Dmitry Musersky - the highest volleyball player( 13 photos)

Earlier on the site it was told about the highest basketball players. Another kind of sport, where the price is very high, is volleyball. The highest volleyball player in the world today is the Russian Dmitry Mussersky. Its height is 2 meters 18 centimeters( according to other data - 2 meters 19 cm).Other data: weight 104 kg, shoe size - 50.

Dmitry Musersky and Vladimir Putin( height 170 cm)

Growth of Dmitry Musersky in comparison with the growth of other famous athletes: soccer player Lionel Messi( 169 cm), golfer Tiger Woods( 185 cm), runner Usain Bol( 195 cm):

Dmitry Musersky was born on October 29, 1988 in Makeevka near Donetsk. According to him, in a family as high as he was, and his parents were of normal height. He started volleyball from the age of 8.Basketball did not attract a tall boy: "I did not like to run since I was a child, I was never pleased with the ring-ring ring, although I tried it."Professional career of the volleyball player began in the Kharkov "Yurakademia", and in 2005 Musersky moved to Belgorod, first speaking for "Lokomotiv-Belogorye-2", and then for the main team "Belogorye"( formerly "Lokomotiv-Belogorye"), from whichbecame the champion of Russia in 2013.
At the end of 2006, Dmitry Musersky changed his citizenship from Ukrainian to Russian and was given the opportunity to compete for the Russian national team, with which he won the European Championship 2013, the World Cup 2011, the World League 2011 and 2013.But the most important in his career, the success of Musersky was the victory in the volleyball tournament of the Olympic Games in London in 2012.In the final match of the Olympics against the Brazilian Musersky scored 31 points, becoming the most productive player of the match. Later, coach Vladimir Alekno, who led the Russian team to Olympic gold, said of Dmitri: "Musersky is an unattainable player, the best player not only in Europe but also in the world." He made himself, thanks to his efficiency, the desire to win, to win in every episode".

Dmitry Musersky is married. His wife's name is Inna.

From Musersky's interview to Sport-Express:

- And what is your spouse's growth?

- Standard - just below 170 cm.

- She, probably, often have to walk on high heels?

- Yes - but not for me, but because she always liked it. When we get out somewhere together, we do not feel any discomfort due to the difference in growth.

heels of Inna Musserskaya:

Dmitry Musersky and his wife Inna on heels:

Dmitry Musersky and his wife Inna without heels: