What is a memory card reader, and why is it needed: reviews, destination, internal or external, ihraznovidnosti

To transfer the information from the memory card to the hard disk of a computer or laptop necessarily need a card reader.


  • 1 What is a memory card reader
  • 2 Assigning device
  • 3 types of devices
  • 4 How to choose the right memory card reader
  • 5 Top model: TOP 5 card readers
  • 6 Advantages and disadvantages

What is a memory card reader

This word is borrowed. In English it means "card reader". There are also slightly different spelling - card reader. In appearance it may be quite different, but most often is a small box with slots for placing maps of all existing formats: large SD, used in cameras and microSD, applied in mobile digital devices small size.

The most common place to find a memory card on the camera.

Assigning device

Card Reader is used to read information from the memory card and then transfer it to your computer. For this purpose, using a USB cable.

There are different among the users position relative to the need for such an external device. Those who believe that the use of devaysa impractical, given as an argument the fact that virtually every mobile device has a USB output and can be connected by cable to a PC for reading. But here one should take into account the time - in the process of reading is consumed charge the battery of the gadget that, in the location away from sources of electric current is extremely undesirable.

Multifunctional devices allow the use of large amounts of memory card types

types of devices

All of these devices on the market are divided into two broad categories. They are divided according to the placement of the reader and type of connection.

external card readers

External card reader connected to a PC via a USB cable

The external device is a box described above, which acts as a container with a slot for memory card placement. It connects to your computer via a simple USB cable. In fact, such execution does Card Reader ordinary stick. And the device works on a similar principle - stuck and work.

internal card readers

Internal or built-in plug directly into the computer case

Otherwise, this species is called integrated. As the name implies, that such a device for reading a memory card is placed in the device: PC or laptop. Most modern PCs originally equipped with the necessary accessory, which deprives the user need to purchase it separately. Readers are placed embedded in the empty slot on the 3.5-inch, which used to be a drive.
Typically, internal devices have a size of 3.5 inches, but there are some that need to be installed at the place of DVD-ROM drive location and dimensions are 5.25 inches.

How to choose the right memory card reader

After the user has decided on the question of what he really need a card reader, in front of him at once arises the next problem - how to choose the right device. Choice should be made in several ways.

The longer the wire, the greater the voltage drop. To avoid this, you can choose devices that resemble flash drive and connected directly to the USB jack

According to the connection interface

Because all card readers are divided into only two types, with the choice of the device according to the method of connection problems do not arise. This will be an internal or external device. The first need as a separate gadget. This will not only connect the source storage to the PC, but also transfer information from one computer to another. The internal device is installed directly into the system unit and becomes stationary. All card readers connected via USB protocol, regardless of their type and purpose.

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Keep in mind that every centimeter USB cable leads to attenuation of the voltage, so the internal card reader allows you to win a certain amount of data rate.

The abundance of memory card formats require to select a device that supports the maximum number.

A variety of card support

Each reader has a plurality of openings, where the memory cards are placed. Naturally, the more slots, the greater the number of information sources manage to connect. This factor is often decisive in the choice of accessories.

Before buying should decide on the types of cards that are available at the user and try to select a device that supports the maximum number.

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Some card reader models offer the opportunity to work with more than 50 different memory card formats.

Not to overpay, it is best to determine the types of cards that are available, and buy the reader in view of this fact.

It should be understood that the cost of the device will increase according to the number of supported drives. Allowing to read dozens of types With just a couple of cards, do not chase the accessory. It will be a waste of money.

It is believed that high-quality modern reader should provide support for the following types of memory cards:

  • CompactFlash;
  • CF Type I (UDMA 0-6);
  • CF Type II (UDMA 0-6);
  • SD;
  • SDHC;
  • SDXC;
  • microSD;
  • microSDHC;
  • microSDXC;
  • Memory Stick (Duo, Pro, PRO Duo, M2).
The presence of the inscription «USB3.0» says that the reader supports high data rate.

Data Transfer Rate

Among the important parameters of the communication speed can be attributed, as it will depend from it the time spent by the user for copying. This is very important when transferring large amounts of information.

Most of the readers on the market work at a speed of 480 Mbit / s, more advanced models can provide this figure at 500 Mbit / sec. It is therefore rely solely on this indicator does not make sense.

But here it is necessary to consider not so much the possibility of high-speed reader, as that of the computer. Availability of modern port USB3.0 allows for data transfer rates of 5 Gbit / s, which is significantly higher than the previously mentioned numbers.

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When choosing the criterion of "speed" is necessary to pay attention to what rate support memory card, otherwise, even in the presence of a high-speed port is likely not get the expected advantages.

Some models are combined device having a Type-C OTG, which allows to connect them directly to the smartphone

additional Features

Also, when choosing a card reader, it is desirable, but not required, to pay attention to the advanced product features, among which stand out:

  • compatibility with a particular operating system. As a rule, all modern readers are multi-system, but to clarify this figure will more than not;
  • equipment. Conscientious manufacturer includes a set of different adapters, making it possible to use different memory cards;
  • A USB jack, which allows the purchase of one device to become the owner of an additional hub or splitter to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Devaysa choice should be made in accordance with the features of its future use. Therefore, it may be advisable to pay attention to the size of the accessory, because the frequent trips and the use of digital technology, it is better to choose small, compact model. Housing can pick up large in size and more advanced options in terms of feature set.

Top model: TOP 5 card readers

When choosing the best device you can rely on their own knowledge or try to find out the details from the sales assistants in the store. But it is wise to familiarize yourself with the pre-rating of the best models, which is based on competent expert opinions, backed by real-world customer feedback. Presented selection involves only external devices of various shapes and functional.


Universal Model released virtually unknown wide range of buyers Chinese brand, which It considered one of the most reliable, because it supports the preservation of at unscheduled outage data device.

CBR CR 440 - qualitative model of an unknown Chinese manufacturer

Accessory is connected via USB2.0 port, so wait for lightning data exchange is not worth of it. Everything happens on the standard 480 Mbit / s.

The device supports most common formats: microSD, MMC, MemoryStick, CompactFlash. One of the positive aspects is a compact device that allows him to take any trip. The connection is made on the principle of Plug & Play, which ensures there is no need to install additional software. It is also a clear advantage can be considered the price - only 310 rubles.


Device from a reputable manufacturer of external storage. This model is characterized by support USB3.0 protocol, which provides high speed file transfer. In this case, unlike its competitors, accessory attracts price, which is only 950 rubles.

HAMA H-39878 - all-in-one device, which means a large number of supported memory card

Another distinctive feature of this model is its attractive appearance. The upper part - a black gloss, and the bottom - a mirror plastic. The advantages also applies to compact reader. Dimensions devaysa constitute 58 × 17 × 99 mm, so the device does not take up much space on the desktop or in a bag.

The presence of the inscription «all-in-one» says that the card reader supports most modern formats of memory cards. Of the most common should be mentioned SD, microSD, MemoryStick, CompactFlash and MMC.

Ginzzu GR-588UB - USB flash drive with the mind, but in reality reader


The device, which came on the market in Taiwan by a brand that in recent years steadily conquering the buyer. This model is new, which is the ergonomic reader that supports microSD or other type of memory card.

In appearance, this accessory looks like a normal USB-Tocco, which is simple to use and connects to several types of devices. To communicate with a computer using USB3.0 protocol. If there is no PC, and urgently need information at your fingertips somewhere to pass, that on the reverse side there is a connector Type C OTG, allowing you to connect the device to the smartphone. accessory cost is 380 rubles.


The product is another well-known manufacturer of external storage, which is a compact and fast card reader, which supports USB3.0 protocol. The presence of increased data rate allows you to move from a memory card even graphic objects that have large volume.

Transcend TS-RDP8 - pink color attracts girls who also need a card reader

The model is concise, but a nice design and is offered in several colors, until the pink color that will appeal to girls. Despite its modest size, the reader supports the most common card formats - microSD, microSDXC, SDHC, MS, CompactFlash. A proprietary tool, built-in card reader, called RecoveRx allow instantly recover accidentally deleted information. The cost model is 750 rubles.


The original device of known brand, which is a card reader, the communication protocol supports USB3.0, which provides high speed data transfer. This very thin device which is positioned vertically and is provided with a special stand. White color performance gives it elegance and outer beauty.

SanDisk ImageMate SDDR-289-X20 - stylish, functional, expensive

Despite the availability of modern data transmission format, the device has a backward compatibility feature that allows you to use it in a traditional USB2.0 ports.

It affects the abundance of types of memory cards that are supported by this accessory. In addition to all the most common formats, the device provides the latest reading from cards CompactFlash UDMA 7 standard.

The only significant drawback could be considered a high cost, which amounts to 2590 rubles.

GINZZU GR-166UV - the best in the opinion of users, built-in card reader

Separately, is represented by a rating, I would like to mention one of the best representatives of internal readers. This model GINZZU GR-166UV. It is traditional for all members of this class, made in the format of 3.5 inches for attachment to the drive slot. Moreover, to fix the device inside the system can be on-site hard disks.

Included with the unit are special runners, screws for secure adhesion, bonding wire. Supports USB3.0 protocol. Also, the accessory can be connected to the motherboard via SATA III. Reader supports the most common memory card formats - TF, CF, SD, xD-Picture. The cost model is 660 rubles.

Acquisition card reader - a justified step, since this device will be useful not only professional photographers, but also to those who by occupation retains a large number of files on digital devices. Work with these accessories is extremely simple, as most models operate on the principle of Plug & Play. This means that the user does not need to install additional software. Once again, find out what the reader and how to choose the right can be submitted from the video.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the view of some members that the purchase of the reader, regardless of connection type is empty waste of money, these devices have a number of important advantages over the method of direct connection to the gadget PC:

  • A higher data rate. In the direct process of recording on the card installed directly in the phone connected via USB, the transmission rate does not exceed 300 kbit / s. When using the accessory this rises up to 6 Mbit / s, which greatly reduces the exchange of data.
  • The best recognition. When you connect the card reader to your computer without having to install additional software or drivers. The interaction occurs directly. In Windows Explorer, the memory card is displayed as a separate drive.
  • Saving battery power. In direct connection gadget laptop wasted energy of both the first and second devices. If the PC is not so critical, the smartphone is fraught with more rapid failure of the battery due to frequent charge and discharge cycles.
  • Trouble-free compound. Some gadgets are consuming so much energy, that after the direct connection to the PC, they just will not be recognized as current provided by the USB cable, it will just enough. We can only provide the charging device.
Some Soup equipped with additional USB ports that makes the reader a full-fledged hub.

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Most digital devices, including your smartphone or camera will require connecting to a computer driver installation or special software for data exchange.

In the market you can find very tiny devices that are read with microUSB card.

It should be noted that the card readers have no obvious defects. The only negative point is the need to purchase accessories.

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Some models are available in the size of a standard USB flash drive that will provide a compact and useful device, but in this case will have to sacrifice the number of readable card types.