Best eBooks of 2011

Want to buy a good e-book for reading, but are afraid to make a mistake? Then this article is for you. Today we will get acquainted with the best electronic books of 2011 .The rating includes the top 5 readers. The list of the best e-books is compiled on the basis of online reviews and consumer reviews. In addition, you can choose a suitable option for the price, because each model is indicated by the average price.

If you keep up to date, read the best e-books ranking for the year 2012, as this list is already out of date.

Among the leaders in the production of electronic books can be identified perhaps two of the most prominent representatives, this is Sony and PocketBook.


  • PocketBook Pro 912
  • PocketBook Pro 912
  • PocketBook Pro 912
  • PocketBook Pro 612
  • Sony PRS-T1

PocketBook A 10

The A10 from PocketBook was fixed on the 5th line. The gadget has a resolution of 1024 x 768, reads all common formats of books, in addition it can be used as an Mp3 player, to access the Internet via Wi-Fi. The average price for PocketBook A10 is 10900 rubles.

PocketBook Pro 912

It takes 4 lines due to its popularity. In comparison with A10 has a higher resolution of 825x1200, with a smaller screen diagonal of 9.7 ".In the rest, the models are similar in functionality. The price of 912 varies around the mark of 13,000 rubles.

PocketBook 611 Basic

It is in the top three thanks to its interesting design and greater availability, although the diagonal of the display is 6 inches and the resolution is 600x800 pixels. Sold at an affordable price of about 5500 rubles.

PocketBook Pro 612

Functionally it does not differ from the 611 version, but this e-book is very ergonomic according to reviews. Convenient use ensures the correct location of the control keys and the presence of a stylus. The approximate cost is 8500 rubles.

Sony PRS-T1

The best e-book of 2011 !Sony as always keeps the brand. Under the hood of this remarkable device are many useful functions: multi-touch, a variety of games, Android platform. Users celebrate the highest quality of the screen. But most importantly, the device is available at a very good price - 7500 rubles.