What's New Smartphone 2018: review of models

Every year comes a large number of new products that attract the user's appearance or their technical characteristics


  • 1 Expected trends of smartphones in 2018 and established trends in the development of mobile technology
  • 2 What's New Smartphone in 2018 by Chinese manufacturers
  • 3 Budget trends of smartphones in 2018, and the average price segment

Expected trends of smartphones in 2018 and established trends in the development of mobile technology

Surprise a buyer who is becoming increasingly picky, harder and harder every year. Companies specializing in the production of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, it is necessary present new flagship, having advanced features to maintain market share or conquer users. Throughout 2017 there was the emergence of new trends in the production of smartphones, which are the natural evolution of technology, becoming not just a tool for communication, but it has taken on features of the present assistant everyday.

The complete absence of the framework has become a good tradition in the production of flagship smartphones

Among the innovations that have become "de rigueur" in the manufacture of smartphones, it can be considered:

  • presence of dual chamber;
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • Frameless display;
  • new user identification system, such as retinal scanner or face recognition.

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Another trend that began in the market of mobile gadgets, you can consider the growing number of Chinese brands, producing products A-segment. This is a smartphone that can be put on a par with the flagship of famous brands.

Speaking of updates to mobile phones in 2018, we can not undertake a review of recent models, which represent the leading manufacturers, and analyze the rumors about the future flagship.

Official information from Apple gives an idea of ​​what will be the screens of the future models

Overview of smart phones in 2018 from Apple

No list of smartphones can not do without mentioning products from the world-famous brand of Cupertino. After a not very successful Jubilee IPhone IPhone and the X 8, which broke all sales records for the worse, the company need to make an effort to regain the trust of fans and prove that it is not for nothing is in the top manufacturers smartphones.

First on the flagship of the line, which is preparing to introduce a brand on the basis of information leaks is IPhone X Plus. Although the claim can not be reliably accurate name, but one thing is for sure - the company will significantly expand its line of vehicles. This official information, which is represented by the brand. A total of 2018 planned output of two new smartphones, the main difference will be that the increased diagonal:

  • 6.1 inch low-LCD-screen, which will be the response characteristic of the Chinese brand frameless devices;
  • 6.5 inch OLED-matrix that preserves the best traditions of the company.

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It is known for sure that a given "dozens" good tone as the almost complete absence of a framework and corporate cutout on top of the front panel remains unchanged.

The cut will place the front camera, the resolution of which is still unknown, and the face detection sensors. At a recent press conference, representatives of the company told us that they would try to teach the AI ​​used in smart phones, to identify vein pattern on the face for greater response accuracy.

"Monobrov" became the hallmark of the iPhone, but this innovation quickly intercepted by other manufacturers

Also is not the first rumors that the company will begin to equip their vehicles with a slot for placing a second SIM-card. Since 2018 in the UAE planned to test a massive launch of 5G networks, there is a nonzero probability that the new product from Apple will be able to receive support for this format of communication. Another information on the level of rumors is the possibility of separate network devices in support module, which will provide two active SIM-card.

New items from Samsung smartphones in 2018

Its main novelty the company has already presented to the public. We are talking about the model Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +. It went on sale in February, and was not just rebrenderingom existing "Eight", and qualitatively new device will receive:

  • dual rear chamber, which uses an updated sensor;
  • increasing mobile data transmission rate;
  • fingerprint scanner on the "right" place;
  • Super SlowMo mode that allows you to shoot video at a frequency of 960 frames per second;
  • improved screen;
  • a new processor for the Russian market (Exynos 9810).

Samsung Galaxy S9 - innovation, which has already appeared on the market, but have not yet acquired the popularity of its predecessor

But in any ointment fly in the ointment there. In particular, the lack of such news is overpriced, which is 55 000 and 60 000 rubles. for younger and older model, respectively.

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Following the period elapsed since the release pattern, it shows a decrease in consumer demand, compared to previous flagships. The mark of one million copies sold was overcome only after almost 2 months of sales. For Samsung Galaxy S8, this period was two weeks.

Among the novelties of the upcoming phone from the Samsung 2018 model can be mentioned, which goes under the code index X. This is a smartphone with a bendable screen. In the network appeared even engineering scheme of this model, but not so long ago, the company's representatives announced that they are likely to yield such a revolutionary product will not be possible before 2020 year.

New products from Sony as an example of Japanese quality at an affordable price

2018 Overview of smart phones, the new products would be incomplete without mention of the company, which over the past few years could not get to the top lines of the user rating, despite the fairly extensive line smartphones. We are talking about Sony brand.

The main novelty of the Japanese brand has acquired a new look, but has kept the charm inherent to the brand

The only novelty provided by the manufacturer in 2018, is an ruler ZX2, which shows two embodiments smartphones: by compact and conventional. Origin different screen sizes reduced, which is 5 inches. Of the distinguishing features of this device are the following:

  • departure from strict forms and the appearance of rounded edges;
  • presence of a powerful processor;
  • one main camera (the company is in no hurry for fashion);
  • well located and convenient fingerprint reader.

Like all emerging flagships of premium brands, Sony product is characterized by an inflated value on the start of sales, which will allow the buyer to choose between the other top-end smartphones from other manufacturers. As if to express the subjective impression of the new items, apparently it does not cause delight and desire to necessarily buy the phone.

New smartphones from LG 2018 companies

Korean brand tries to regain its former position, which considerably shaken in recent years. The main novelty has been the flagship device that continues the G series, called LG G7 ThinQ. New Company received the following new features:

  • monobrov or cutout in the top of the screen;
  • large screen size (6.1 inch);
  • brand new processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon 845;
  • basic dual camera supporting computer vision;
  • quality sound system, the "heart" which is a DAC QuadDAC.

The recommended price of the device is declared at the level of 59,990 rubles.

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Situation of sales at the company, apparently, a very bad situation. Proof of this is a free bonus in the form of a TV with a screen 43 inches when you make a pre-order, standing within 27 000-28 000. This is an unprecedented step.

It does not shy away from a manufacturer of low-end segment. The novelty of this market model is the Aristo 2, which would be better to just do as to fill the gaps with something worse than not to produce anything at all.

LG Aristo 2 - state employees, which would not be issued at all

This machine can be "boast" 5-inch display, a medium-power processor (Snapdragon 425), RAM - 2 GB, internal storage 16 GB. The only advantage we can assume the presence of 13 megapixel main camera, which is equipped with a fast auto focus.

Google Pixel 3

The only device that is expected from Google, is a smartphone Pixel 3. The previous version, which had a better camera at the time of withdrawal, was perfect in detail: many users have complained about the appearance of dead pixels on the screen.

Google Pixel 3 until it is presented in the form of interesting concepts

Reliable information about the new product does not yet exist, in addition, that the planned release date is scheduled for the autumn. From the leaked rumors and user expectations are the following features:

  • Frameless display;
  • dual modulus main chamber;
  • face recognition;
  • support wireless charging;
  • the presence of the latest "out of the box" of the operating system;
  • can be onscreen scanner.
What's New Smartphone 2018, or What are mobile technologiesAlways connected, or some low-cost and high-quality smart pick in 2018.In a special publication of our portal, we describe in detail about the low-cost smartphones. You will learn the difference between expensive and cheap budget phone, and how to choose an inexpensive but good smartphone sample 2017-2018 year.

What's New Smartphone in 2018 by Chinese manufacturers

Unlike the big brands, Chinese companies are trying to produce many new smartphones various cost ranges to increase the market expansion. Of the most common brands on the Russian market may be mentioned Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu. Overview of the prices of new products 2018 phone is also possible to add one more of the expected product - OnePlus 6.

What's New Smartphone 2018 from Xiaomi

Official site brings 5 ​​new smartphones, which should appear in the current year:

  • Mi The most awaited flagship, about the appearance and characteristics of which there were many rumors. According to official data, the device receive current Snapdragon processor 845, eight-processor, dual-core camera, display ratio 18: 9 and the complete absence of the framework. Question face recognition and support wireless charging remains open. The cost of the device is about 30 000 rubles.
  • Mi Mix According to information from official sources, the sequel to the popular line of PHABLET get even thinner frame, coated screen 97% of the screen surface. Size remains the same - 6 inches. The main camera will have two modules. An important novelty may be the presence of the on screen of the scanner.
  • Mi Max Another continued devices differing increased screen sizes (6.99 inch). According to rumors, this parameter is maintained, but the larger size will not occur, which may indicate a reduction in the thickness of the framework. Users waiting for a double camera, 5500 mAh battery.
  • redmi Note Telephone budget segment having a dual camera processor Snapdragon 630/636, RAM volume - ¾ GB battery capacity - 4000 mAh. It will also vary dimensions firmware storage - 32 or 64 GB. The device is already available for sale at a price of 15 000 rubles.
  • Redmi "Dark" horse, the exact characteristics of which are still unknown. It is expected that the smartphone will get a middle-class chipset - the Snapdragon 630, two versions of the ROM volume - 16 and 32 GB, the amount of RAM - 3 GB. Actual appearance double chamber. Preliminary cost is unknown.

What's New Smartphone 2018 by Meizu

Another Chinese company, which in recent years from an unknown brand has managed to become a popular brand that has its followers.

Meizu 15 will be a special, commemorative phone company

The most anticipated new product in 2018 from this manufacturer, marking the 15th anniversary of the firm, is a smartphone Meizu 15. In total, the series will be represented by three devices: Plus, Lite and just 15. Main characteristics listed in tabular form.

CharacteristicsMeizu 15Meizu 15 LiteMeizu 15 Plus
operating systemAndroid 7.1 Flyme 7
Diagonal, Inches5,465,465,95
chipsetSnapdragon 660Snapdragon 626Exynos 8895
RAM, GB446
ROM, GB64/1286464/128
battery capacity, mAh300030003500
Camera resolution, front / basic, Mn20/12+2020/1220/12+20
Dimensions and weight143 × 72 × 7,25 / 152 g143,62 × 72,38 × 7,45 / 145 g153,8 × 78,25 × 7,25 / 177 g

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One of the distinguishing features of the new products is the lack of NFC-module, which can be a drawback for some users. Older models are equipped with stereo speakers located on the front surface.

What's New Smartphone 2018, Huawei

Chinese brand, which has become in Russia the most popular of all the "high places" companies, also did not remain aloof from the new products and presentations. On April 19, China was presented the flagship of the company's sub-brand under the Honor digital index 10. Technical characteristics of the phone as follows:

  • screen diagonal - 5.84 inches;
  • aspect ratio – 16,67:9;
  • double main camera 24 and 16 Mn;
  • front module 24 Mn;
  • the presence of a face recognition function;
  • CPU Kirin 970;
  • amount of RAM - 4 GB ROM - 64/128 GB;
  • Battery capacity - 3400 mAh battery.

The cost of new items on the Russian market will be 27 000 rubles - for a model with 64 GB and 30 000 rubles. - for the capacity of 128 GB.

Honor 10 in red shade is a triumph of taste and style

OnePlus 6 - Expect a lot of novelty

May 16 was officially presented the new "flagship killer" - the device OnePlus 6, which in reality is not pleased with its democratic price users. On the territory of the Russian Federation in the official store price of the device is 40 990 rubles.

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The manufacturer could not imagine anything qualitatively new, so buyers of this gadget is likely to become ardent fans of the brand. The only thing that can be considered a plus - is to support the latest version of Android 9.0 P.

OnePlus 6 - a novelty for the adherents of this brand

Technical characteristics of the new smartphone from an independent brand:

  • matrix Optic AMOLED with 6.28 inch diagonal screen;
  • chipset Snapdragon 845;
  • RAM - 6/8 GB;
  • ROM - 64/128/256 GB with the lack of support for memory cards;
  • based camera - double a resolution of 16 and 20 M, front module 16 has Mn;
  • face recognition and a fingerprint scanner;
  • battery 3300 mAh that supports fast charging;
  • dimensions - 155,7 × 75,4 × 7,75 and weighs 177 g

Home sales scheduled for May 22, so wishing to become the first owners of Novik can have time to pre-order.

Budget trends of smartphones in 2018, and the average price segment

What's New Smartphone 2018 to 10 000 rubles

TitleCharacteristicsprice, rub.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

  • Processor: Snapdragon 425.
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM / ROM 16 GB.
  • Chamber 5 and 13 Mn.
  • Battery: 3080 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.5 inches.
8 500

Meizu m5c

  • Processor: MediaTek MT6737.
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM / ROM 16 GB.
  • Chamber 5 and 13 Mn.
  • Battery: 3000 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5 inches.
7 990

Huawei Nova Lite

  • Processor: Snapdragon 425.
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM / ROM 16 GB.
  • Chamber 5 and 13 Mn.
  • Battery: 3020 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5 inches.
8 990

Asus ZenFone 4 Max

  • Processor: Snapdragon 425.
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM / ROM 16 GB.
  • Chamber 5 and 13 Mn.
  • Battery: 4100 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.5 inches.
9 900

What's New Smartphone 2018 to 15 000 rubles

TitleCharacteristicsprice, rub.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

  • Processor: Snapdragon 625.
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Cameras 12 and 12 MP.
  • Battery: 4000 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.99 inch.
12 500

Meizu M6 Note

  • Processor: Snapdragon 625.
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Cams 16 and 12 + 5 Mn.
  • Battery: 4000 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.5 inches.
14 000

Honor 9 Lite

  • Processor: Kirin 659.
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Cams 12 and 13 + 2 M.
  • Battery: 3000 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.65 inch.
14 990

Xiaomi MiA1

  • Processor: Snapdragon 625.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Chamber 5 and 12 + 12 Mn.
  • Battery: 3080 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.5 inches.
15 280

What's New Smartphone 2018 to 20 000 rubles

TitleCharacteristicsprice, rub.

Samsung Galaxy J7

  • Processor: Exynos 7870.
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Cameras 13 and 13 megapixels.
  • Battery: 3600 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.5 inches.
12 990

Huawei Nova 2

  • Processor: Kirin 659
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM / ROM 64 GB.
  • Cams 20 and 12 + 5 Mn.
  • Battery: 3340 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.9 inches.
17 990

Meizu Pro 7

  • Processor: Helio P25.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM / ROM 64 GB.
  • Cams 16 and 12 + 12 Mn.
  • Battery: 3000 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.2 inch.
16 450

Nokia 6

  • Processor: Snapdragon 430.
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Cams 8 and 16 Mn.
  • Battery: 3000 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.5 inches.
15 990

What's New Smartphone 2018 to 25 000 rubles

TitleCharacteristicsprice, rub.

Huawei Honor 9

  • Processor: Kirin 960.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM / ROM 64 GB.
  • Cams 8 and 12 + 20 Mn.
  • Battery: 3200 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.15 inch.
22 000

Samsung Galaxy A7

  • Processor: Exynos 7880.
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM / ROM 32 GB.
  • Cameras 16 and 16 megapixels.
  • Battery: 3600 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.7 inch.
23 990

8 Nokia Dual sim

  • Processor: Snapdragon 835.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM / ROM 64 GB.
  • Cams 13 and 13 + 13 Mn.
  • Battery: 3090 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.3 inches.
24 250

Xiaomi Mi6

  • Processor: Snapdragon 835.
  • Memory 4/6 GB RAM / 64/128 GB ROM.
  • Cams 8 and 12 + 12 Mn.
  • Battery: 3350 mAh battery.
  • Diagonal: 5.15 inch.
25 300

New items this year are forced to think about how quickly evolving smartphone market. Market leaders do not cease to surprise the public with new solutions and technologies. As the general public will perceive the expected trends, only time will tell. In the meantime, watch this video.