Top 10 of the best inventions of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the most famous person of our time in the field of IT-technologies, owns more than 230 patents, not only in technology, but also in construction and design. It's thanks to Steve Jobs that the world saw portable computers, fashionable iPod players, prestigious and considered to be the standard of style and functionality of iPhone mobile phones. But unfortunately, on October 5, 2011, at the age of 56, he was not alive. In memory of a remarkable man, I publish ten of his most important inventions that have turned our lives:

10. Ladder

Yes, I was not mistaken, it was the ladder. Glass stairs adorn the Apple Store. Steve Jobs is one of several inventors of glass stairs. What is there to invent, you ask?

The essence of the invention is that the metal and glass joints expand differently under the influence of changing temperatures, which leads to the destruction of the fasteners. The inventors found this a way out.

9. Mouse

Jobs is also listed among the inventors of mechanical manipulators that convert mechanical movements into movements on the computer screen

8. Monitor

All the way of development of modern computer monitors, from electron beam to modern flat high definition did not pass without the participation of this inventor

7. iPod with a disk phone

And not a light project, which is an analogue of the disk dialer built into the iPod.

6. iPod

A music player that has turned the notion of the ability to listen to music anywhere and anytime. Jobs owns about 85 patents relating to this invention.

5. OC Macintosh

Jobs came up with dozens of operating system innovations that help the user to conveniently use the computer: a quick access bar, switching between programs, cleaning the screen. All this is his hands of creation.

4. Branded packaging

Steve Jobs paid attention to everything, and even how the products of Apple are presented.that's why he developed several types of packages that differ in their compactness and style.

3. Desktop computer

Since 1980, the name of Steve Jobs is listed on all patents regarding PC cases.


Notebook As mentioned earlier, Steve was simply obsessed with style, so some of his patents concern laptops. This means that Apple's notebooks have characteristic features, functionality and aesthetics.

1. iPhone

An integral accessory of the style and prestige of modern man, the device that embodied all the Apple technologies and inventors' ideas, Steve was happy and glowed during the presentation of this product!

"Death is the best invention of Life"

Steve Jobs

Thank you fate, for the fact that she gave me the opportunity to live at the same time with this person!