Rating of electric cookers 2017( price / quality)

The electric hob is easy to clean and quickly warms up. This is an ideal choice for a home in which for some reason there is no gas or gas is too expensive. Like gas stoves, electric burners, as a rule, consist of four heat zones. They glow red when heated. If you are thinking about purchasing such a device, we present the rating of the 2017 cooking panels. It is based on user estimates on "Yandex. Market."

Tip! In the presence of special utensils and the desire to save electricity, it is better to use an induction hob.


  • 10. Asko HI1994G
  • 9. Asko HI1994M
  • 8. Asko HI1794M
  • 7. GEFEST SWN 3210 K21
  • 6. Korting HK 6205 RI
  • 5. Hansa BHI68608
  • 4. Kuppersberg FT6VS16
  • 3. LEX EVH 320 BL
  • 2. Electrolux EHG 96341 FK
  • 1. Hansa BHCI65123030
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10. Asko HI1994G

The average price is 129,900 rubles. The

consumes 11.1 kW.

Large and beautiful hob with glass ceramic surface and 5 induction burners. Two burners have an oval heating zone, which is very convenient when you need to preheat something in an oval dish( for example, a whiting or a fish tray).

Advantages of the model:

  • touch control;
  • child protection;
  • determination of the presence of dishes;
  • timer for programming cooking time;
  • is a brief pause;
  • is a residual heat sensor that saves energy and ensures the safety of the user( after some time after turning off the hotplate still remains hot).

Disadvantage: because of the high cost of such a device not everyone can afford.

9. Asko HI1994M

Average price - 139,900 rubles.

Power consumption - 11.1 kW.

The most expensive model in the rating of electric hobs. From version HI1994G differs material of the panel - glass BlackMatt. In the rest, their specifications are similar.

8. Asko HI1794M

The average price is 96,900 rubles.

Power - 7.4 kW

This burner has an excellent quality and design for cooking hobs less than two more expensive "colleagues" - 4. But the price is much cheaper. Also there is no oval heating zone, but there are:

  • protection from children;
  • touch control buttons;
  • recognition of the presence of dishes;
  • pause for a short time;
  • indicator of residual heat.

Disadvantages: quiet hum during operation, there is no edge on the perimeter of the panel.

7. GEFEST СВН 3210 К21

The average price is 7 670 rubles.

Consumes - 5.5 kW

The cheapest electric hob in our rating of hobs for price and quality. It has 4 cast-iron plates and an enamel surface. Due to the thick material of the surface, the plate will not bend even under the large and full-to-the-edge pots. The thermal insulation in the model is good, the disconnected burners, the knobs of the switches and the table top do not heat up, even when the hot plates are heating at full capacity.

Disadvantages: Do not allow moisture to hit the burners, otherwise they will start to rust. No protection from children.

6. Korting HK 6205 RI

The average price is 29,990 rubles.

Energy costs - 6.4 kW

Very stylish panel that perfectly fits into any kitchen interior. It has 4 ceramic burners, a surface of glass ceramics and many useful options:

  • child lock;
  • touch button control;
  • residual heat sensor;
  • protective shutdown;
  • timer for each burner.

Less: if one burner fails, you will have to change the entire surface.

5. Hansa BHI68608

The average price is 23 570 rubles.

Power - 3.7 kW.

In feedback on this model, users praise a very sturdy glass ceramic surface, which is good for families with young children or older people.


  • protection from children;
  • one burner with oval heating zone;
  • touch buttons;
  • sound timer burner;
  • recognition of the presence of dishes;
  • residual heat sensor.

Cons: Very noisy when working.

4. Kuppersberg FT6VS16

Average price - 22 790 rub.

Consumes - 6.3 kW.

Glass-ceramic panel with four burners, with two of them - two-circuit. This means that you can optionally include a heating area of ​​reduced or increased diameter.

There are other functions, standard for modern hobs:

  • protection from children;
  • touch control;
  • indicator of residual heat;
  • timer burners.

Some people may be embarrassed by the not very well-known brand in Russia, but everyone decides for themselves whether it is worth overpaying for the brand.

3. LEX EVH 320 BL

Average price is 7 990 rubles.

Energy consumption - 3 kW.

This four-burner model has the lowest rated power in the top-10.And she only has two hotplates. But these shortcomings are more than compensated by reliability and rich opportunities. Present:

  • child protection;
  • touch buttons;
  • residual heat sensor;
  • protective shutdown;
  • timer burners.

Disadvantages: it cools slowly, there is not enough space between the burners.

2. Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

The average price is 28 100 rubles.

Power - 6.6 kW.

Convenient and durable device with two induction and two ceramic burners, touch buttons, locking from curious children's hands, timer burners and a sensor indicating whether the off-burner has cooled.

The only drawback: noise at work.

1. Hansa BHCI65123030

The average price is 9,860 rubles.

Consumes - 6 kW.

The best option for price and quality is the hob with 4 ceramic burners, safety shut-off, residual heat indicator and comfortable, though not touch, handles.

Disadvantage: there is no power cord in the kit.

How to choose an electric hob( panel)