The most beautiful Czech model girls( 13 photos)

This ranking presents the most beautiful, in my opinion, girls-models, as well as the winners of beauty contests, which are ethnic Czechs. Tatiana Kukharzhova, the only representative of the Czech Republic, who won the Miss World, did not enter the rating.she is an ethnic Slovak.

13 place. Lucie Kovandova( born November 6, 1993) is a Czech model, a representative of the Czech Republic on the Miss World 2013. The height of the girl is 176 cm, the parameters are 90-62-90.

12 place. Zdenka Podkapova / Zdenka Podkapová ( born August 6, 1977, Brno, Czech Republic) is a Czech model, known mainly for nu-photosessions. She became a girl of the year in Penthouse magazine in 2001.In her youth she was seriously engaged in gymnastics, became a 4-time champion of the Czech Republic.

11th place. Helena Houdová ( born December 27, 1979, Pilsen, Czech Republic) is a Czech model, Miss Czechia 1999, represented the country on the Miss World 1999.

10th place. of the Market of Janska / Markéta Jánská ( born May 24, 1981, Most, Czech Republic) is a Czech model. Became a girl in June 2003 in the magazine Playboy.

9 place. Elishka Kovarzhova / Eliška Kovářová is a Czech model.

8 place. Hana Svobodová ( born July 30, 1988) is a Czech model. Represented the country at the Miss Earth 2008 competition. Height 176 cm, parameters 89-64-91.

7 place. Simona Krainova / Simona Krainová ( born February 19, 1973, Havirov, Czech Republic) is a Czech supermodel and TV presenter. The height is 175 cm, the parameters are 89-59-89.

6 place. Carolina Kurkova / Karolína Kurková ( born February 28, 1984, Decin, Czech Republic) is a Czech supermodel. The growth is 180.5 cm, the parameters are 84-58.5-87.5.

5 place. Veronika Varghekova / Veronika Vařeková ( born June 19, 1977, Olomouc, Czech Republic) is a Czech supermodel. Height of 178 cm, parameters 92-61-89.

4 place. Daniela Peštova ( born October 14, 1970, Teplice, Czech Republic) is a Czech supermodel. The height is 180 cm, the parameters are 86.5-59-91.5.

3 place. Eva Herzigova / ( born March 10, 1973, Litvinov, Czech Republic) is a Czech top model and actress. In the Russian-language media her name and the girl's name are written by Eva Herzigova, which is not entirely correct, becauseCzechs pronounce Eva Herzigov. Height 181 cm, the parameters of the figure 89-63,5-90.

2 place. Veronika Zemanova / Veronika Zemanová ( born April 14, 1975, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic) is a former Czech model known for nu-photosessions. At the end of 2003, she married a German businessman, soon after that she stopped filming.

1 place. Pavlina Porzhizkova / Pavlína Pořízková ( born April 9, 1965, Prostejov, Czech Republic) is a supermodel, actress and writer. You can also find writing her name as Polina, and her surname as Porizkova. Since the 80's he lives in the US and has American, as well as Swedish citizenship( her parents fled to Sweden from Czechoslovakia in 1968).