Top TVs 55 inches in 2016, the rating

Watch programs and serials in HD quality on a large 140-centimeter( 55-inch) screen, which can be more enjoyable for a movie fan? And so that you could choose the most suitable model, we compiled the rating of 55 inch TVs of 2016 , based on the responses of visitors to "Yandex. Market."

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  • Top 32 TVs?
    • 10. LG 55LB870V
    • 9. LG 55LB673V
    • 8. Samsung UE55H6500
    • 7. The Samsung UE55H7000
    • 5. The Samsung UE55H7000
    • 5. The Samsung UE55H6800
    • 4. The Sony KD-55X9005B
    • 3. The Panasonic TX-55ASR650
    • 2.LG 55UF8537
    • 1. LG 55UG870V

10. LG 55LB870V

The price is from 77 320 rubles.

Want to watch 3D movies without leaving your home? LG 55LB870V provides such an opportunity. There is a Smart TV and support for Wi-Fi and Skype( even a built-in camera is provided).A special "chip" model is a universal remote( with a wheel-joystick).

User complaints caused very slow operation of the Internet browser.

9. LG 55LB673V

Price - от 66 590 руб

Another model with support for 3D, Smart TV and Wi-Fi. There was also a universal remote control. Only the TV does not react to it after switching on for a few seconds. And the usb player does not play FLAC files.

8. Samsung UE55H6500

The price is from 73 000 rubles.

High image quality( and a lot of settings), support for 3D technology, an omnivorous player, a console with a touch panel - all this UE55H6500.Built-in digital tuner, Smart TV, the ability to record to an external drive and a powerful Wi-Fi are included.

Disadvantages: if you fix the TV on the wall, it's difficult to get to the USB connector, the manufacturer has stinted on 3D glasses( only 2 pairs).

7. LG 55UB950V

The price is from 99 990 rubles.

In addition to the already standard for expensive LG models( 3D, Smart TV and Wi-Fi), this TV has support for 4K UHD.This means that you can enjoy the highest quality images with a resolution of 3840 × 2160.And the sound of the TV is so good that you do not have to spend money on additional acoustics.

Fly in the ointment: does not lose some movies from on-line cinemas due to an unsupported flash player.

6. Samsung UE55H7000

The price - from 83 390 rubles.

And the sound quality and color quality of this TV pleases those who bought it. Active 3D is not worse than in the cinema. There is control without a remote control, for this purpose there is a mini-joystick on the back wall. When using Smart TV, you can resume online movie viewing.

Disadvantages: the player does not have the ability to select language and subtitles, there are frequent network breaks over Wi-Fi, an inconvenient browser.

5. Samsung UE55H6800

The price is from 75 700 rubles.

Beautiful model with curved screen, Internet access, 3D support, built-in Wi-Fi and subwoofer and Clear Motion technology for a smoother, clearer picture.

But an inexperienced user will not be easy to understand the settings and menus. In addition, the glossy screen pretty much flashes.

4. Sony KD-55X9005B

Price - starting at $ 189.00

Great price - great features: you can watch movies in a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, enjoying not only a great picture, but also surround sound. A nice option for fans of football: a special button FOOTBALL on the remote allows you to watch in real time via a WiFi router of TV and Internet broadcast of football.

And it would be the best TV 55 inches in 2016, if not for the media player. When the HDD is connected, the TV starts to "brake" in response to any action.

3. Panasonic TX-55ASR650

The price is from 84 900 rubles.

Fast Wi-Fi, excellent image quality in any lighting, powerful sound and active 3D brought this model to the top of the TVs 55 inches 2016.

However, there is no 3D viewing point in the package.

2. LG 55UF8537

The price is from 103 000 rubles.

Supports 4K UHD( 3840 × 2160 pixels), there is Wi-Fi, 3D without tiring flicker, Internet access and 24p True Cinema option. The sound is certified harman / kardon.

Disadvantage: the bottom panel is white, which does not look very aesthetic.

1. LG 55UG870V

The price is from 105 890 rubles.

The best TV in 2016, 55 inches with a curved screen, passive 3D and a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Thanks to a large number of settings, you can make the image perfect. The media player supports any formats, "digesting" files up to 100 GB.Of the additional advantages: surround sound, 24p True Cinema technology, a console with convenient buttons.

Of the minuses - if you turn off the light, it will be noticeable on the edges, on dark areas.