Top 5 tips for choosing a 3D TV.

The product line of this product is how wide and varied. How to choose a 3D TV and find the right model for you? It is difficult for a typical buyer to understand the characteristics and benefits of many models on the market. But each of us wants to buy a TV that meets all your needs.


  • 1. What to choose from.
  • 2. Which 3D technology to give preference.
    • What is the difference between an ordinary TV set and a TV with 3D format support?
  • 3. Can I do without glasses?
  • 4. Where it is better to buy.
  • 5. On the relevance.

1. What to choose from.

In order for to choose 3 D TV , one must understand its strengths, advantages over other models.

2. Which 3D technology to give preference.

What is the difference between an ordinary TV set and a TV with 3D format support?

The main difference between TVs with 3D support from conventional ones is the ability to broadcast two images, each of which is intended for perception with the left or right eye. For the comfort of viewing the broadcast from a 3D TV use special glasses that will focus each eye on a particular frame. It is interesting that on the screen we see alternately frames for the left or right eye. There is an active and passive technology of image sharing. Consider the advantages of each type.

Active technology is used in new generation TV models. Due to the fact that the frame rate is high, a person feels that two frames are being broadcast simultaneously and this creates a perception of the volume effect.

Passive technology is characterized by the fact that the separation of frames has vertical and horizontal polarization. The main disadvantage is the less bright image and the possibility of losing the frame when the head is tilted.

3. And you can without glasses?

The latest technology gives us the opportunity to watch broadcasts of the best 3D TVs without glasses. The models of these TVs use special lenses on the screen surface, which separate frames specifically for the right and left eyes. This model has a large screen expansion and at the same time there is a function of tracking the viewer.

4. Where it is better to buy.

Accordingly, if you decide to choose and buy 3 D TV , it is better to do this through the online store. It's much faster, more profitable and comfortable than running around shopping and comparing prices. When choosing a model, determine for yourself those characteristics that will satisfy you. Do you want to choose a model with or without glasses? Specify the prices and warranty service.

5. On the relevance.

The market for TVs with 3D format support is constantly evolving, adding new technologies and capabilities. Therefore, follow announcements and develop together with us.