Rating of the best vacuum cleaners with aquafilter

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter are becoming more popular, and not for nothing. To date, they are considered to be the most qualitative, they are suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. The rating of the best vacuum cleaners with aquafilter is made according to five criteria: convenience, noisiness of work, quality of cleaning, equipment, weight and dimensions.

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1.Thomas Genius Aquafilter

The only drawback of this device is the high cost of replacement filters. However, everything else is amazing with its thoughtfulness and quality: it is very light, you can control the power, in the set there are a lot of additional brushes that easily fit into the pocket of the vacuum cleaner. In general, this model of the vacuum cleaner scored 9.1 points, and its cost is about 9000 rubles, depending on the network of stores.

2.Karcher DS 5500

This model was rated at 8.9 points, and its cost is 7500 rubles. The vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use, you can control the power, with the switch located directly on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. Of the minuses can be called large size.

3.Hoover VMA 1530

This vacuum cleaner has large dimensions and a fairly high cost - an average of 16,800 rubles. However, these disadvantages can not reduce the advantages of this vacuum cleaner: the kit includes 12 nozzles, 5 operating modes, dry and wet cleaning. Experts rated this model at 7.1 points.

4.Bork VC AHB 8718

It has an additional function of humidifying and air scenting, as well as blowing function, besides you can choose the dust container itself - a container or a bag. It is worth such an average of 6,800 rubles, and the score is 6.9 points.

5.Delvir WD Home

This vacuum cleaner has the largest volume of a dust bag in the rating - 16 liters, it will easily cope with cleaning even a large room. However, because of this, he weighs a lot. The average price is 8300 rubles, and the rating is 6.9 points.

6.Zelmer Wodnik Trio 619.5 S

Possesses the possibility of wet cleaning, and from the minuses you can note a short power cord. The average price of a vacuum cleaner is 7900 rubles, and experts estimated this model at 6.7 points.

7.Zauber R-750 Aqua-clean

This is the cheapest vacuum cleaner in the rating - 3926 rubles, but it has impressive advantages. For example, convenient draining of water. Experts evaluated this model by 6.7 points, and the only drawback is the absence of automatic winding of the cord.

8.Ariete Vapori Aspira 4250

Possibility of dry and wet cleaning, steam cleaning, 18 baits in the kit, power management - undoubted advantages of the device. Its cost is quite high - 11300 rubles. The rating of this model in the rating is 6.9 points.

9.EIO Targa 1600W Trio

Has a nice bonus -information LCD screen, and you can also use 2 modes of dust collection - in a container or water filter. The disadvantage of this model is a very small dust collector - 0.5 liters. The average price is 6900 rubles, and the rating in the rating of the best vacuum cleaners is 6.5 points.

10.Delonghi WF 1500 EDL

Possesses the possibility of wet cleaning and an additional compartment for accessories, you can choose the dust bag yourself, which also has a large volume - 7.9 points. From the minuses: because of the small wheels can be unstable, there is no automatic winding of the cord. The average cost is 6900, the rating in the rating is 6.5 points.