Rating of the best cameraphones( smartphones with a good camera) for 2017.Top 10

Smartphones with a very good camera and special photographic functions are usually called camera phones. The level of photo and video of camera phones is growing every year and is gradually approaching the level of professional digital photo and video cameras. There are also cases of direct cooperation of manufacturers of professional photo and video equipment with manufacturers of smartphone cameras. For example, the leading Chinese manufacturer of smartphones Huawei in the development of the new flagship P10, presented in late February 2017, collaborated with the famous German camera company Leica and no less famous American manufacturer of GoPro video cameras.

This ranking will feature the best cameraphones for the summer of 2017.When ranking positions in the ranking, comparative tests of smartphone cameras from such resources as dxomark.com, hi-tech.mail.ru were taken into account. Both professional reviews and blind camera comparisons were taken into account( when ordinary people compare photos taken by different models of phones without knowing which photo was taken by this or that device).In this case, the advantage is given to professional assessments, becauseonly they can evaluate the correspondence of the photograph to the original, and the outside viewer is often inclined to give priority to bright colors and great contrast, which can not always correspond to reality.

Many people will look for the 7th iPhone in the rating, but you should immediately disappoint them: of the seventh iPhone is not in the rating, becauseand professional reviews, and blind tests show that in 2017 Apple's flagship camera is inferior to at least a dozen smartphones on the Android .For example, in the Dxomark rating the camera of the 7th iPhone divides the 12th place with the 2015 model Samsung S6 Edge. Already on the basis of this fact you can understand that the quality of the cameras Apple lags behind Samsung for 2 years. Blind tests also show that the camera of the 7th iPhone in 2017 does not stand competition. In the hi-tech.mail.ru portal conducted in April 2017, the blind test of the flagship cameras of the seventh iPhone took the penultimate place. The editorial staff of the portal agreed with the opinion of its readers: "The yellowish and dark photos from the iPhone 7 Plus were not liked by many people, the camera suffers from incorrect white balance determination, which influenced the result." The pictures have good detail and sharpness( except text), but before the flagshipsAndroid is already out of reach. "

10 place.

LG G6 64GB

The average price is 42,300 rubles. The Korean flagship went on sale in late March 2017 and today received 76% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market.

LG G6 follows the trend of the dual main camera, but offers, probably, the best solution of all available. If usually the main cameras are not the same in quality, and the second main camera is needed only to simulate the software effect of strong blurring of the background( bokeh), LG G6 developers in general have abandoned this effect. Here, both main cameras are of equal quality( 13 megapixel Sony IMX258 sensor), but they have different lenses: one standard with a 71 ° viewing angle and the other is ultra-wide with a viewing angle of 125 ° and a f / 2.4 aperture number. Due to this, the lens is able to capture as much space as possible in the frame where it is needed. Switching between two cameras occurs instantly and without delays. To do this, just click on the special icon in the viewfinder.

LG G6 took part in two blind tests conducted among readers of hitech.mail.ru in 2017.In the April test, the Korean flagship took the third place after Huawei P10 and Samsung Galaxy S8.The editorial office of the portal in the professional evaluation also gave LG G6 a bronze, and the first two places were occupied by Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8.In the June blind test LG G6 again took the third place, this time after Honor 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S8.The editorial team gave the first place to Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG G6 shared the second place with HTC U11 and Honor 8 Pro.

The 5-megapixel front camera also has an enlarged( up to 100 °) viewing angle, which allows you to do selfies with a good grip of the surrounding space even without the use of a selfie stick. Also this will allow you to get into the frame of more friends in a group self.

Like Samsung, LG showed the world a much-updated flagship, compared with last year's G5.From the startling modularity of the G5, the South Korean company decided to refuse, while offering a new interesting solution: the screen in the LG G6 is the world's first IPS display with QHD + resolution( 2880x1440) with a non-standard aspect ratio of 18: 9( 2: 1).The ratio of the screen to the total area of ​​the front panel is almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the LG G6 case with 5.7-inch screen has dimensions smaller than last year's 5.3-inch G5.In this case, LG did not remove the brand name from the front panel, for it there was a place. The buttons on the front panel, like the Galaxy S8, are touch sensitive, not physical.

Other characteristics: Android 7.0 operating system with the proprietary shell of LG UX 6.0, 64 GB of permanent and 4 GB of RAM.There is a slot for memory cards with the support of a fantastic volume - 2 TB( combined with a slot for the second SIM-card).The capacity of the battery is 3300 mAh. The processor is quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. At first glance, it's surprising that the processor is not the newest, but it does not cope with any applications and games for Android that are available today, so, apparently, LG did not consider it necessary to reinvent the wheeland increase the cost of its flagship the newest processor. The fingerprint reader is located on the back panel.

The editorial board of the 4PDA portal awarded the LG G6 the "Best Look" award for its excellent design and ergonomics, while noting: "LG engineers have made one of the most user-friendly smartphones with a large display that combines aesthetics and certifiedexternal influences design. "

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9 place.

Honor 8 Pro 6GB / 64GB

Average price in Russia - 34 000 rubles. Buy Huawei Honor 8 Pro 64Gb on AliExpress can be for 27.2 thousand rubles( shipping to Russia is free).When buying in China, you should pay attention to different model names in different markets: in China it's Honor V9, and in Russia and Europe the same model is sold as Honor 8 Pro.

The new flagship sub-brand Huawei went on sale in April 2017.For today the model has typed 57% of fives on responses in the Yandex-Market.

Technical characteristics of the model: 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, Android 7.0 operating system, 64 GB permanent and 6 GB RAM, support for two SIM cards, a second SIM card slot is combined with a memory card slot up to 128 GB.Battery capacity 4000 mAh. The battery life in talk mode is 16 hours, in game mode 3 hours 15 minutes, in video playback mode 6 hours 45 minutes, in standby mode 453 hours. As we see, despite the impressive capacity of the battery, the huge screen plays a role, discharging much faster than with the standard screen sizes. So long-playing this smartphone is not called. Eight-core processor Kirin 960 of its own design with graphics accelerator Mali-G71 MP8.Fingerprint reader on the back panel.

Unlike Huawei P9 or Huawei P10, the flagship of the Honor family does not have the Leica logo, but it also uses a combination of two sensors: monochrome, capturing information about light, and color RGB.The resolution of color is 12 mp, monochrome also 12 mp. Dual LED flash, laser focusing and focusing by phase comparison. Diaphragm f / 2.2.The front camera has a sensor of 8 mp.

The hi-tech.mail.ru portal in June 2017 conducted a comparative test of the cameras of 7 flagship smartphones of 2017, as well as a professional SLR camera Canon 5D Mark II. Following the results of blind tests, Honor 8 Pro won, it beat the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus runner-up. Next are LG G6, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom, Canon 5D Mark II, HTC U11, and Xiaomi Mi 6 in the last place. The editorial hi-tech.mail.ru put the Honor 8 Pro camera in second place( which he shared with the HTC U11 and LG G6), the first to give the flagship of Samsung. Such an impressive result Honor 8 Pro says that fans of mobile photography can not hesitate to take this model. And not only them, tk.as much as 6 GB of RAM and a new processor guarantee excellent performance, which is useful for fans of heavy mobile games.

8 place.

Sony Xperia XZ

The average price is 37 190 rubles. The flagship Sony, released in the autumn of 2016 and intended to connect the two families of the Japanese manufacturer - X and Z, scored 62% of fives in reviews in the Yandex-Market.

Dxomark specialists put this model on the same scores as Huawei P10, while Xperia XZ lost 1 point to the flagship of the X-Xperia X Performance family, although in fact the cameras on both models are almost identical: it uses the same 23-megapixel sensor size 1/ 2,3, as on the Xperia X or X Performance, and the same optics with a relative aperture of ƒ / 2.0.The camera received an additional infrared sensor that reads information about the color of objects in the frame, which should influence the more accurate determination of the white balance even when shooting with complex lighting. Another innovation is the built-in laser, which helps contrast autofocus with the definition of the distance to the object. Taking into account the use of phase sensors on the matrix and predicative motion detection system in XZ, some unthinkable focus unit for smartphones is obtained. The camera instantly focuses, which allows you to easily take photos of constantly moving objects. Those who like to photograph children, it is very useful. The front-end has a 13-megapixel sensor 1/3.Selfies turn out to be sharp and detailed, even with not the best lighting.

Specifications: 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, Android 6.0 operating system, 32 GB permanent and 3 GB of RAM, support for one SIM card and an external memory card up to 256 GB.Battery capacity - 2900 mAh. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996.There is a fingerprint scanner.

7 place.

Huawei P10 64Gb

Average price of in Russia - 34 000 rubles. Buy Huawei P10 64Gb on AliExpress can be for 30.3 thousand rubles( shipping to Russia is free).P10 - the new flagship of Huawei, presented at the Mobile World Congress in late February 2017.For today the model has typed 80% of fives on responses in Yandex-Market ( see reviews about Huawei P10 ).

Technical characteristics of the model: 5.1 inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, Android 7.0 operating system, 64 GB permanent and 4 GB RAM, support for two SIM cards, the second SIM card slot is combined with a memory card slot. The battery is 3200 mAh. Eight-core processor Kirin 960 of its own design with graphics accelerator Mali-G71 MP8.The fingerprint reader is built into the touch-sensitive button on the front panel, which is slightly recessed into the case. Huawei P10 is made of a single piece of aluminum.

Cameras on the smart phones of the leading Chinese manufacturer Huawei are developing by leaps and bounds: in 2015 the company introduced the world's first smartphone with two main cameras( now this method is used by Apple and other manufacturers), in 2016, Huawei began cooperation with the famous German camera company Leica(Leica camera worth 5 million rubles is used, for example, by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev), and in 2017 Huawei did everything to make the cameras on their smartphones the best in the world, Leica aniyu not only to work on a double module of the main chamber, but also to work on the front-facing camera. But that's not all: starting with P10, Huawei began to cooperate with the cult American manufacturer of GoPro video cameras. In the framework of cooperation, GoPro will release for Huawei P10 an exclusive mobile application Quik for fast video processing. The video editor will be built into the standard EMUI wrapper gallery. The essence of the application Quik - the union of photos and videos to music on the background to create a beautiful memorable movie. It should be noted that previously GoPro did not release applications for Android or iOS.

What happened in the end? The Huawei P10 uses a combination of two sensors with an aperture of f / 2.2: monochrome, capturing information about light, and color RGB.The color resolution is 12 mp, and the monochrome resolution is 20 mp. This combination provides the following advantages: Huawei P10 camera has a double zoom without quality loss, it also allows you to take pictures with a blurry background - the so-called bokeh effect. There is a special mode developed by Leica's specialists, in which it is possible to make high-quality portrait photographs using a monochrome sensor. The result of the joint work of Leica and Huawei over the front camera P10 was the sensor at 8 mp, with which the selphi are obtained twice as light and with a wider dynamic range, even in conditions of insufficient illumination.

The camera Huawei P10 received on the resource Dxomark 87 points, which is 3 points less than the leader of the HTC U11 and took the 7th place. At the same time, in a blind test hi-tech.mail.ru in April 2017, the camera Huawei P10 took the first place, bypassing the models that scored more points in Dxomark, for example, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. The editorial board of hi-tech.mail.ru commented on the choice of readers: "Most appreciated the bright and contrasting images, not paying attention to the details" and put the Huawei P10 on the 4th place after Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6( however, the differenceHuawei P10 and LG G6 was only one point).

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6th place.

Sony Xperia X Performance Dual

The average price is 29,990 rubles. The flagship of the X family, released in February 2016, scored 43% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Specifications: 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, operating system Android 6.0( after the purchase of the OS will update to Android 7.0), 64 GB of permanent and 3 GB of RAM, support for two SIM cards and an external memory card up to 200 GB.The capacity of the battery is 2700 mAh. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996.There is a fingerprint scanner.

Main camera 23 mp, front 13 mp. Xperia X Performance is equipped with a predictive hybrid autofocus, created on the basis of Sony digital imaging technology, thanks to which this smartphone clearly removes even moving objects. As soon as you focus on the subject, the camera automatically starts to track its movement, so the image always remains clear and detailed. According to the research of Strategy Analytics, Xperia X Performance outscored all the world's leading competitors in the accuracy of autofocus. Resource DxOMark put the camera Xperia X Performance 88 points. This is the third result after HTC U11 and Google Pixel.

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5 place.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32Gb - the most popular Android smartphone in the US and Germany in 2016

The average price in Russia is 44,500 rubles. The flagship from the leading manufacturer of smartphones in South Korea and the world appeared on sale in March 2016 and today received 45% of fives on reviews in the Yandex Market( see reviews about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge).

Galaxy S7 Edge in 2016 became the best-selling smartphone of the South Korean company, and also entered the top three most popular Android smartphones in the world. The most popular model was in the United States, where it won first place in sales at the end of the year. Every 10th Android smartphone sold in the US last year was Samsung's flagship. Also Galaxy S7 Edge took first place in sales in Germany and Hong Kong.

Technical characteristics: 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440, operating system Android 6.0, 32 GB of permanent and 4 GB of RAM.There is a slot for memory cards up to 200 GB.Battery capacity - 3600 mAh. The battery life in talk mode is 27 hours, in the mode of listening to music 74 hours. Supports two Sims.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a 12-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. Samsung brings the following advantages of the camera in this smartphone: the lens of greater aperture( F1.7) and the larger pixels of the matrix( 1.4 microns) capture much more light, which allows to receive always clear and detailed photos even in low light conditions;smartphones support Dual Pixel technology: all pixels of the matrix have two photodiodes, and not one by one, which allows the sensor to focus as quickly and clearly as the human eye, and the Dual Pixel technology provides such fast and perfect autofocus that you can capture even the harshesttraffic in low light conditions;The first time you can shoot motion in the mode of animated panorama.

Last year's flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 had a Sony IMX240 sensor and a resolution of the main camera 16 megapixels. The S7 has a new sensor - Sony IMX260 with a resolution of 4 mp less. The 4pda.ru portal in Samsung Galaxy S7 review, Edge 32Gb writes: "Samsung took an interesting step, completely replacing the camera after success in the previous generation." Just by trying a new device in the case, you understand that it happened not accidentally, and no one in the Korean company would have acceptedThe decision to change an excellent module to the one that is worse. In the opinion of the townsfolk, four megapixels were really lost, but an experienced amateur photographer will tell you that not in the number of megapixels is happiness. ""Samsung Galaxy S7 edge sets a new quality standard for cameras in smartphones for at least the next year. For excellent photos and day and night, spectacular video, optical stabilization and a variety of shooting modes, the 4PDA version marks the SGS7 edge with the" Nice Shot "mark."

Resource Dxomark put the camera Galaxy S7 edge 88 points, this is the third result. Also 88 points scored HTC 10, Sony Xperia X Performance and, strangely enough, the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S8.However, other comparisons suggest that the Galaxy S8 still slightly surpasses last year's flagship in terms of shooting level.

4 place.

HTC 10 32Gb

Average price in Russia - 30 550 rubles. Buy HTC 10 on Aliexpress it is possible for 25,2 thousand rubles ( delivery to Russia is free) . The flagship from the second-largest Taiwanese manufacturer came out in May 2016 and today has gained 66% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Specifications: Android 6.0 OS, AMOLED-screen 5.2-inch resolution of 2560x1440, 32 GB of permanent memory( of which 23 GB is available to the user) and 4 GB of RAM.Support external memory card. Support for only one SIM card. Battery capacity - 3000 mAh. The talk time is 27 hours, in standby mode - 456 hours. There is a fingerprint scanner.

The main advantage of this model is its cameras. The main one is 12 mp, the front one is 5 mp. Optical image stabilization is first introduced in both the main and front cameras. The camera perfectly removes in poor light conditions. The manufacturer's website says: "You can wait for the perfect lighting for great photos, and you can trust the main camera HTC 10, which captures up to 136% more light in each image, no magic - only the new generation UltraPixel technology, supplemented by optical stabilization and a high-speed lens ƒ /1.8 ".The front camera HTC 10 produces no less impression than the main one. The size of its photosensitive elements is increased, the lens has a diaphragm ƒ / 1.8, and the screen perfectly performs the role of a flash. A wide-angle lens will capture not only your own portrait, but also a company of friends. In HTC 10, shooting video in 4K format was supplemented for the first time with Hi-Res recording of 24-bit stereo audio. The audio track recorded in this format contains 256 times more details and reproduces twice the larger frequency range. The camera HTC 10 starts in 0.6 seconds - that is almost instantly.

Various reviews and comparative tests suggest that the HTC 10 is one of the best cameras in the world today. The Phonearena resource in July 2016 conducted a comparative test of flagship cameras, in which HTC 10 took the first place, surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia X Performance. The camera HTC 10 received on the resource Dxomark 88 points, this is the third result.

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3 place.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The average price is 50 000 rubles. The flagship from the leading manufacturer of smartphones in South Korea and the world appeared on sale in late April 2017 and today received 57% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market.

Fans of the South Korean brand had to wait for a new flagship for a year( last year's flagship Galaxy Note 7 does not count, because Samsung was forced to remove this model from sales soon after they started due to battery problems) after the appearance in March 2016year Galaxy S7.As a result, the output of the Galaxy S8 caused an incredible excitement: for the first two days the number of pre-orders on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus( the increased version of the model) was 550,000 pieces( for comparison: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in the first 2 days were ordered by 100 thousand people).Of course, the one-year waiting period of the flagship itself can not cause such an excitement, for example, Apple stably releases flagships once a year, but the sales of the seventh iPhone were rather weak due to the fact that the new iPhone was for the most part the same eggs, Only in the profile, if you compare it with the 6th iPhone. In Samsung did not repeat the mistakes of a competitor and presented a truly innovative model that can not be confused with any smartphone that is available on the market today.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S8: 5.8-inch screen with a resolution of QHD +( 3840x2160), Android 7.0 operating system with the proprietary shell Samsung Experience 8.1, 64 GB of permanent and 4 GB of RAM.There is a slot for memory cards up to 265 GB( combined with a slot for the second SIM-card).Battery capacity - 3000 mAh. The battery life in talk mode is 20 hours, in the mode of listening to music 67 hours. We will dwell a little on these characteristics and compare them with last year's Galaxy S7 Edge. At 0.3 inches increased the diagonal of the screen, also significantly increased the resolution, while the phone itself, paradoxically, even became a little less and easier. This effect was achieved due to the fact that the screen now occupies more than 80% of the front panel area: physical buttons disappeared( they became touchscreens), the inscription Samsung, there is almost no side frames, the space freed up and took up the screen. The amount of permanent memory has doubled. However, there is a small step back: the capacity of the battery has decreased, so the battery life has become shorter, while it is about the same as, for example, the seventh iPhone. As for the cameras, Samsung decided to ignore the trend of the dual main camera in the flagship model, which was followed by Apple, Huawei, LG and in the old fashioned way has one main camera, improved compared to the already excellent S7 camera. Camera S8 received a new sensor Sony IMX333 12 mp with DualPixel technology. The front camera( 8 megapixel) is equipped with a high-aperture lens for ideal selfies, even at night, and also supports intelligent autofocus with the function of face recognition. By the way, face recognition has become one of the interesting features of the S8: now you do not have to use a fingerprint scanner to unlock the smartphone, just show your face to the smartphone. There is a third way: scanning the iris of the eye( however, this method will be inconvenient in that it wears glasses or contact lenses).

Resource Dxomark put the camera Galaxy S8 88 points, this is the third result. Galaxy S8 took part in two blind tests conducted among readers of hitech.mail.ru in 2017.In the April test, the Korean flagship took the second place after Huawei P10.The editorial staff of the portal also gave the Galaxy S8 silver after the Google Pixel, commenting on the camera's capabilities: "The Galaxy S8 Plus camera is universal, it does not give amazing sharpness, huge dynamic range or detailed pictures in the dark, but in every plot Galaxy S8 Plus showed consistentlyexcellent result. We can safely recommend it to mobile photographers. "In the June blind test Galaxy S8 again took second place, this time after Honor 8 Pro. The editorial team gave the Galaxy S8 the first place, while Google Pixel did not participate in the test.

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2 place.

Google Pixel 32Gb

The average price in Russia is 40,980 rubles. The model from the American manufacturer, presented in October 2016, received 65% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market.

Technical characteristics: 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, the latest operating system Android 7.1, 32 GB of permanent and 4 GB of RAM, support for one SIM card. The smartphone does not support the external memory card, but Google provides unlimited storage for photos and videos shot on Pixel. In addition, a backup of all data is automatically created on Google Drive. After that, the phone will offer to free up space on the internal storage by deleting already copied files. Battery capacity 2770 mAh. The battery life in talk mode is 26 hours, in standby mode - 456 hours, in music listening mode - 110 hours.4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM 8996 Pro with graphics accelerator Adreno 530. Fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. Housing material - aluminum and glass.

The main advantage of the Google Pixel smartphone is its camera. This is one of the best smartphone cameras in the world. Resource Dxomark put the camera Google Pixel 89 points, making it the second in the ranking of the best cameras. In the April comparison of flagship cameras, the editorial portal hi-tech.mail.ru awarded the first place to Google Pixel: "We liked the Google Pixel camera most of all, a wide dynamic range, high contrast, close to perfect color rendering."He bypassed the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Huawei P10 and the seventh iPhone.

What is the Google Pixel camera? There is a Sony IMX378 sensor with a resolution of 12 MP and a F2.0 aperture. There is a laser focusing system. There is no optical stabilization, it is replaced by a digital one. In the camera, HDR + mode is enabled by default, in many respects due to which the excellent quality of shooting is achieved. It is worth noting that optics in itself still does not guarantee a perfect shooting in smartphones. A big role is played by software. For example, the same sensor Sony IMX378 has last year's flagship Xiaomi Mi5S, but thanks to the superiority of Google software Pixel squeezes out of the camera all that it is capable of. To be surprised it is not necessary, tk. It is known that Google is the developer of Android OS, so it has an advantage over all other smartphone manufacturers. If you want to use Android exactly as Google intended it, you should buy Google Pixel.

The front camera is equipped with a sensor at 8 mp with an aperture of F2.4 and the ability to shoot video in 1080p.

1 place.

HTC U11 64Gb

Average price - 45 000 rubles. Buy HTC U11 64Gb on AliExpress it is possible for 42,5 thousand rubles( delivery to Russia is free) .The new flagship from the Taiwanese manufacturer went on sale in June 2017 and has not yet received customer feedback. At the same time at the start of sales it is obvious that unexpectedly for all HTC released the brightest flagship of the first half of 2017, which surpassed competitors as a camera and in performance. The excellent quality of the camera in the HTC U11 was quite expected, given that last year's flagship HTC 10 was almost the whole year in the category of the winner of the best camera of 2016, only in October giving way to this place Google Pixel. Now the Google Pixel camera has moved to the second place in the Dxomark resource rating, and HTC U11 topped the rating with a record 90 points( Google Pixel has 1 point less).

The main module is a 12-megapixel UltraPixel 3 sensor with a pixel size of 1.4 μm, optics with a f / 1.7 diaphragm and optical stabilization. For focusing is the system UltraSpeed ​​Autofocus, which involves every pixel.

The review on the hi-tech.mail.ru portal about the camera of this model says:

"U11 is aimed at the target instantly, without a miss, even in low light."

Impressed the work of the software. You make 10 pictures in a row - and all 10 will be the same. That is, exposure settings, shutter speeds, ISO do not get lost at the slightest movement of the phone, and the built-in algorithms do not recognize this as a change of composition. This is often found in Chinese smartphones, and even in some flagships, for example, Google Pixel or LG G6.differ in brightness or graininess - ka

When shooting against the sun or bright sky HDR Boost "pulls" the details even in the darkest areas. The dynamic range is as wide as in the pictures with Google Pixel. The logic is this: the companies cooperated in the development of Pixel. Can probably HTCprovided the capacity of its plants, and in exchange, Google shared secret algorithms HDR +. "

The resolution of the front camera is incredible 16 megapixels, aperture f2.0, the video is written in 1080p.

In a blind test comparing cameras flagship smartphones and DSLRs 5D Mark II, held among readers hi-tech.mail.ru HTC U11 took the penultimate place, gaining 1 point less than a DSLR.The portal editorial explained this: "The HTC U11 got into the same trap as the camera: excellent detailing, correct exposure, but it looks too simple against the backdrop of bright competitors."In this test, not the final sample was used, but the test sample, which could affect the quality of the survey.

Other specifications: Android 7.1, Super LCD-screen 5.5 inches resolution 2560x1440, 64 GB of permanent memory and 4 GB of RAM.External memory card support up to 2 TB.Support for two SIM cards. Battery capacity - 3000 mAh. The talk time is 24.5 hours, in standby mode - 336 hours. There is a fingerprint scanner on the front panel. The HTC U11 is sensitive to the force of pressing the edges, this means that just squeezing the smartphone in your hand, you can take a photo camera, run applications, turn on the flashlight.

HTC U11 is protected by the standard IP67, it can be dipped into the water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and sprinkled with sand.

Also worth noting is a beautiful glossy case.

At the moment, HTC U11 ranks first in performance in the study of the resource AnTuTu, bypassing not only all Android-smartphones, but also held on for the first place the seventh iPhone.