Top 3 best media players for smartphones on S60

Video viewing is a smartphone feature, to which many users are skeptical: there is not much that can be seen on a small screen. However, with a serious approach, i.e., correctly selecting the appropriate software and device, watching movies will help pass the time and brighten up boring leisure. What media player should I choose? Consider some of the most accessible and common.

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3.SmartMovie 3.41

Developer: Lonely Cat Games

Distribution condition: commercial

Download size: 457 KB

This video player can be rightly called legendary: it was he who started the video viewing in AVI format on S60 smartphones. SmartMovie still keeps pace with its competitors: the program is regularly updated, pleasing with the optimization of work and innovations.

Features SmartMovie is enough for comfortable video viewing: rewind with scroll bar, time display, change screen orientation and even display subtitles( with the option of encoding choice).You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and sync sound. The application plays AVI files created with the help of codecs DIVX, DX50, XVID, 3IVX and 3IV2.However, do not worry about incompatibility: the utility comes with a handy converter with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to convert the files you need.

Conclusion: Consistently high-quality video player, already classic

Pros: Sufficient functions for viewing video;availability of a convenient file converter

Cons: Virtually no.

2.DivX Player 0.89

Developer: DivX Inc.

Distribution condition: free

Download size: 445 KB

This player can be considered a free alternative to SmartMovie, and although it does not know how to show subtitles, it's almost in no way inferior to its competitor. Yes, and convert movies to DivX can be through Virtual Dub, again, however, free.

The "highlight" of this player is the advanced ability to sort the list of files - both by name / date, and by the last views, size and duration. The program can remember the point at which the scan was completed and continue playback from it. Directly from the utility menu you can go to its official site, and also read a brief help. Rewind and search for the desired position occur quickly, it also pleases the presence of hot keys that allow you to quickly change the brightness, orientation of the screen and turn on the time display.

Conclusion: Convenient and stable player

Pros: Free;speed and stability of work;the presence of hot keys

Cons: None.

1.PowerMovie 1.00

Developer: MobiFactor

Distribution condition: commercial

Download size: 345 KB

Desperate to see the famous PowerMP3 in the new edition of the S60 platform, once popular in its past versions, programmers from MobiFactor delighted users with their new brainchild for video playback. It can not be said that the program turned out to be ideal, but it obviously causes sympathy.

Utility can play files in MP4 format and AVI( encoded in DivX).With the display of MP3 rollers shot with the built-in camera, PowerMovie does not have any problems, but with heavier AVI movies with which DivX Player and SmartMovie cope with "hurray", there are troubles: flickering and twitching of frames. Everything is solved by selecting the right bitrate and the optimal number of frames per second, but do not forget about the possible loss of quality. No excitement and built-in program error-patch for displaying errors on the screen.

Pros: Playing MP4 and AVI;very fast file transfer when rewinding

Cons: Unstable operation with high bitrates;patch for the output of errors

Conclusion: An interesting product, but rather "raw" and in need of improvement.