Rating of the quality of cosmetics from leading brands

Lovely ladies, I present to your attention a rating of quality of cosmetics from leading trade marks. The rating was attended by more than 1,200 buyers who voted for a particular cosmetic brand. Thanks to the distribution of votes, the quality rating of became known. If you do not agree with the rating, you can write your version in the comments


  • 1 Location: Givenchy
  • 2 Location: Liberty
  • 3 Location: Lancome
  • 4 Place: NoUBA
  • 5 Place: Vivienne Sabo
  • 6 Place: Shiseido
  • 7 Place: The Body Shop
  • 8 Location: Clarins
  • 9 Place: Plaisir Nature
  • 10th place: Faberlic

1 Place: Givenchy

The popular Givenchy brand appeared in 1953 as a result of a meeting between Hubert Zivanshi and American film actress Audrey Hepburn. The leader of our rating

2 Place: Freedom

With the logo of FREEDOM strained:)

The science center of the cosmetic association FREEDOM, which unites seven specialized laboratories, develops and introduces modern cosmetic products.

3 Place: Lancome

Lancome( Lancome, France) is a French company deservedly considered the leader of the world perfumery and cosmetic industry.... Logo - a sketchy drawn rose - was invented by Petitjean himself.

4 Place: NoUBA

The Italian brand of decorative cosmetics NoUBA was created in 1978 by the professional make-up artist of NoUBA by Matisse Rosie Armanini.

5 Location: Vivienne Sabo

Makeup from Vivienne Sabo is the embodiment of true Parisian chic and elegance created by modern cosmetic products in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

6 Location: Shiseido

Shiseido Company, Limited( yap.? ?????? kabushiki-gaysya siseydo:) is a Japanese manufacturer of cosmetics and hair care products. The oldest cosmetic company in the world and the fourth largest.

7 Location: The Body Shop

Today, 2100 The Body Shop® stores are represented in 55 countries. Two years ago, The Body Shop® stores opened their doors to Russian buyers.

8 Location: Clarins

Each Clarins cosmetic product passes about a hundred different tests and examinations - inspecting the products according to quality indicators.

9 Place: Plaisir Nature

The wealth of the range of Les Plaisirs Nature( Plesir Natur) turns care into a pause, giving a charge of vivacity and good humor

10th place: Faberlic

Cosmetics Faberlic is divided into three components: oxygen cosmeticsfor home use, perfumes and a series of decorative cosmetics.