Results of 2014 in Science and Technology( Top-10)

The past year has left us a lot of innovations, scientific discoveries, trends, trends and vectors of development. Results of 2014 in science and technology we have included in today's Top-10.

Clever things, delivery of pizza drones, electronic wallets and much more in the review, compiled from the resources of the Computerra resource.


  • 10. Care PC
  • 9. Chinese smartphones
  • 8. The new operating system
  • 7. Protection of anonymity
  • 6. Electronic money
  • 5. Global Internet
  • 4. Bionics
  • 3. Wearable devices
  • 2. Drones
  • 1Internet of things

10. Care of the personal computer

Mobile devices as never press stationary computers. Traditional PC is a thing of the past, not competing with tablets, laptops and smartphones. Naturally, the trend has affected the software market, where there are fewer novelties for stationary PCs, and more and more mobile applications.

9. Chinese smartphones

In terms of sales, the products of Chinese brands are getting closer to Apple, Samsung and HTC.In the Russian market, the appreciation of the exchange rate plays the Chinese only by the hand - the demand for premium brands is falling ever more severely, and sales of budget smartphones from the Middle Kingdom are growing.

8. New operating systems

Neither Apple, nor Microsoft, nor Google in the latest versions of their issued anything particularly new and revolutionary. The trend of 2014 has become stability and commitment to proven principles of work.

7. Protection of anonymity

Protection of personal data has become a real mania among Internet users. The revelations of Edward Snowden, and then a number of other revelations did not pass without a trace. People massively buy out "super-protected" smartphones, regularly change passwords, etc.

6. Electronic money

In the United States calculated that every twentieth buying during the Christmas sales were paid using the electronic payment system Google Wallet and Apple Pay. The market of crypto-currencies is also actively developing. Bitcoin in autumn 2014 had a strong competitor - Ripple.

5. Global Internet

The Internet last year celebrated its 40th anniversary. And despite the scandals with data leakage and global surveillance, the worldwide network is becoming ever more firmly in the life of each of us. Private companies have the right to register domain zones, and search giants predict the attraction of several billion new users to the network in the coming years.

4. Bionics

Flexible electronics became the discovery of 2014 in medicine. So, contact lenses from Google allow diabetics to continuously monitor the level of sugar. Also, thanks to bionics, scientists managed to reduce bulky medical equipment, for example, to create a dialysis machine weighing only 5 kg.

3. Wearable devices

It all started last spring with glasses of augmented reality. And then the world learned about the helmet Oculus Rift. Modern gadgetomans acquire "smart" watches, fitness trackers and jewelry with electronic stuffing.

2. Drones

Miniature drones are used in DHL, Google, Facebook and even in the Russian network "Dodo Pizza" for delivery of orders. Separate areas of work for drones are rescue services. Unfortunately, along with the number of unmanned vehicles, the number of accidents with their participation increased.

1. Internet of things

The so-called Internet of Things is gaining more adherents. The number of users of the "Internet of things" has grown over the year by 25%.We are no longer surprised by the "clever" Full HD TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, watches and other gadgets managed via the worldwide network. Scientists predict that in 5 years, 25 billion devices will be connected to the "Internet of Things".