Overview and Feedback from Owners of OUKITEL K4000 Pro

OUKITEL is a Chinese company founded in 2007 and made a name for itself on budget smartphones with powerful batteries. One of such powerful smartphones, OUKITEL K4000 Pro, will be discussed further.

Technical specifications of the model are as follows: a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, an operating system Android 5.1( the manufacturer promises to upgrade to the 6th Android), 16 GB of permanent and 2 GB of RAM, with two SIM cards, the main camera is 13 mp, the front 5mn. Given the budgetary nature of this model( its average cost is 7,500 rubles), the price-quality ratio is excellent. However, the main advantage of the OUKITEL K4000 Pro is a powerful battery with a capacity of 4,600 mAh, which, for example, is 2.7 times larger than that of the Apple iPhone 6s 64GB - 1,715 mAh. The 4PDA portal in the review OUKITEL K4000 Pro writes:

"The gadget is completely discharged in 11 hours 25 minutes of high-resolution video viewing at maximum backlight brightness and the" Flight "mode is on, which means that a fully charged gadget can be taken with rather long trips and notto be afraid that there will not be a rosette next to it.)

And in the mode of everyday use, that is, when the backlight autotuning is on, regular checking of social networks, Instagram photos, daily hours of reading books and hour of surfing, On-line conversations, 40 minutes of video viewing online and about three hours of background music player work, the device was completely discharged by the middle of the third day of work. "

Overall, 4PDA gives the following assessment of the model: "Oukitel has got a universal device with modern and productive" stuffing. "The bright and juicy screen, super-securely protected by a special 2.5D glass, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.and those who often make business flights and railway trips will have a long time to work. Thanks to the modest but attractive design Oukitel K4000 Pro can be recommended to both the student and the head of a large department - the gadget will beit is equally advantageous and worthy to look in any situation. "

Order OUKITEL K4000 Pro directly from China( or Hong Kong) is available at one of the leading Chinese online stores gearbest.com, which offers free shipping to Russia.

Today, according to the reviews in the Yandex-Market, the OUKITEL K4000 Pro model scored 52% of fives.

Below are reviews of the owners of the smartphone OUKITEL K4000 Pro from various sites. For publication, only useful and informative reviews are selected, both positive and negative.

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