🖥 Program to install the drivers: a list of the best and recommendations

Installing current drivers - a guarantee of performance computer components


  • 1 The best universal software driver installation
  • 2 Specialized programs

The best universal software driver installation

Before we start talking about the selection of the appropriate software, it is required to make out a little theory. Namely, what is the "driver". This term refers to a special program, through which the interaction of the operating system with the hardware of a personal computer.

"Control Panel" - "Device Manager". This was the way to go to learn what components are installed on the system

In the absence of the installed software, video card or audio device will work, but not quite correct. regular installation provided by the operating system will be used. That is why from time to time required to update the drivers. After you reinstall your operating system the action is mandatory.

It is possible to carry out all manipulations by hand, going to the official website the manufacturer of a component, which by their device model, you can get a new driver version.

Every component in a PC Comes with a CD with drivers, but that does not mean that they do not become obsolete

But this option is suitable only for experienced PC users. For the majority of the most appropriate way to deal with is to install a specialized program that automatically checks the relevance of the drivers.

The advantages of using these utilities can be considered the following points:

  1. Automation of process of finding and installing software.
  2. To save you time, because you can get a check in just a few clicks.
  3. Support for a large number of manufacturers of components.
  4. Some applications allow you to perform a backup of the state of the equipment, which allows to restore the software when problems occur.
  5. The free nature of most of the spread of this software.

The Windows operating system offers a search for drivers automatically, but it is worth noting that the scanning quality is mediocre

Below is a list of universal programs to install the drivers and utilities are considered specialized plan, which are issued directly to original equipment manufacturers to support their own components.


The software, which is distributed free of charge and works with all versions of the Windows, except for outdated XP operating system.

DriverHub - a utility that automatically scans the system and detects outdated components

The base of the program contains information about more than one million different drivers for each component of the modern personal computer. All utilities are downloaded from the official manufacturer site, which is a user of the system safeguard. The main features offered by this software are:

  1. Finding and installing drivers for the actual equipment that is carried out in just 2 minutes.
  2. Download history, allowing the software to view the date of installation, as well as giving the opportunity to immediately move into a folder of its location.
  3. Rolling back to a previous version.
  4. Running some standard tools of the operating system, such as Control Panel, Task Manager, configurator network connections.

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Download the latest version of the program can be directly on the official website of the developer for free.


Next utility automatic driver updates for the devices installed on your computer, propagating through the freeware license, that is, free of charge. According to the developers, the program database contains information on more than two million different drivers. The manufacturer has provided support for all versions of Windows operating systems. Captivating presence of the Russian language, which greatly simplifies the work. The main functions of the program are:

  1. Automatic verification of the relevance of the drivers and updating them.
  2. Implementation of the backup.
  3. Conclusion complete information about the system: operating system version, processor type, amount of RAM and hard drive capacity.

DriverMax - program with intuitive and simple interface, which confidently cope with the task

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During the backup utility creates a system restore point that allows you at any time, if you have problems after the installation, back driver.

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A powerful utility that is designed for use by service engineers, system administrators, or people engaged in system recovery and its installation. Through this application, the user gets access to the database a large number of drivers from the leading manufacturers, as well as user-friendly module for their installations.

DriverPack Solution - is a free program that is high quality and fast searches outdated drivers

The software product, unlike its competitors, has an interesting feature: it is available in two versions - the online and offline versions:

  • the first option has a small size, a little less than 300 KB, but it can be set only when you are connected to the Internet. Next, the program scans the local computer and connect to the database located on the server developer to search for the best driver and its installation;
  • the second embodiment is a large volume of distribution (larger than 10 GB), which comprises not only the program but also a database of nearly a million drivers for all types of operating systems. After installation and start-up, the application carries out scanning and the actual installation of software.

One of the features is a custom installation of components found

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Using offline version is an excellent solution in case of emergencies, because the program does not offer a set the latest driver, and is used to install the appropriate software to further upgrade through network.

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Another versatile tool, which is specially formulated for the automated process control installed drivers. The utility is optimized for normal operation under Windows 10, but it works correctly on older versions of Windows operating system. The main features of this application are:

  1. Scan system and search for the required driver updates.
  2. Create a backup of programs and conclude it in a self-extracting archive for ease of recovery.
  3. Remove unused or improperly employed drivers.
  4. Displays system information.

Driver Genius is ideally optimized for use with the latest version of Windows

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The only significant drawback is the fact that is distributed by subscription. As the trial period, the developer provides only 30 days.

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An application that was created by one of the developers described in the preceding paragraph of the program. That is why there is some resemblance. The user can be confident in the stability of the software. This utility comes in two versions: Lite and Pro, distinguished by their functionality:

  • first option is a lightweight Linux distribution that, for driver updates, refers to the database located on the developer's servers;
  • The second version includes not only installation module, but also a complete database of actual driver at the time of download distribution. That is why the installer weighs 31 GB.

Snappy Driver Installer is a very detailed on-screen information on the status of the drivers in the system

The program has the ability to view detailed information about each component

The following points can be attributed to the number of features of the app:

  • free distribution;
  • the presence of a lightweight version that allows to work without installation;
  • High-speed scanning devices;
  • Obligatory creation of a system restore point before installing the driver;
  • the presence of Russian interface;
  • full optimization for all versions of the Windows operating system.

Review on Snappy Driver Installer

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Very simple, uncluttered design of the program to automatically search and update drivers, which is distributed for free. On a positive note, you can not just minimalist performance, but also high-quality support for Russian language.

Driver Talent - sleek design, confident

Among the possibilities offered by the utility, should be highlighted:

  1. Pre-scan on-demand system right from the app home screen.
  2. Backing up the system as a whole, and individual drivers.
  3. The possibility of preloading enables you to test the program loaded in the system.

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By pre-loading convenient to load drivers to import or export to another device due to the lack of automatic installation.


Application, the purpose of which is to scan the system to search for outdated drivers and installing new, the newest versions. Additionally, this software product, which is distributed for free, able create backup copies of the system or a separate software package for subsequent recovery OS performance. One important feature is the presence of a scheduler that allows you to set the correct procedure for updating. Also, through this application, you can delete any driver completely.

The program can be configured to automatically restart the system to activate the installed driver

The main drawback, which is marked by users, is the large number of advertising, whereby the utility is free while maintaining full functionality.

SlimDrivers would be perfect if not for the abundance of advertising

Feedback on the program SlimDrivers

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Perhaps the product of iObit is the best tool for automatic updating system drivers. His supporters are very fond of computer games for the presence of the item actualization game components.

Driver Booster - best program for automatic driver updates

The program is further configured to 'Fix' system problems

There are two versions of the product: a free, stripped-down offers several functional and paid, or Pro, are subscription price of which is 590 rubles per year of use. Among the features of users report the following:

  1. Simplicity and ease of use, since the whole process is carried out by pressing a single button.
  2. Very large, constantly updated database of drivers.
  3. Batch updates.
  4. Installation takes place in two stages: first, the application scans your PC, and then specifies the user that it is installed.
  5. Archiving of older drivers.

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Specialized programs

There are package solutions that are able to automatically scan and install the drivers for all the components of your computer. But along with this, manufacturers of certain sites produce their own software products, sharpened to check for updates. Thus, the user is able to maintain up to date, for example, video card drivers, but only of a certain manufacturer. On the one hand, due to the limited use of such tools, it may be considered a drawback. But, at the same time, such a solution makes it possible to obtain only the freshest and the most suitable components directly from the official developer.

Intel Driver Update Utility Installer

Proprietary software from from Intel, which is the purpose of search and update the drivers on the devices of this brand. Russified application and is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system. Appearance of the program is simplified as much as possible: the search is carried out by pressing a single button. Next, the user is prompted to select the components to install.

Major component manufacturers release their utility. Intel Driver Update Utility Installer - a product of Intel

For advanced users there is the possibility of selecting the required drivers manually for a specific device model.

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The manufacturer warns that the only standard components are integrated into the system by means of this tool, therefore, to search for the best driver for PC specific assembly, it is best to visit the manufacturer's website computer.


The app even from the same manufacturer, the purpose of which is to support the up to date video card drivers state. After installing the program, it automatically starts monitoring the state of the components. Of the additional features include a precise definition of the model graphics card and operating system version. After carrying out checks, the application prompts the user to determine the presence of new drivers. The utility is available only for Windows.

AMD Driver Autodetect - the decision by the company to holders of cards of this brand


Utility from NVidia, which, once installed on a computer that has a video card of the brand in automatically identifies its model and verifies the presence of relevant drivers on site Developer. If any, will be downloaded and can perform the upgrade of all system components. Work is extremely simple with the program. It is only important to decide whether or not to install the driver is detected.

NVidia has its own utility to update video card drivers

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It is very important when choosing a program to automatically install the drivers in the system, pay attention to such things as:

  • Having the ability to batch or selective updates that allow you to select which components you want to install in the first place;
  • presence scheduler allows you to adjust the process of checking the relevance of the driver;
  • Availability of the backup, which will come in handy if the failure happens after the installation of a new component.

Update drivers, in addition to cleaning your computer is an important part of keeping your PC running. Once again, find out which programs are best for the automatic search and installation of the components can be presented.