📲 How much is to collect parts of the iPhone 7 with AliExpress: description of details and links

iPhone - it is prestigious, it's stylish, it's beautiful, but it is expensive

For such people, there are several options to achieve his goal:

  • take the device into a loan that can not be regarded as an ideal solution to the problem;
  • buy a replica of a Chinese shop (AliExpress, GearBest, Bangood) with a probability of 50 × 50, that the purchased phone will work perfectly;
  • collect smartphone independently of the acquired on Chinese sites mentioned spare parts.

Buy the iPhone and go on Doshirak - people logic, which tend to become owners of the gadget in that no matter what

Material from the portal Tehno.guru tell how realistic assemble components of the iPhone, purchased in China, and most importantly, how much it will cost device made with parts AliExpress.

Immediately note a few things to consider when deciding to collect replica phone from well-known brands of spare parts purchased separately:

  • such an event will require the involvement of the master who has experience in the repair of mobile phones;
  • since Apple carefully monitors the manufacturing of components, it is the presence of low-quality chip cards purchased, may have problems with the operation of the device;
  • material is for reference purposes because AliExpress shop sellers often changing prices. In addition, the shares are held periodically. Therefore, to obtain the lowest possible cost, it is necessary to monitor all site shops.

AliExpress - Chinese marketplace, where you can find anything, even parts for iPhone


  • 1 How to start: the heart of "a la iPhone" Phone
  • 2 The most important thing - the tactile sensation
  • 3 Display for a better view
  • 4 But what about the photo
  • 5 Power - the important thing for the health
  • 6 Set of cables for the operation buttons
  • 7 Sound - a head
  • 8 Important and useful stuff
  • 9 Summarizing

How to start: the heart of "a la iPhone" Phone

The most important part of any smartphone is the motherboard, which is directly CPU and video card, as well as the main components responsible for the normal operation device.

When you create a search query should be prepared for the fact that search results can be found two types of payment: a presence TouchID (special technology that allows the device to unlock the fingerprint) and the absence of this technologies.

Motherboard - is the heart of any phone

The acquisition of the second option is cheaper, but in the end user receives a phone where the center button will have only one function - Home, which naturally reduces its functionality.

When the decision to buy a motherboard, which is present TouchID should carefully examine the customer reviews and store ratings. The fact that the manufacturer attaches the sensor to the motherboard at the hardware level. So a separate purchase of the motherboard and TouchID impossible because the assembled structure will not work correctly.

TouchID integrated into the motherboard, so the acquisition of parts separately inappropriate

There is a risk not acquiring new parts, and removed from the phone, second-hand, so you should be prepared for possible trouble.

The least expensive options, presented on AliExpress are:

  • motherboard without TouchID with a storage capacity of 32 GB - Buy on AliExpress
  • motherboard TouchID the same amount of memory - Buy on AliExpress

The cost of the first option is 6207 rubles, and the price is a more advanced model - 11302 rubles. This seller delivery is absolutely free. This point should also be taken into account when monitoring the cost because, in some cases, the amount of delivery can simply "eat" the charm of the minimum price.

By purchasing a card with already integrated TouchID, mindful of the fact that this can not change the element, it is necessary to choose the right color at once - either white or black.

Another thing that should worry the user - is the amount of RAM, which is also located on the motherboard. Here, everything is simple and logical - the more gigabytes user desires, the greater the amount will have to pay the seller.

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When choosing the right parts it is important to carefully read the description and select the options unlocked, otherwise it is likely to get parts that already "is locked" on a particular operator.

The most important thing - the tactile sensation

Another important component is any phone body which will be responsible for the tactile sensation during use. So that when the daily operation of the gadget bring aesthetic satisfaction, it is recommended not to skimp on this part, and to seek a higher price and more qualitatively.

Included with the case should go button and the tray for the SIM card

When choosing a body should monitor the availability of a set of all the necessary details:

  • tray to accommodate the SIM-card;
  • volume buttons;
  • on / off button;
  • mode selector device.

All of these parts can be found separately, but it is very difficult to pick up the same shade of color components made by different manufacturers. Most vendors offer all this detail once complete, eliminating master from further searches.

Many sellers, the load to the body, put in a parcel package screwdrivers

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Reputable seller offers housing in which there is already a built-in camcorder viewfinder, so look for it separately will not have that as a positive impact on the collection of the necessary time details.

The most acceptable option is the following proposition -Buy on AliExpress

The cost of housing in this case is 1194 rubles per option in the red version. Depending on the color and size, price varies slightly upwards.

Some sellers for a little more money to offer a more complete and comprehensive set of tools for assembly, which ultimately will lead to time and cost savings. The tool will still have to be purchased separately, unless the person conceived to assemble, does not work in a workshop on repair of cellular phones.

Option with the tools in the kit costs 1417 rubles for the red color of the case:

Buy on AliExpress

Display for a better view

Another part, without which it is impossible to imagine any one phone is the screen. When looking for this spare is very important to point out that it is required to OEM display. This will mean a finished product of higher quality.

Do not wait for the display of China's quality Retina, but quite decent options present

Buying screen for iPhone on AliExpress, should be alert to the possibility that in the end the image quality will be slightly different from the original brand products. Slightly distorted color reproduction, color saturation, or the degree of responsiveness.

It is encouraging that the Chinese site features displays in the full assembly. This means that in the complete set there is not only the screen, but also the glass (not Gorilla Glass of course) and a built-in touch panel, making it possible to control the gadget by pressing the desired area display. This slightly increases the costs, but simplifies the assembly of the replica.

The best option in terms of price and the number of orders is the next offering from the store - Buy on AliExpress

The cost of this kit, which, in addition to the display, you can get the tools and even a holder for the back cover with the ring is 1271 rubles, including shipping.

Metal plate helps protect the display from overheating

In addition, not be amiss to purchase special items, which is a kind of protection for the display. This plate, which prevents overheating of the screen during the operation of the device and eliminates the influence of other negative factors.

Buy on AliExpress

parts costs 269 rubles, with free delivery to Russia.

Small, yes udalenkaya. The main camera phone - the key to getting decent shots

But what about the photo

Modern smart phone is not only a tool for communication, but also combines the functions of the camera. Therefore, it is a camera for a mandatory component. When the decision to collect iPhone 7 is not necessary to try to choose the most Cheap, because the cost of the camera for this model on the market of spare parts and so small enough.

The front camera is only needed for fans selfie

The main chamber, due to better quality of pictures made and the fact that it is a priori the main, is more expensive front.

The most preferred embodiments are:

  • Main camera - Buy on AliExpress
  • front-camera - Buy on AliExpress

In the first case, the seller only offers directly to the appropriate module for the connection of a train at the price of 1713 rubles. The second store sells a complete set of front-facing camera with a train and a noise-canceling microphone. The cost of this option is 876 rubles. All offers are delivered free of charge.

Battery bought in China, will have a capacity slightly below the original battery, but it does not affect the phone's performance

Power - the important thing for the health

An important detail which will provide a reliable and stable operation of the device is a battery. When searching for this component should be aware that the nominal capacity of the battery from the native Apple for iPhone 7 is 1960 mAh. At this rate, it should be targeted at purchase.

Search high-capacity rechargeable batteries or too cheap is a mistake, because in the end this may cause malfunction of the gadget or its failure.

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Most of the bona fide sellers immediately warns that the actual capacity may differ materially. Typically, this occurs in the direction of decreasing within 10% of nominal.

The best option is to buy the offer: Buy on AliExpress

battery costs 846 rubles, with free shipping to Russia. The manufacturer claims that the battery can withstand up to 800 charge cycles, and capacity ranges from 1,810 to 2,200 mAh. Close to the first embodiment of reality.

Cables need to bind together all the gadget buttons

Set of cables for the operation buttons

This detail, small in size, but important for the value needed for the connection between a volume control keys, switch modes the phone on and off button. The cost of this device is truly funny.

In this proposal loop price, which will additionally be required flash and microphones, is 284 rubles include delivery. It is worth noting that due to the low cost and small size, many sellers send this item minimum batch of 10 pieces.

Buy on AliExpress

The earpiece allows for stereo

Sound - a head

The phone is dual speakers - Elementary and basic. The first is used to make voice calls. But this was not the only function. He also used to create a stereo effect when listening to music.

One of the best at the offer price - 221 rubles in view of delivery:Buy on AliExpress

Next speaker - basic. It is also required for audio playback. By purchasing this item at a Chinese trading floor open spaces, do not expect the purchased audio speaker, which produces a similar device of the original origin.

The main speaker is needed for voice

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When you purchase it is important not to confuse the spoken and the underlying dynamics, so the pre-worth reading the description of the goods from the seller, and even better to get in touch with the latest.

Optimal proposal is an option:

Buy on AliExpress for which you will have to pay 300 rubles in view of the delivery, which is half the cost of the kit.

Important and useful stuff

The basic details that are required to build their own iPhone 7, were considered. There were little things that are required for normal operation. They do not require such detailed description, since everyone understands their purpose, and the cost of these components represents a small percentage of the total.

Charging Port

The 7 Series models use advanced socket, called Lightning, which is necessary to connect the charger and connection to the phone variety of third-party accessories. Again, due to the small size of the part, most of the sellers sells them in batches of 10 pieces.

For charging and connection of additional accessories to the iPhone 7 Lightning connector is present

An important addition is the fact that the set will go to the main microphone, allowing the purchase of kill two birds with one stone.

Buy on AliExpress

parts costs 313 rubles in view of the delivery, which, in this store, this item is paid.

WiFi module

To provide wireless communications module will require the purchase of a Wi-Fi antenna. Most often, the delivery includes all related elements, such as a train.

Without Wi-Fi Modern life is unthinkable

Optimal proposal will result in 208 rubles, and the quality is tested by a large number of orders and reviews.

Buy on AliExpress

Various metal and plastic fasteners need to join parts together

Set fasteners

All internal components are required to connect to each other, so the set of "irons" can and must be purchased to build quality. This includes a variety of trims, corners, plastic parts. The best option for value ratio and the number of orders will cost 313 rubles in view of delivery.

Buy on AliExpress

Haptic feedback

Many who hold the iPhone in the hands of a series of 7 or older, know that when you press the Home button feel the vibrational response. In fact, inside the body hides a tactile engine called Taptic Engine. It should be ready for the Chinese replica will not give the feelings that are present on the original device, but better so than no vibration.

Taptic Engine - a small strip, which generates a vibration when you press the "Home"

details of the cost is only 87 rubles. It should be noted that on AliExpress are not many vendors offering this feature, so it is particularly choose not anything else.

Buy on AliExpress

Set perfectly suitable bolts - the element without which the assembly is simply not take place

set screws

All items required not only to reconcile with each other, but also to tie them, or innards of the phone will hang. To this end, it is not necessary to rummage in the attic looking for jars of screws and bolts. A complete set can be purchased in the Chinese store for 121 rubles.

Buy on AliExpress

With all the details you can proceed to the assembly of the finished device


So, all the necessary components are purchased. It's time to calculate how much it will cost the purchase of spare parts for iPhone 7 and its subsequent assembly. Is the game worth the candle?

DetailCost, rub. (Optimal in terms of price / quantity of orders)
Display protection1271 + 269
Camera: main and front1713 + 876
Speaker: Basic and Elementary300 + 221
port Lightning313
WiFi module208
A set of "irons"313
vibration motor87

It turns out that the cost of parts for the assembly of Chinese replica will make 19318 rubles for the version with a storage capacity of 32 GB and module TouchID. If the latter function is not required, the cost of the entire set will be only 14223. If you want to increase the amount of memory, then for each step (64/128/256) will have to pay more on average 1500 rubles.

It is better to provide an opportunity to collect a ready iPhone from completing the master, who in this case professional

Also worth foresee how it will take place the assembly of the finished product. When you call in a specialized workshop to the final amount you can safely add 2-2.5 thousand rubles, which will include not only work, but also Buy-minor detail as to provide for all impossible.

The acquisition of the new smartphone in a store with official warranty will cost about 27-28 thousand rubles. Buy a device with the hands will cost from 16 to 18 thousand rubles. But, in this case, no one does not promise a long and high-quality work of this device. Similar devices are offered on AliExpress, have a price tag of 19 to 23 thousand rubles, depending on the memory capacity.

Summarizing, we can say that the option of purchase of components from China, followed by the assembly will not lead to significant savings. It is rather fond of designer for the people and for those who want to show originality.

Again to see what is in the real iPhone 7 can be by watching the video.