How can you decorate a wardrobe

Larissa: “I have had a wardrobe in my bedroom for a long time, the usual colors are tired of me. Tell us how you can decorate it and thus transform the interior? "

Today this piece of furniture is very popular, almost everyone has it. Convenient, practical. Decorating it will help radically change the room environment. There are many ways, let's talk about some of them.

The decorative vinyl sticker is a trendy paint pattern. Furniture care remains routine, the main thing is not to rub with effort. If you think about changing the pattern, just remove the sticker and apply another. This type of decoration is suitable for different materials, it is also applied to mirrors and glass. Looks stylish, and fingerprints are masked.

Corner patterns. If you don't want to glue the entire surface, pay attention to vinyl stickers with corner patterns. There are advantages here: such patterns are smaller in size, which means the cost is lower, it is much easier to apply them.

Photo printing. Let's say right away that this pleasure is expensive, but the furniture will look very impressive. Either one door is decorated with a poster, or a photographic composition is applied to the entire facade. Here the choice is huge - you can choose your favorite painting, landscape, even your own photo. Add highlighting if desired. Sticks like vinyl.

Stained glass film. It is translucent, glued to the mirror. This material transmits light, it is reflected, and a glow effect is obtained. The film "Crystal Frost" looks especially interesting; it is used for mirror surfaces, glass partitions, doors, shower rooms.

Stained glass painting. In this case, an image or ornament is applied to the glass with acrylic or vintage paints. For work you will need paints, stencils, brushes. Even if you don't know how to draw, you can create amazing things with these materials.

Matting. This method is carried out using a paste or aerosol. The texture on the glass looks very impressive. With this method of decoration, the glass becomes rough and matte.

Airbrushing. Here, the drawing is applied to the surface using an airbrush. You can create paintings to your liking.

Mosaic. The image is made of small elements, most often of a geometric shape. But you can use other options as well.

Swarovski crystals. Decorating with rhinestones will give your apartment a unique look. They can lay out any picture, apply to a drawing made by sandblasting or photo printing.

There are many methods, choose.