Top 5 best MFP manufacturers

Multifunctional devices( MFPs) to date - an integral attribute in every home and office. These devices save the workspace, successfully performing the functions of three immediately indispensable devices: a copier, a printer and a scanner. With the help of the MFP, you can simultaneously solve the tasks of input, output, and also reproduction of information. However, different manufacturers have progressed differently in the process of creating practical and economical MFIs. Your attention is represented by the five best manufacturers of multifunctional devices , which are characterized by stability and availability of high-quality developments in the field of reliable office equipment.


5. Epson

  • 4.Brother
  • 3. Hewlett-Packard
  • 2.Samsung
  • 1.Canon
  • 5. Epson

    The devices of this brand have conquered the world thanks to good quality and speed of printing, which allow you to use the MFP for everyday homeand office use. The line of Epson Stylus devices has received the widest distribution due to its reasonable cost. Pleasant ergonomic design and high practicality of Epson's printing tools, as well as the ability to print colored photos on them, provided a deserved call to the brand.


    The American Brother company offers many options for stable printing and scanning in all conditions. MFU lineups differ in the maximum resolution of the scanner, printing speed, the type of connection with the computer, as well as the availability of additional devices( card reader, color display, etc.).Compact and stylish devices MFD brother dcp 135 cr will be faithful assistants in the organization and execution of any office work.

    3. Hewlett-Packard

    Synonyms of the devices of this company, which takes its history from the distant 1939, is the high speed of any tasks performed and consistently high quality. The American brand offers MFPs with surprisingly easy management and durability of use. The company's jet and laser devices can be found in many organizations and offices, where there are increased requirements for reliability and trouble-free printing devices. One of the company's priorities is the development of sophisticated design of all device models and maximum weight reduction. Thus, MFU from Hewlett-Packard are remarkable for their compactness and elegance. In addition, the latest trends indicate a decrease in prices for the company's devices, which makes the MFP even more popular.


    The South Korean brand always strives to offer the best option among printing devices. Thus, the company tries to provide the market with devices that allow high-speed printing of large volumes of texts, while at the same time saving toner and energy resources. The print quality remains unchanged. The latest models of Samsung's multifunction devices are distinguished by their excellent design, practicality and ease of use.


    Japanese Corporation Canon has been in the forefront of the development and production of digital technology since the early years of its foundation( 1937).Multifunctional devices of this company are characterized by high performance, remote control capability, user partition based on accounts or responsible departments. Printing in external media and much more. Both professional solutions for business and home copiers-MFPs are characterized by high reliability and quality of printing.