Design a garden plot on the 6 acres: How you arrange the landscape with photos

Garden six hundredth - a small portion of the land, whose size is about 15 × 30 meters or 20x30. Be this site plan is quite hard work that requires a corresponding approach. Planning should start with the wishes and preferences. All people have different tastes, so the design of a garden plot is usually treated with a personal touch, based on the personal wishes of the person. planning drawings made his own, drawing scale of approximately 1: 500. Site owners issued an act on the ground, where it is necessary to specify the exact dimensions of the site.

garden 6 hundredth

Even a small suburban area you can interesting issue and turn it into a chic garden.

Before the construction of the need to consider the following criteria:

  • The mold portion;
  • The smoothness of the relief;
  • Nuances in the nearby areas.

One of the right decisions when planning the design area - is to stick to a certain style. Design a garden plot - a concept of semantic image or leitmotif. They each have their own attributes and it all tasteful. There are many styles, and each represents a variety of playback functions. Consider the main ones.

Japanese style


  • Japanese style
  • English style
  • Country style
  • Minimalism
  • French style
  • High-tech style
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The Japanese style is considered that the garden - a reflection of the soul, which is why its design is significant and is the smallest part of it. Furniture with a hint of the direction of the Japanese characters drawn or not give the garden view of the Japanese style. This style involves the embodiment of beliefs and traditions, and therefore is considered to be the most sensitive of all. The main ideological principles:

  • Spirituality;
  • Harmony;
  • Symbolism;
  • Naturalness.
garden 6 acres Japanese style

Disposition suburban area largely depends on the purpose for which the land is used.

There are also types of Japanese gardens:

  • temple;
  • palace;
  • Gardens at the apartment building;
  • Gardens of the tea ceremony;
  • Abstract.

The last three types are the most basic and commonly used.

garden 6 acres Japanese style photo

In any part of a small garden, a seating area, a place for household needs, and residential buildings.

Japanese - is a very voluminous style, so even the smallest section should contain a whole world. Zoning rules are very simple. The site must have either a square or rectangular shape, line and transition should be smooth. All must be unique, that is neither part of the garden should not be similar to another. The center of the garden are stones or water.

garden 6 acres Japanese style ideas

If you need a vast area for recreation, but the owner loves to plant flowers, it is necessary to allocate a maximum of space specifically for these needs.

Japanese garden should be in one color, mainly in soft colors, and gray, green and brown. White is the color to use is not recommended, as in Japan, it is the color of mourning.

Tracks in a garden all the arbitrary and have smooth curves, any angle! For track use natural wood or stones.

The Japanese garden includes a privacy and tranquility. It is therefore permissible high stone fence. This fence will serve as the perfect backdrop for the overall picture of the garden.

garden 6 acres Japanese style photo ideas

The main guideline for the planning to be a residential building.

The main reception of this style - reflectivity. It is produced by reservoirs. Water should reflect all the beauty of the garden, making the illusion of infinity. you can put the lantern near the pond. Often used islands with small bridges, and decorate the pond with boulders. There are several types of ponds:

  • Tsukubai - vessels of stone filled with water in which the plants are built different.
  • "Ringing" waterfalls - creates a waterfall that makes a loud and clear sound. The material is only natural stone.
  • Kare-sansui - a dry pond without water, made of sand or pebbles.
garden 6 acres Japanese style photo ideas

If the house is already built or the owner just decided how to arrange it, then you should consider the track - it is from them will depend on the general layout of the site.

English style


  • sculpture;
  • The house is located in the bottom of the garden;
  • Garden is not immediately visible;
  • Bright flowers planted near the house;
  • Accommodation pavilions at the intersection of the tracks;
  • Old and tall trees.
garden 6 hectare English style

If an area of ​​6 acres, it is necessary to maximize the use of every square meter.

This style involves a wet lower portion with large trees, and thereby the shadow. Shape of use absolutely any. We advise to take this style of a site 10 acres, but this style can be implemented in six acres. The walls of the house should not throw in the eye, you can use a girl's grapes for landscaping.

garden 6 hectare English style

Whichever interesting design project or thought, should, first of all, for practical purposes.

One of the main feature of the English garden is the lawn. It is so popular that it even make out the track. A traditional element of the garden - a pond, especially if it is overgrown. The pond can be decorated with a weeping willow, forget-me, marigold, Siberian irises and other plants. Flowers in an English garden is small. They are usually colorful and planted near the house. The English Garden is impossible to imagine without the roses.

garden 6 hectare English style

The site should be easy to use for work and play - avoid too narrow passages.

This garden is used ceramic tile, which mostly you can paint their own specialized paint for ceramics. This tile is laid among the stone and brick luggage.

The main colors of the English garden is - green and all its shades.

English style garden

To land has become visually more spacious and was the most convenient, it is important to properly zoned space.

Accessories of this style are the antiquities, bench, beneath the trees, handmade products.

Country style

Rustic style emphasizes the intimacy and beauty of nature, in this case there is cozy atmosphere.


  • Vegetable garden and flower beds that grow next to each other;
  • Rustic beauty of nature;
  • Variegated and vivid picture;
  • Naturalness.
garden 6 acres rustic style

If you want to see the area look more, you need to avoid high fences.

The basic idea is that a garden should look like over it worked very nature, not man, for example, a fence, twined plants, bench from an old tree growing near the house of daisies and cornflowers, large popular field and just sorta colors.

The house must also be entwined with greenery and flowers, (currently very popular wood siding). Furniture (benches, garden furniture) garden can be made from wood. Oak, cherry, birch, linden will last a very long time. you can make a table of the stumps.

garden 6 acres in a rustic style

Any part of the area must be clearly visible, but if you need partition should be used for this mesh with climbing plants and shrubs.

When choosing such a garden style topography change is not necessary, you can turn the ravine in a small pond, climb turned into a flower bed.

The fence is usually made braided. A forged parts perfectly decorate gates. On the site you can place a well, he will, for beauty, and for the cause. Neglect and vastness should be apparent. A colorful landscape will raise the mood of the hosts and guests.

garden 6 acres rustic style

Fence around a portion or the like inside the high barrier garden be visually reduce the already small space.


Simplicity - the main principle of minimalism, but the style is very expressive and beautiful. And select the components that will be perfect not so easy to operate with one another. Protections are placed low, on the site there is no division into zones. There is considered the principle of symmetry and regulation. The most important thing - it is expressive boundaries and harmonious combination. Minimalism shows that nature is unstable, and eventually it all updated.

garden 6 ar minimalist

You should also make room for the free area with lawn.

The garden, designed in the style of minimalism, can not boast of brightness and a profusion of plants. Typically used concrete, brick, metal or wood. Fluctuations in the relief only play into the hands of such design. Appropriate small pond, but the fountains are not welcome. The number of plants is not so important. Here seen their colors. Stylish look 2-3 plants of different varieties, but one color in combination with stones.

garden 6 acres minimalism photo

Site may well be used for recreation - to carry picnics and sunbathing.

French style

This style is called formal, it is important symmetry.


  • Garden located on a flat plane (elevation differences is not present);
  • The house is located in the center, and from there go to the track in different directions;
  • Symmetry and geometric plan;
  • Alive and well-groomed hedges;
  • Round pools and fountains;
  • Trees planted in a line;
  • Pavilions and statues;
  • Near the house are growing shrubs and low-growing plants.
garden 6 acres French style

There are many interesting solutions for decorating the site, many of which can be implemented with their own hands.

French-style parterres are from lawn or flower beds. Fences are arranged pattern. The farther away from the house, the flower beds easier. Flower gardens are filled with sand or gravel. Linden, chestnut, beech, elm - these are the most popular trees in this style, which should be cut, giving them shape. The basic range of colors - purple, pink, blue and white. Carefully consider the location of the flower beds, fountains, sculptures, pathways that will connect different parts of the garden. Symbol of the French landscape design is lavender and dahlias.

French garden in the area

Many people like to have ponds, fountains or waterfalls in the area.

High-tech style

This style allows you to implement completely different ideas that are close to the high technology. The main advantage - it is the warmth and comfort in the area. This style is unique, and high tech.

garden 6 ar hi tech

Even amid a minimalist environment on a small area of ​​artificial reservoirs will attract attention and make the space interesting.


  • Applied on any terrain and shape portion;
  • Garden perceived as a single unit;
  • Severity of forms;
  • Straightness, new materials and notes of minimalism;
  • Allowed combined planning;
  • Material: concrete, stone, glass, ceramic, plastic, polycarbonate. And only occasionally wood.

In the style of hi-tech uses white, blue, black, gray, silver, purple.

Garden design in hi-tech

Along the tracks will not be superfluous to install a small flashlight, as they will perform, and the practical and decorative.

The overall picture of the garden should be fairly low-key. Lighting plays an important role in this style. They emphasize the style. Therefore, we recommend to place a lot of lights, both electrical and solar powered. Welcome lights of unusual shape.

garden in the style of high-tech

When planting flowers on a small area to have them better over the entire space.

You can create optical illusions using mirrors. The enclosure can be made of nets and pipes. Water plays an important role. Artificial ponds are used, which have a clear concrete and metal shore. Tracks are usually straight, but sometimes diagonal and zigzag. Their cover should be smooth. The decor of the garden are used: containers for flowers, pillars, geometric shapes, mirrors, lights, colored stones. All these decorative elements should take its place. On the plot planted ferns, dahlia, lemongrass, cypress, chestnut, delphinium and the like.

landscaping area of ​​high-tech

In addition to flowers, a decorative function and are also green plants.

helpful hints

  • Use all the corners of the site, put them in a bench, a flower bed or podium. Blank angles define a space;
  • If screens or partitions to block the site, then it will visually appear larger;
  • If possible, change the terrain, make swings in the area, it will change its form;
  • Give the site a rounded shape (garden furniture, lawn, garden), as outlined element angles seem even smaller.
contemporary garden design

On the small suburban areas it decided to actively use a variety of climbing plants.

Using the information provided, it is possible to make a small patch - 6 hectare looked harmonious and practical.

VIDEO: Landscape portion project area 6 hectare.

50 design variants garden plot 6 hectare: