attention to previous models.

Ulefone Power, $ 179.99

Finally, Ulefone responded to the aspirations of users and released a new smartphone with mega-accumulator capacity of 6050 mAh. Manufacturers argue that the device is able to work up to 4 days without additional recharging. In this case, the quick charge function Pump Express Plus allows you to fully charge your phone in just a couple of hours. In addition, if a friend or girlfriend has discharged their iPhone 6, this titan will charge it without the slightest effort, spending only 40% of its own energy.

Otherwise, Ulefone Power is equipped with the same set of other Ulefone smartphones from the more expensive segment: the

  • with a 5.5-inch display, 1920x1080 resolution,
  • 64-bit processor MTK 6753,
  • 3GB operating system and 16GB internal memory,
  • cameras in 13 and 5 megapixels.

Of the new - infrared sensor and fingerprint scanner. For strength in the case, a stainless steel frame is mounted. Color solutions: white, blue and back panel for wood.

Conclusion: is a powerful smartphone on which you can do everything - and do it for a long time. But the price is higher.