Top 5 best paintings by Zimin Alexey

Despite the fact that Alexei Zimin is a young artist, he already has a lot of work. Each of his paintings has its own flavor and is not like the others. In each of the paintings can be traced the author's style of Alexei, to distinguish the work of Zimin from another artist will not be a definite work.

Alexey is a talented and creative person. He constantly moves forward, and also leads an active social life. Biography Zimin can be told for a very long time, so if you want to get to know the author more closely, you can find it on the Internet. We present the 5 best paintings of Zimin Alexei .


  • 5th place - painting "Through the clouds"
  • 4th place was the picture "Attraction"
  • Top-3 opens the work "Mountain"
  • 2nd place - "Triangle, circle and square"
  • 1 place gets the picture "Ulyanovskie open spaces"

5th place - a picture called" Through the clouds "

The canvas shows a rocket that explodes from the Earth's atmosphere into the open space. This is not an ordinary picture. In this work, as in every work of Alexei, there is a certain hidden meaning, that is, a highlight. And every viewer looking at the picture can unravel it in different ways. This work says that sometimes you need to get out of the comfort zone. One can imagine that a rocket is a man, a fast powerful force, and the atmosphere is something that must be overcome. Each of us sometimes needs to get out of the comfort zone and overcome difficulties.

4th place was the picture "Attraction"

Having looked at the canvas, you do not immediately guess what is painted on it. Yes, Alexei did his best, drawing such an intricate work. Based on the name, you can understand that the droplets are attracted to the ends of the picture, creating an attraction.

When you see this work, you feel relaxed. In general, lovers of abstractions and various relaxing pictures, looking at which unnecessary thoughts disappear, and in the body there is a certain relaxation, appreciated the work worthily. In addition to relaxation, it becomes somehow easy and carefree in the soul.

Top-3 opens the work "Mountain"

This picture is pop in the top because of its realism, it is very clearly executed. So, on the canvas, the mountain itself is perfectly distinguished, it is the main object of the work.

Looking at this picture, there is a desire to visit those regions. Alex often travels in the Caucasus and says that for a long time such a picture was spinning in his head. The beauty of mountains and nature in the Caucasus is amazing, this inspired him to create this picture.

It's not strange, but here the hidden idea is not immediately visible. It is possible that awakening desire is the goal of a hidden design.

2 place - "Triangle, circle and square"

The work will appeal to abstract artists, by its nature it's cubism, lovers of clear lines and minimalism will also see the plot in it and will lay out for it no one million dollars.

Due to the fact that Alex refused to sell the painting to Russian businessman Sergei Lazarev, minimalists, this picture became even more interesting. And it's true, if you look at the picture for a long time, it's impossible to tear yourself away. Many will say that this is crazy, but it is so.

In this creation there is neither nature nor sense, but just homothermic figures that are arranged in a certain order, where each outline of the object is perfectly displayed.

1 place gets the picture "Ulyanovskie open spaces"

In the picture, Alexey depicted the expanses of his small Homeland.

Why did this picture get the 1st place? !

Firstly, this is the only picture of Alexei Zimin, which is executed in a new author's style called "represent art".

Secondly, it is close to people, because it depicts the Russian expanses. The plot of this picture is seen in all corners of Russia, it is an endless field, birches and a road going into the distance.

Alexei Zimin has other pictures, so the list could be more, but only five entered the top.

I hope that after reading this short article-review, you will have a love for painting. It is possible that you yourself will start to create or will admire the works of artists.